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Dec 26, 2018

Relationships and its value

Some people are like volcanoes. As soon as it comes out, the lava starts flowing. Everything is bad. Nobody is aware of their responsibility. There is no Sirius to his life. Do not hammer anyone. Everything is easily sought out. There is no such thing as seriousness. He is giving instructions and releasing the orders as he has taken the correctness of improving the whole world.

Such people do not live in peace with themselves and do not allow others to be at peace. Unrest does not come out. Everything is within us. Before peace to anyone, then a man should be silent. If some people enter the house, then they are prone to having an Emergency Declar. If you do not wait for someone to believe that something is missing in you. If you do not attend, then you should be absent. If you are the cause of someone's happiness or happiness then only you will wait. Happiness is not available through wealth or resources. Happiness comes from all over. There was two sister-in-law. One was married in Amir Gharana. The second marriage was in the middle class house. Once the sister went to her rich friend's house. Both were talking. The middle class's sister-in-law said that you have all the facilities at home. Nice bungalow is a bungalow. Luxury car. Your husband is a big business. We both finish the job. Keeping accounts is alive.
                                                      You have no worries about income and expenditure. You really are very happy. It was like this evening. The time has come for a rich sister to come home. Amir sister-in-law said, "Let's take a quick look at the move now." If he does not like it, then the whole house will take over. Her husband called out that it would be late for an hour to come home. Sister-in-law said that it was good to have a little time left. The husband came in an hour or so. What are you doing? All the days do the talks? You do not have to do anything else! We have to work hard, we do not have any solutions like you. Where is my tea? How many times do I want to keep everything ready till I come?
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