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Feb 11, 2019

Fairy stories and children

Repeat your child stories about fairy tales

Have you ever felt that you are sleepy and a known touch makes your sleep more comfortable. You try to open a little eye and hear a soundful voice, 'no ... go ... go to sleep. There is still a morning rush. Rest for a while. If you have got a little rest, then relax. 'And you feel more relaxed. You do not even feel tired to sleep in the nap.

'What did you say? Nothing has happened to you since the years.' But how, how do you get away from your family? In the time of Nuclear family, the identity of the family is erased. That voice is Grandma-small, Faiba-aunt ... anyone or older brother, who kept all the problems of your share. The happiness of the happiness lies in the family's thermal treasury. Where can the happiness be found in the forests of Concrete?

'Home key tummy tu vuur hai ho ho sakti hai
If you are not sure how you are,
Shireyar, like Shireyar, can only experience that the family climate is changing between the concrete forests. True, our happiness is stuck somewhere in this forest. The problem is that sanskar is losing and the progress of technology continues to grow. Our pace has become very bright in the era of modernity, but family-family-close relatives- all of them are very much left behind.

We are shivering from pride and our co-relationships have remained just as memorable as the accounts of the old diary. 'Pragti Plus, intimacy, mince?' Think, what business did we do? There are bundles of notes, but where did the crowds of friends go?

Family is an integral part of our social system. Our elders spent the whole life in a small house. Here he has all the happiness. By the end of our generation, we focused solely on physical benefits and losses. We started looking for happiness outside of the house, but there were no special faces except crowds. The house-family got rid of such a clash. Sometimes look back at home, you will know that someone still wants you to wait.

Parents only threw us out
Brahma has created the creation, the parents form the family. They are not only giving birth to us, they raise us up and even build a sacrament of morality. Not only the knowledge of the world, but also the knowledge of worldly matters. Happiness teaches to take pleasure from one generation to another. This seed of sacraments will fight against the complexities and prepare the tree of knowledge and happiness. Even if the deer gets rid of the dangers of forgetting the nostrils in the navel, then we are leaving the family and relations behind the verdict! Did we leave the jumps and think for a moment that created our personality, we did not push them into the dark of neglect, did they not?

This will be a happy family
Remember, when you finally laughed, without any thought about what someone would think? Never remember that there are some relationships apart from bus and train, which is necessary to give time. Yes, you would be going somewhere for four or five days to enjoy the vacation, but could you stay free of laptops and mobile phones? Indian families have their own limitations and there are some ideal traditions. There is an intimate relationship between duty and rights here,

But how much do we care about our duty to our relationships? The relationship between married families is broader than husband, wife and unmarried children. Three and sometimes even more members of the family are in one house, one discipline, one with a kitchen, one kitchen is all eaten. Use of shared assets. The real use of family wealth should be for all the people of the family to live happily life. However, familial property sometimes also causes family problems. Can we fight against the challenges of life as a nuclear family?

Your child does not demand to hear the story from you while sleeping late at night. He did not know that listening to a story of grandmother-minor was a tradition of sleeping in sleep. Why are our kids stuck in the world of cartoon characters? They do not realize the characters of the king-queen. In the era of Barbie doll, they have not been fascinated by the fairy tale. Why did this happen, you know? Because our eyes only have the achievements of running in the name of progress. So when do you tell your child a fairy tale?
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