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Nov 20, 2018

Kolkata Became The Most Polluted City In The World

In this way, it seems that Delhi is not the most infected city. Kolkata appears to pass the list of the most polluted metropolitan cities in the city.
Diwali Post, Delhi's air quality was serious, according to the Air Quality Index (AQI). Can the health impact do not harm the quality of the air?
The AQI takes 5 aspects into consideration while accurately calculating the air quality. These include particles, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, acid dioxide and ground level ozone.

Air quality in Ashok Vihar, Delhi are kutsatuenetakoa areas of the city, two regions of Kolkata, Victoria Memorial, in the heart of the city and Rabindra Bharati University (RBU), located in the north of Kolkata.

Tests showed on November 15, AQI Victoria Memorial and RBU 310.75 and 381. On November 18, the situation deteriorated. AQI crossed the Victoria Memorial on Sunday 355, which makes the air quality very poor and unbearable. Such an AQI is also considered dangerous.

But why was the level of pollution in Kolkata that occurred over the last few days. Diesel engine growth is one of the main causes. In recent years, Kolkata has increased by 65% ​​with diesel engines. Petrol emissions and emissions are the main reason for increasing Kolkata air pollution.
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