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Dec 26, 2018


Relationship is determined by man and man is based on its nature. The relationship does not move in a direct direction when the waveline is not one. Upanishad in relation is natural. If two people are walking straight from one side and the other kudaka kills, then they both get tired. Either the easy-to-run person has to jump or have to learn the nature of walking with a kudka shooter. Adjustment is the biggest support base. However, adjustment is also such that no one can compromise on one hand. Whatever the nature of its nature, it is only exposed at one time. There is no friendship between the seas and streams, because one's nature is going to flow and others should be bound. The sea can roam, but it can not lie. There are two ways to be happy. Either adjust each other or disassemble. Most people are so sad that they can not do any of these things. When he does not do this, he begins to condemn and seduce one another. To make allegations is the easiest way to get rid of the blows. No one is accused, complained, objection and angered for someone we do not like. There is no chance that we begin to disperse. We do not have a choice in every respect. Some relationships are in our hands. We have to decide the amount of relationship with friends or workers. The world of friendship continues to be screwed. Friendship is great. Everyone needs a friend. Right, friends are necessary in life, but we can not decide whether or not they are a friend who is a friend or not.
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