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Dec 23, 2018

National Consumer Rights Day | 24 December

• In the same way as the United Nations has announced on March 15 as the Viscount Day, with the determination of taking steps to raise awareness of consumers across the world in order to accept the importance of customers in the global economy, to exploit their exploitation and maladjustment, the same way our nation has been against the invasion of multinationals across the country for the past 10 years. To protect and to awaken awareness Rati has decided to celebrate the year 24 December 'National Consumer Rights Day'. • "We are all customers. The biggest economic set of customers affecting every public and private economic decision, or by those decisions, is of the customer." However, a group of customers is a group whose opinions are not heard most of the time. "
                The above words were summed up by the then American President John F. Kennedy in a speech to the American Parliament on March 15, 1962. Kennedy also said that an effective legal arrangement was necessary for the protection and enrichment of consumer rights. However, the above resonance of Kennedy was echoed 21 years later, in 1983, and the International Consumer Organization, Consumer International began celebrating March 15, 1983, every year on 15th March as World Consumer Rights Day. Self in India The Consumer Protection Act was enacted by the government of Rajiv Gandhi. After the passing of the Indian Parliament, the President's approval was granted on 24-12-1986, so that on 24th December every year the National Consumer Rights Day is celebrated in India.• If the value of goods or services or compensation is up to Rs 20 lakh, then the complaint can be filed in District District Forum, where the district or the other party where the claim is present or where the business is located. If the value of compensation is more than Rs. 20 lakhs, but less than 1 crore, then the state where the cause of the claim is present, the union of the Union territory, or the other party where the party resides, has to complain before the State Commission of the Union Territory. There is a complaint against National Commission on New Delhi when it has a value of more than Rs.1 crore. • Due to the fact that the facts of the complaint, compensation and punishment can be found in the evidence, the commission can order remedies for the loss of goods, change of goods, compensation for losses. There may be serious consequences if the order is not followed. According to Section 27 of the Consumer Protection Act, if any person fails to comply with the order of the District Forum, State Commission or National Commission, it can be fined up to 3 years in prison or up to Rs 10,000 / -. Through the participation of the public through the partnership of the public for the protection of consumer interests, the Directorate recognizes the Volatile and Consumer Protection Mechanism, to promote consumer awareness and security, to protect the interests of the consumers and to give them financial assistance in a variety of ways.

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