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Jun 28, 2021

TAT Shixan Sahayak Bharti Government Secondary Waiting List Phase 2 List

 TAT Shixan Sahayak Bharti Government Secondary Waiting List Phase 2  List

Trovit Jobs finds job vacancies in thousands of different websites and shows them to you in one place. That way, you can be sure that you will find your dream job, no matter how hidden it is. Easy, convenient and fast. That’s our promise.


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If you are looking to find a new job, searching on Trovit couldn’t be easier.

1. Type your search criteria and select which kind of vacancy are you looking for.

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ગ્રાન્ટેડ હાયર સેકન્ડરી ક્વોલીફાય WAITING લીસ્ટ

Granted Higher Sec. waiting List અહિંથી જુઓ












Look for job offers listed in 19 different languages and in 46 different countries. Trovit Jobs includes among its sources hundreds of United States based companies and headhunters. Find your dream job in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, Washington DC, Seattle, Denver, Memphis, Boston, Nashville, El Paso, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Tucson, Fresno, Louisville, Sacramento, Long Beach, Kansas City, Mesa, Atlanta, Virgina Beach, Portland, Omaha, Colorado Springs, Miami, Oakland, Minneapolis, tulsa, Cleveland or a long list of other towns and cities.

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Jun 24, 2021

Granted shixan sahayak Bharti Secondary State vacancy


 Granted shixan sahayak Bharti Secondary  State vacancy

College Anywhere enables students to require care of the many core degree requirements within the Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Foreign Language classes. From there, the catalog expands to incorporate classes in Business, Education, Information Technology, Engineering, Health and Medicine and Criminal Justice courses, just to call a couple of . You’ll also find technical courses and career training – anything from automotive repair to welding and more.

American University’s School of Education has built a reputation as an innovator in education curriculum, research, leadership, and service—including partnerships with organizations like City Year, the Peace Corps , Teach For America, and therefore the renowned Lab School of Washington. it's established a practice of excellence by creating teachers, education leaders, and policymakers who are committed to social justice and building equitable and inclusive learning environments for all students.

The American system is not only different from India, but every U.S. It differs from the way state elections are held and votes counted. In the 2020 presidential election, 224 million eligible American voters were far more numerous than in India, making it difficult to make polling stations equally accessible without centralized rules such as a maximum distance of 2 km. Unlike voter ID cards issued by the ECI, American voters are registered by different state regulations. Many states have a history of voter repression by gender, gender, and income, or the problem of exempt people with a criminal record. Unlike India, the U.S. does not have a central or uniform system, and each state ensures that everyone has equal access to their franchise. It sometimes varies by county.

Find Teaching Job Positions in Private schools in India,

Apply now to get appointed at Private Schools across the India with good salary.

App Features :-

My Resumes - Generate PDF resume from your profile, Upload your own resumes, Share / Download your resume.

Messages - View Push notifications & Messages inside app.

Jobs - Find Near By Jobs using GPS location, Bookmark / favourite any jobs to access later.

Browse Vacancies

View Recent Job Listings

Login and Update your profile

Get notified about recent job listings

At the same time, the American system people voted differently than in India and allowed early voting and mail-in-ballot. Ballet can be requested in advance, and it can be sent to the U.S. Are sent by postal service or left at designated polling stations. In 2020, given the epidemic, the ability to vote early or by mail was crucial, especially for the elderly, the sick or those who can afford to take leave. Mail-in-voting also means that different types of ballots need to be counted, and signatures are checked to prevent fraud. After all, there are different rules on when the counting of mailed ballots from different states can begin, which makes the wait much longer.

માધ્યમિક ગ્રાન્ટેડ શિક્ષણ સહાયક જગ્યાઓ

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Granted shixan sahayak Bharti Secondary Schoolwise Vacancy


 Granted shixan sahayak Bharti Secondary  Schoolwise Vacancy

GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2020-21 @ jobs in Gujarat online Notification: – Gujarat State Education Recruitment Board (GSERC) has invited the online application form for the posts of the Shikshan Sahayak. The official board has released the vacancies for the Shikshan Sahayak. Candidates may check the official notification of the GSERC.

AUC Mobile is the official mobile app for The American University in Cairo.

This version allows you to:

• Search the campus directory

• Check shuttle bus routes and schedules

• Read university top stories

• Browse AUC Academic calendar

Receive AUC info alerts, including push notifications

• Check your courses and grades on the blackboard module, set reminders and add content to your favorites

• Navigate and locate different services on campus, never get lost again!!

• Check FYP module, get daily schedule, know your peer leader and get your attendance using QR Code

• Skip the queue and order your food online

Teachers mobile app offers a convenient way to explore the countless potential teaching jobs across a wide range of top institutions and apply instantly that best suits your profile. Find jobs using Eras teachers and get your dream jobs in just a click away. If you are searching to hire the best, you can post your vacancies through our user-friendly app within seconds. A one-stop smart solution for all your recruitment challenges!

Key Features for Teachers/Lecturers/Principal/Trainers

Easy registration process: Candidates can now register with the easiness of simple clicks and get access to thousands of job vacancies.
Customized job search: Get relevant job openings by advanced searching technology tailored just for you to best suit your preferences.
Advanced filter options: You can easily filter your jobs by job title, department, geographical location, work experience, institution, or education
Hassle-free application: Comfortably apply for preferred jobs on the go at the click of a button from wherever you are.
Book your interviews without exertion: Quick access to the list of all upcoming scheduled interviews. You can effortlessly select the best-suited interview for your profile and book your slot all at once. 
Increase your chances by profile promotion: Promote your profile at a low cost and get hired fast by getting maximum responses from management.
Keep you notified with updates: Get best-matched job recommendations to your home screen daily with just one tap on job alerts.
Switch your profile and earn more: Apply for tuition teacher vacancies by switching your teacher profile respectively and efficiently utilize your free time.

GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2021 Free Job alert for both Fresher and Experienced Candidates updated on Dec 20. Get Direct Official Link for applying GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2021 along with current GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment official Notification 2021 here. Find all recent GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Vacancy 2021 across India and check all the latest GSERC Shikshan Sahayak 2021 job openings instantly here, Know upcoming GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2021 immediately here.

માધ્યમિક ગ્રાન્ટેડ શિક્ષણ સહાયક શાળાવાઇઝ જગ્યાઓ

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Granted shixan sahayak Bharti Secondary districtwise Vacancy


 Granted shixan sahayak Bharti Secondary  districtwise Vacancy Declared Districtwise vacancy for Granted shixan shayaka bharti for secondary school.

It's never too early to start your child's education. Preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers, and older kids are eager to learn their ABCs, counting, addition, subtraction, and more! The best way to encourage that is to share smart, well-made educational apps and games with them on a daily basis.

Math Kids is a free learning game designed to teach young children numbers and mathematics. It features several mini-games that toddlers and pre-K kids will love to play, and the more they do the better their math skills will become! Math Kids will help preschoolers, kindergarteners, 1st graders to learn to identify numbers and start training with addition and subtraction puzzles. They'll have a great time completing games and earning stickers, and you‘ll have a great time watching them grow and learn.

Math Kids features a number of puzzles that teach while your child plays, including:

• Counting - Learn to count objects in this simple game of addition.

• Compare - Children can build their counting and comparing skills to see which group of items is bigger or smaller.

• Adding Puzzle - A fun mini-game where kids create math problems by dragging numbers on the screen.

• Adding Fun - Count the objects and tap on the missing number.

• Adding Quiz - Put your child's math and addition skills to the test.

• Subtracting Puzzle - Fill in the missing symbols in the math problem.

• Subtracting Fun - Count the items to solve the puzzle!

• Subtracting Quiz - See how much your child has improved in their mathematics skills for subtraction.

Key Features for Management

Post vacancies from anywhere: Never miss a perfect hire. With Eras mobile app, you can now easily reach your talent by posting your job openings at any time from anywhere free of cost.

Access to demo videos: Get free access to demo videos and candidate profiles to get more insights before the meeting.

Interview scheduling: Conducting an interview is easier than ever with our app, you can post your interview schedules at the click of a button for both local & non-local vacancies across India.

Track your candidates: You can now effortlessly connect with our executives in seconds to track and shortlist the highly skilled candidates that meet your unique needs.

Filter out best-suited profiles: Sorting and filtering the candidates has never been this trouble-free. Within the app, you can now find the right talent perfectly tailored for your requirements.

Reach more people by post promotion: Through simple clicks and minimal cost, you can now promote your job openings to get maximum responses.

Key Features for tuition teachers

Easy access to tuition jobs: Just give your details along with location preferences, and your homepage will be filled with the tuition jobs best suited for your profile.

Apply for the jobs: Apply for the posted job in seconds with just a tap on the phone and the respective parent will get informed.

Vacancy for Gujarati medium Granted secondary shixan sahayak bharti::: 

માધ્યમિક ગ્રાન્ટેડ શિક્ષણ સહાયક જિલ્લા વાઇઝ જગ્યાઓ

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Apr 12, 2021


 Practice your English speaking and listening with short English conversations

Learn and improve your English conversation skills by practicing your English speaking using our interactive conversation practice tools.

These English conversation lessons will help you with your English speaking and English listening while giving you the confidence to speak with native English speakers.

If you are looking for an app to improve your English Conversation and Listening skills and help you speak more fluently, this app is suitable for you. Whole audios of this app are in American accent. This app also includes the list of most common words and phrases used in daily conversations. It will help you speak English fluently. 

New lessons and features will be updated weekly. 


- Online audio mode: save your sdcard's storage

- Offline audio mode: can use this app on the go

- List of conversations in English with 2 levels: beginner and intermediate

- List of most commonly used sentences and expressions

- Record your voice, then the app will be able to compare your voice with original sentences

- Most commonly used words and sentences in daily situations

- Necessary Idioms and Phrases 

- Bookmark your favorite lessons

Are you looking for a quick, creative way of improving the way you speak in English? Then SPEAKLAR is the right app for you! The way SPEAKLAR works is very easy to get into. You install the app, and then it will automatically pair you up with an English native that uses the app. You can start chatting to that person. 

The best thing is that you can boost your GRE and IELTS vocabulary with ease. You get a lot of practice with both spoken and written English. And the cool thing is that you also get to keep your identity a secret, which is a really nice and interesting thing to begin with.

Accessing the live conversation side of the app makes it easy for you to make new friends and also enjoy great talks with people while staying anonymous. It’s never easy to test and improve your English speaking skills. You just can’t go to a stranger in real life just to test your English. With SPEAKLAR, you can totally do that, in fact you are encouraged to do it and you get to stay safely in front of your mobile device.

We have basic English conversation lessons for beginners and also beginner level business English conversation.  These are perfect for beginners wanting to improve their English conversation skills.

The best way to learn English is to practice spoken English in conversations.  Use this app to learn English.

Improve English speaking skill. Practice English Speaking Online. Talk English

Practice English Speaking online for free | The ultimate answer for “How to speak English fluently ?”

• No need for any English spoken course, you can practice & learn Speaking English at home free of cost!

‘Speak English Online - Practice English Speaking’ app helps user to improve English Speaking skill by letting them talk to the real people anonymously. Talk to the people across the world and improve your English Speaking skill. ‘Speak English Online - Practice English Speaking’ app let you practice English conversation with people from different part of world. You can practice English Speaking with Native Speaker and Non-Native to improve your English Speaking skill.

Category Candidate List For School Choice (List D)

If you are not confident enough to talk in English with your friends, colleague or relatives, then this app is designed for you. “Speak English Online - Practice English Speaking” app helps to overcome your fear or shyness of speaking in English by making you talk with the real people all around the world without disclosing your identity and its completely free.

The app is very good if you want to boost your TOEFL level and it also makes it easy for you to talk and write whenever you want. There are thousands of people online that you can talk with, and the best part is that all of that is adjusted and adapted to suit your needs.

In addition, SPEAKLAR allows you to learn from the archived text conversations. That’s extremely impressive and interesting, and it also makes the learning process a lot more convenient in the end, which is what you want to have!

Whenever you use SPEAKLAR you will have a stellar and free English learning and English speaking app that you can use whenever you see fit. There’s no need for registration or anything like that. You even have a dedicated word game designed to boost your vocabulary and take it to the next level in a meaningful way. 

This app tries to cover the basic TIPS for English Speaking :-

- Practice speaking English whenever you get a chance
- Get native English-speaking friends and practice speaking with them
- Do not be afraid of making mistakes
- Learn some English tongue twisters
- Listen to English-language music
- Try learning some new words every day
- Try thinking in English
- Learn to listen better
- Record yourself speaking and have friends listen and comment on the recording
- Practice speaking English in front of a mirror
- Master some specific phrases and English Idioms
- Listen and try to sing along to rap music
- Speak the English you know

કદમ ENGLISH ભાગ-1 PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

અંગ્રેજી બોલવા પ્રેક્ટિસ એપ અહીંથી DOWNLOAD કરો

ઓનલાઈન પ્રેક્ટિસ એપ અહીંથી Download કરો

Main Features Include:

1. Speak in English Online: Talk to the Real People anonymously without disclosing your identity & practice English Conversation safely
2. Tongue Twister: Practice English Tongue Twister to improve your pronunciation and make your communication clear
3. Recall your favorite Caller: You can recall the caller from your app call history
4. Basic English Grammar : Lear Basic of Grammar like Tense, Speech...
5. Listening Skill: Listen to the Native Speaker narrating the Conversation and Improve your Listening Skill
6. Basic Conversation Skill : Read most commonly used Conversation and try to implement it in your daily life
7. Record Your Audio & Improvise Yourself : Record your sound while you speak in English and find the area of improvement and start working on it
8. A Word a Day (Vocabulary) : Strengthen your Vocabulary by learning only One Word a Day. You can also see few examples using the same word.
9. Bookmark Word: Bookmark any word as your favorite for future reference
10. Popular Idioms : Use popular Idioms in your conversation to make your communication more effective
11. Pronunciation : Listen to the pronunciation of Vocabulary or Enter any words for correct Pronunciation

Suitable for Those Interested In :
☞Improving English Speaking
☞Preparing for IELTS
☞Preparing for SAT
☞Preparing TOEFL
☞Preparing for PEA

Daily English Conversation, Speak English fluently, Commonly Used Phrases

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TAT Shixan sahayk bharti List C Declared

 TAT Shixan sahayk bharti List C Declared

English learning app: Only the essentials without wasting time.

Learn Real English with Cardy App
Cardy provides customized, accessible, and effective learning experiences for you. 
You just have to show up. With Cardy, Doors begin to open

If you study 15 minutes a day with Cardy
1 month = Can speak 177 sentences that English speakers use!
3 months = Can watch Hollywood Films without subtitle!
12 months = Can understand graduate school lectures without dictionary!

Why Cardy?
Our English learning experts build every course tailored to your native language. you’ll learn quickly and effectively.

Easily fit English learning into your busy schedule with 1,000+ lessons that take only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Practice all the elements of language learning and start speaking real-life conversations.

12,000+ vivid videos with English subtitles helps your English learning journey.

Provide customized, accessible, and effective 1:1 learning experiences for you.

Find English topics for work, phone, everyday life and much, much more.

Cardy's speech recognition technology helps you sound like a English speaker.

Use the Review Note so the previous lessons stick, and understand grammar.

We don’t want to waste your time with any ads, Cardy is only about learning English!

Candidates Cut Off Below General But No Vacancy Of That Category (List C)

Download the Cardy app now and start your journey towards perfect communication in English today!

These questions are not only really popular in your daily conversation but also be used in many English International tests like the IELTS exam. 

The most special thing is that, You can practice with native examiner in each type of question for Free. So you can improve your English Speaking skill

Moreover, this English Speaking app will tell you how to answer each question type step by step. You will also learn all grammar rules that should be used in your answer. 

BIOLOGY વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF

CHEMESTRY વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF

COMMERCE વિષય    લીસ્ટ PDF

COMPUTER વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF

ECONOMICS વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF

ENGLISH વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF

GUJARATI વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF  
HINDI વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF  
HISTORY વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF  
KRUSHI VIDHYA  વિષય     લીસ્ટ PDF 
MATHS  વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF

PHYSICS  વિષય   લીસ્ટ PDF 

PSYCHOLOGY  વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF  
SANSKKURT વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF  
SOCIOLOGY  વિષય  લીસ્ટ PDF    

Finally,  Up Your English Speaking - IELTS Exam Preparation  also provides you with many sample exams and a variety of exercises for each question type. 

 NOTE : This app has been designed for every one who wants to speak English fluently .IF YOU ARE IN PREPARATION TO IELTS TEST, YOU MUST INSTALL  THIS APP !

The reason is that this app will help you easily to get a high score in the IELTS speaking test . All of the question types are question ielts speaking. You can find you can find speaking ielts part 1, speaking ielts part 2 and speaking ielts part 3 in this app . 

You will find everything you need for the IELTS test speaking. This app also allows you to take ielts test online  with native examiner . These  FREE ielts online speaking tests will help you succeed on your road  IELTS . 

This is really an IELT up for all IELTS test takers , let’s Install the app now and test practice ielts speaking skill . You will be confident with your English Speaking Skill 

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Mar 5, 2021

TAT shixan sahayak Granted Higher secondary bharti PML-1 Meritl List update news

 TAT shixan sahayak Granted Higher secondary bharti PML-1 Meritl List update news

The University has a Graduate search function that authenticates ANU alumni status for individuals who have graduated from 1995 onwards. If you require confirmation that an individual has graduated from the ANU, please utilise this Graduate search. 

If you need to verify the record of a student who has graduated from ANU prior to 1995 we ask that you accept their Academic Transcript or Testamur as official proof of their studies with our University. If they have not provided you with an academic transcript, please request that they do so, and assess their application on the provision of this evidence.

If you require an Education Verification as a third party, we ask that you accept an ANU Academic Transcript or Testamur as official proof of ones studies and/or enrolment with our University.

We will no longer verify the authenticity of an ANU document that is provided by email.

Authentication service by DFAT
As of , Australian University documents (either the original or a notarised true copy) can only be legalised by DFAT if they satisfy one of the processes of verification outlined below.

Original ANU awards containing signatures or seals obtained on or after 1995 can be authenticated or apostilled by DFAT directly on the original. There is no requirement to present them to Student Central to verify the content. The award obtained can be verified through graduate search as a matter of public record.
Photocopies of all ANU awards must be certified as a true copy by an Australian Notary Public. If it was obtained on or after 1995, the Notary Public can state in their certification that the award confers with the graduate search.


All other awards obtained before 1995 (including academic transcripts) must be verified by the ANU as a true and accurate record prior to DFAT issuing an Authentication or Apostille. You must submit your application to DFAT and complete a 'consent to verify form'. This process can take 2-3 days to complete. Please note that ANU will not write on an original testamur, if you need your testamur verified by ANU you will need to provide a notarised copy. 

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TAT shixan sahayak Document Varification LIST pdf


 TAT shixan sahayak Document Varification LIST pdf

What is Verification?
Students completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be asked to provide additional documentation to verify the data reported in the application. This process is called Verification.

If a student is selected for Verification, AU will notify the student in writing. The notification will provide information on documentation that is required and the submission process. To view this information on the student portal, select the option for “Finances” on the left menu and then click on the “Financial Aid: My Documents” link.

Once the Office of Financial Aid receives the required information, staff will review the documents and compare the data to the information submitted on the student’s aid application. If necessary, the office will make corrections or contact the student for further information. Should corrections to the student’s aid application result in a change to the financial aid award, the office will update the student’s portal and notify the student via e-mail.

We understand that there are many aspects of your application to study abroad that can be time consuming or expensive. We have partnered with Libereka to provide you with some free services that are going to help you save on time and money while applying to a university this year.

Libereka's free Academic Documents Verification service allows you to take existing academic documents such as your home university degree certificate and academic transcripts and have them officially verified, providing you with a certificate that you can attach to your university, funding or scholarship applications.

You will also be able to request a free Degree Equivalency Report from Libereka once after you have verified your academic documents for destinations including the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This report will ensure that you do not end up making incorrect applications to programmes and universities that have specific degree equivalency criteria.
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TAT shixan sahayak Document Varification Checklist pdf


 TAT shixan sahayak Document Varification Checklist pdf

In this modern , there has been a need for a reliable and fastest mode to verify the certificate to reduce the level of duplicity. It also reduces the certificate verification time which has been done manually till now. Document or certificate verification plays an important role, whereas a document or certificate issued by an authority will be verified for its authenticity. In a typical system, it will be performed through interchange of mails or post, and it is not effective and efficient process due to human intervention. So in our system, we organize a common database for admin access and for user access so that it can be operated more frequently and it will be more secured as there is no need of any third party to involve in between as it is a direct communication between client and user, and by which we can also get to know which document is altered or real or fake by checking it and verifying it at our admin side and then only one can upload their document to the portal.

Review the list of required documents in your Document Log which can be viewed by clicking Document Log under the Academic Plan & Records dropdown at the top of your ecampus. Documents need to be uploaded to the student portal directly by the student with the exception of the official high school or GED Transcript which must be received directly from the granting institution. Students are responsible for ensuring the images are clear/legible color copies of the documentation. Documents are delivered to a secure box accessible only by appropriate staff. Please include your student ID number on all documents.

Currently enrolled students may obtain certification of enrollment by accessing the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) via a link on the student portal. These certifications may be used to provide proof of enrollment for loan deferments, scholarship applications, employment applications, and other purposes. They are not to be confused with official transcripts of the student's permanent academic record. Please contact AU Central if additional information is required or if you have questions.
DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT varfication check list HERE

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Nov 4, 2020

TAT BHARTI Govt. higher Secondary SchoolwiseVacancy Declared


 TAT BHARTI Govt. higher Secondary SchoolwiseVacancy Declared

Gserc Merit list 2020 GSERC Secondary & higher secondary merit list and merit marks published on the website. The document verification schedule will be declared shortly. Higher Secondary Subject Wise Merit List Mentioned Below. The applicant can check their name and Merit from this link &
  •  TAT bharti For  BIOLOGY  --- posts 32
  •  TAT bharti For  CHEMISTRY --- posts 15
  •  TAT bharti For  ECONOMICS  --- posts  70
  •  TAT bharti For  ENGLISH  --- posts  148
  •  TAT bharti For  GEOGRAPHY  --- posts 25
  •  TAT bharti For  GUJARATI --- posts 66
  •  TAT bharti For   HINDI --- posts 11
  •  TAT bharti For  HISTORY --- posts 14
  •  TAT bharti For  MATHS --- posts 24
  •  TAT bharti For   PHILOSOPHY --- posts 09
  •  TAT bharti For  PHYSICAL EDUCATION --- posts 1
  •  TAT bharti For   PHYSICS --- posts 27
  •  TAT bharti For  POLITICAL SCIENCE --- posts 1
  •  TAT bharti For   PSYCHOLOGY --- posts 47
  •  TAT bharti For  SANSKRIT --- posts 20
  •  TAT bharti For  SOCIOLOGY --- posts 74
  •  TAT bharti For  STATISTICS --- posts 11

જીલ્લાવાઇઝ જગ્યાઓની PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

  • Declare TAT Recruitment Vacancies

Schoolwise and districtwise vacancies announced for recruitment of teaching assistants.

👉 Government Higher Secondary Recruitment Districtwise Vacancies PDF

👉 Government Higher Secondary Recruitment Schoolwise Vacancies PDF

Send to all TAT Recruitment Candidates:


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TAT BHARTI Govt. higher Secondary Districtwise Vacancy Declared

 TAT BHARTI Govt. higher Secondary Districtwise Vacancy Declared

  • Declare TAT Recruitment Vacancies
GSERC Secondary Government School Teachers Recruitment 2019 for 1239 Shikshan Sahayak Post in Government Secondary School under different subjects such as Maths, Biology, Sanskrit, Geography. After the Publication of Higher Secondary Teacher Recruitment, GSERC announced 1239 Teachers Recruitment 2019 in Secondary govt. School of Gujarat. Eligible and TAT Qualified Candidate can Apply online at the GSERC Website from 21/11/2019.

Schoolwise and districtwise vacancies announced for recruitment of teaching assistants.

👉 Government Higher Secondary Recruitment Districtwise Vacancies PDF

👉 Government Higher Secondary Recruitment Schoolwise Vacancies PDF

Send to all TAT Recruitment Candidates:

જીલ્લાવાઇઝ જગ્યાઓની PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો


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