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Apr 12, 2021

TAT Shixan sahayk bharti List C Declared

 TAT Shixan sahayk bharti List C Declared

English learning app: Only the essentials without wasting time.

Learn Real English with Cardy App
Cardy provides customized, accessible, and effective learning experiences for you. 
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12 months = Can understand graduate school lectures without dictionary!

Why Cardy?
Our English learning experts build every course tailored to your native language. you’ll learn quickly and effectively.

Easily fit English learning into your busy schedule with 1,000+ lessons that take only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Practice all the elements of language learning and start speaking real-life conversations.

12,000+ vivid videos with English subtitles helps your English learning journey.

Provide customized, accessible, and effective 1:1 learning experiences for you.

Find English topics for work, phone, everyday life and much, much more.

Cardy's speech recognition technology helps you sound like a English speaker.

Use the Review Note so the previous lessons stick, and understand grammar.

We don’t want to waste your time with any ads, Cardy is only about learning English!

Candidates Cut Off Below General But No Vacancy Of That Category (List C)

Download the Cardy app now and start your journey towards perfect communication in English today!

These questions are not only really popular in your daily conversation but also be used in many English International tests like the IELTS exam. 

The most special thing is that, You can practice with native examiner in each type of question for Free. So you can improve your English Speaking skill

Moreover, this English Speaking app will tell you how to answer each question type step by step. You will also learn all grammar rules that should be used in your answer. 

BIOLOGY વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF

CHEMESTRY વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF

COMMERCE વિષય    લીસ્ટ PDF

COMPUTER વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF

ECONOMICS વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF

ENGLISH વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF

GUJARATI વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF  
HINDI વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF  
HISTORY વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF  
KRUSHI VIDHYA  વિષય     લીસ્ટ PDF 
MATHS  વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF

PHYSICS  વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF 

PSYCHOLOGY  વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF  
SANSKKURT વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF  
SOCIOLOGY  વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF    

Finally,  Up Your English Speaking - IELTS Exam Preparation  also provides you with many sample exams and a variety of exercises for each question type. 

 NOTE : This app has been designed for every one who wants to speak English fluently .IF YOU ARE IN PREPARATION TO IELTS TEST, YOU MUST INSTALL  THIS APP !

The reason is that this app will help you easily to get a high score in the IELTS speaking test . All of the question types are question ielts speaking. You can find you can find speaking ielts part 1, speaking ielts part 2 and speaking ielts part 3 in this app . 

You will find everything you need for the IELTS test speaking. This app also allows you to take ielts test online  with native examiner . These  FREE ielts online speaking tests will help you succeed on your road  IELTS . 

This is really an IELT up for all IELTS test takers , let’s Install the app now and test practice ielts speaking skill . You will be confident with your English Speaking Skill 

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