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Nov 4, 2020



Sandesh News Report

At the whole state, the festival of Diwali (Diwali) is initially started with 21-day Diwali vacation (Diwali vacation) .This time, the schoo without the Corona (Corona) O. Schotoma classrooms and school grounds were as follows and disadvantageous and seganticity. Jockey has been given two weeks to the school of Gujarat this year. This time is Diwali vacation from October 18 to 18th. The main reason behind doing this is that the government wants to keep the academic session long after Diwali. The second session will be more than 150-155 days long, so that the time the next sessions can be paid to its time. Standard after Gujarat Diwali Vacation. 9-12 can be called the powers. Usually the board's examination is taken in March.

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 It is likely to be held in May next year. Says suto. According to Sutra, the annual examination of other standards that were taken in April, it can be taken in June 2021. It is worth mentioning that the last seven months of sculs and colleges are closed, the online classes are taken and exams are also done online. For the first time in 50 years, Diwali vacation is started before two weeks of festivals. 

આ સમાચાર વીગતવાર ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો. 

This suggests that the sculs after Diwali can open, the educational year of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board is usually divided into two sessions. The first session starts in the month of June. And are 105 days. This session is completed with 21 days Diwali vacation. Generally 21 days vacation Diwali has two three days ago .. Started. And is to be completed around the devili. According to sources, the government has declared Diwali vacation dates. It can be estimated from. That he has planned to keep the second session 40 days long. The online classes in urban areas will be easily walked but other problems including connectionivity in rural areas have been nod. So the sculpt can open after Diwali vacation.

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Dec 23, 2018

Not necessarily if every advice is correct

Life is often confronted with man. Man can not decide what to do? Life often goes to the destination where there are more than one way ahead. There are no miles stone or notice boards on the way to life. It is not written anywhere that this path is correct that this path is wrong. Only after reaching the destination does the know that the road was fair or unreasonable. What does man do when confused? Take someone's advice. The person who is wise, sensible, experienced, mature or intelligent, goes to him and asks what I should do. Advice to find a person, a friend, a Clive, or a Swan. There is nothing wrong with the advice. Every man sometimes just needs someone's advice. The biggest question is, whose advice did you seek and whose advice do you have? A young man was interested in music. He wanted to make a career in music by studying music. He asked for an elder's advice. Can I see music or not? The elder advised that there is so much uncertainty in music. Compilation is also very much. Not everyone can succeed. Some of the things that get jobs The elder did not want to be a young man, but he did not trust the dreams of the young man. Some roads are specific. Become a Chartered Accountant by Beacom. You can go to the marketing or finance field by doing an MBA. You can become a doctor by taking science. 
              There are many fields where only skill and art work. New destinations are found on an unknown route.
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