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Mar 5, 2021

TAT shixan sahayak Document Varification LIST pdf


 TAT shixan sahayak Document Varification LIST pdf

What is Verification?
Students completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be asked to provide additional documentation to verify the data reported in the application. This process is called Verification.

If a student is selected for Verification, AU will notify the student in writing. The notification will provide information on documentation that is required and the submission process. To view this information on the student portal, select the option for “Finances” on the left menu and then click on the “Financial Aid: My Documents” link.

Once the Office of Financial Aid receives the required information, staff will review the documents and compare the data to the information submitted on the student’s aid application. If necessary, the office will make corrections or contact the student for further information. Should corrections to the student’s aid application result in a change to the financial aid award, the office will update the student’s portal and notify the student via e-mail.

We understand that there are many aspects of your application to study abroad that can be time consuming or expensive. We have partnered with Libereka to provide you with some free services that are going to help you save on time and money while applying to a university this year.

Libereka's free Academic Documents Verification service allows you to take existing academic documents such as your home university degree certificate and academic transcripts and have them officially verified, providing you with a certificate that you can attach to your university, funding or scholarship applications.

You will also be able to request a free Degree Equivalency Report from Libereka once after you have verified your academic documents for destinations including the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This report will ensure that you do not end up making incorrect applications to programmes and universities that have specific degree equivalency criteria.
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