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Jan 19, 2023

If your child is getting sick frequently, follow these health tips


Child getting sick frequently: Illness or carelessness is the reason behind this, find out the cause of the illness and treat it immediately

Today's expert is Dr. Ruchira Pahare, Paediatrician, Kokilaben Hospital, Dr. Rohit Joshi, Consultant Pediatrician, Bansal Hospital, Bhopal and Dr. Vivek Sharma, Paediatrics, Jaipur

Question: For some days, children are falling sick frequently, parents think that this is happening after Corona, is this true?

Answer: Corona is not the cause of frequent illness of all children. Every year in certain seasons such cases come before us. Children get sick when there is even a slight change in the weather. The reason behind getting sick is more after rain. Along with this, the cases of illness also increase in September, October, November and December. After this it starts to decrease a little. After this, cases of infection among children are increasing from April.

Question: Is the immune system or virus the reason behind the illness?

Answer : Parents have a wrong belief about their children, that their child's immune system is weak. This is not necessary in the case of every child. If the child is getting sick again and again, it means that there is some kind of infection in him, so it is not necessary that the infection does not occur again after getting infected once.

On the other hand, the risk of infection is always higher among school-going children. Children meet, play, eat with other children at school, due to which if one child gets infected, the virus can easily be transferred to another child. This child will bring the infection home from school and pass it on to their siblings.

Question: Corona is responsible for the child's illness or not?

Answer: Yes, in some cases you can understand this. Due to Corona, contact with children has decreased for two years. Children are staying at home, instead of playing outside, they are composing and digesting on their mobile phones. In such a condition, their ability to fight the virus is reduced. Children cannot tolerate pollution, allergy problems started. Children will continue to have this type of problem for a year or two after they come out of isolation.

Question: If it is known that the child's immune system is really weak, then what can be done to cure it without medicine?

Answer: If the child's immune system is really weak, then how can it be cured without medicine?

  • Make a habit of drinking turmeric milk, you can add honey to it.
  • Drink basil juice mixed with honey whenever the weather changes.
  • Grind dates and soaked almonds and mix them in milk.

Raisins contain potassium, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, iron and B complex. It works as an immunity booster. Give to children after soaking.

Question: Is it necessary for children to drink milk?

Answer: It is necessary to drink milk only for six months after birth. In the first six months we cannot give the baby anything other than milk. After that we start feeding the baby. This is a natural pattern and is also appropriate, so children should get used to eating cereals and other foods. If your child drinks even a glass of milk throughout the day, there is no harm in that.

Question: Parents often feel that if the baby does not drink milk, there will be many problems, so they often add chocolate powder to the milk, is it beneficial?

Answer: If the baby likes to drink milk, parents start giving milk at all three times. Some parents even say that don't eat, drink milk and go to sleep. All these methods are wrong. Every time you feed milk, you will be adding sugar to it, which will harm the baby. If you are mixing chocolate powder or other flavors with it, it will also contain sugar. In this way babies get unnatural things with milk, which are harmful.

Question: Parents will say that if milk is not given, where will the child get calcium?

Answer: This is also a misconception. Calcium is also found in other things. Pulses and vegetables can also fulfill this requirement. Another thing, milk is not your house item, you outsource it, its quality cannot be guaranteed.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

Question: Some children are vitamin D deficient, so what is the reason behind it?

Answer: Many factors are responsible for vitamin D deficiency in children.

  • Lack of adequate amount of vitamin D in children's diet.
  • Children have little or no exposure to sunlight.
  • Vitamin D cannot be converted in the body due to liver and kidney problems
  • Problems absorbing vitamin D from food.
  • Due to taking certain medicines.
  • Due to internal problems or diseases of the body.

Question: What should children be fed to make up for vitamin D deficiency?

Answer: Vitamin D deficiency can be easily compensated by eating. Here we are mentioning some food and drink items.

  • Fortified food
  • Cod liver oil
  • Mushrooms
  • grains
  • Milk and its products
  • fish
  • Eggs and especially their yolks

Question: So what is fortified food?

Answer: Fortified was first mentioned in the 1930s and 40s. It is a food that can make up for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. This can be anything like cereals, milk, vegetables, breakfast cereals etc.

Question: How is it known that there is a deficiency of vitamin D?

Answer: If the child shows symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, show it to the doctor. A blood test will tell if the child is really deficient in vitamin D.

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Dec 20, 2022

How to identify Chyawanprash genuine or fake? How much can be given to children?


How to identify Chyawanprash genuine or fake? How much can be given to children?

What is Chyawanprash?
Answer : Ayurvedic medicine prepared using 40 to 50 ingredients in Chyavanprash is called Chyavanprash. Amla is used exclusively in Chyawanprash. Amla is rich in vitamin C. To make Chyavanprash, all the ingredients are mixed and prepared as a paste, so that people from children to old people can eat it easily.

So eating Chyawanprash does as much harm as it does. For this it is very important to know whether Chyavanprash is genuine or fake. Fake Chyawanprash can be easily identified at home. For this read the following graphics and share with others.

Question: What are the benefits of eating Chyawanprash?

Answer: These are the benefits of eating Chyawanprash...

  • Chyavanprash is made from amla. Amla is rich in vitamin C which boosts immunity.
  • Eliminates nutritional deficiencies in the body.
  • Antioxidants in Chyawanprash are beneficial for the skin, which also removes facial wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Eating Chyawanprash improves blood circulation. Heart muscles are also strengthened.
  • Chyawanprasha is beneficial in increasing mental capacity. It should be consumed in diseases like insomnia and Alzheimer's.
  • Strengthens the brain and strengthens the memory.
  • Eating Chyawanprash strengthens the digestive system. Reduces the risk of stomach cancer.
  • Considered beneficial for lung related diseases. Diseases like cold and cough stay away.
  • That is, pitta and vayu work to keep the body healthy by balancing the three doshas.
  • Eating Chyawanprash cures old diseases.
  • Teeth and bones are strong. The level of hemoglobin in the body also increases.
  • Women's periods are regular. Chyawanprash is also very beneficial for pregnant women.
  • Question: Is there any harm caused by sugar added to Chyawanprash?
  • Answer: Acharya Balakrishna says, Chyavanaprash contains a lot of herbs, so adding sugar or honey is necessary to balance the taste. This herb reduces the negative effects of sugar. Yes, only good quality and brand of Chyawanprash should be consumed. Eating Chyawanprash increases immunity. Along with this, it protects against cold and various allergies.

Question: Should Chyavanprash be given to children or not?

Answer : Celebrity nutritionist Rijuta Divekar said that children should be fed Chyawanprasha daily to protect them from seasonal diseases, which boosts their immunity.

Question: How should Chyawanprash be fed to children?

Answer : Rijuta Divekar said that one spoon of Chyawanprash should be fed to children with milk before going to bed, which improves digestion.

Question: How much Chyawanprash should be fed to children?

Answer: If Chyawanprash is consumed in proper quantity, many diseases can be avoided.

There is absolutely no need to feed Chyawanprash to children aged 0-1 years. A breastfeeding mother must eat Chyavanprasha.

  • Children of 1-5 years should be fed half a teaspoon of Chyawanprash.
  • Children aged 6-12 years can be fed one teaspoon of Chyawanprash.
  • People above 12 years of age can consume 2 teaspoons of Chyawanprash.
  • Question: What is the best time to eat Chyawanprash?
  • Answer: The best time to eat Chyawanprash is in the morning on an empty stomach. Eating Chyavanprash on an empty stomach in the morning in winter is beneficial in many ways. By consuming Chyavanprash, the problem of cold and cough caused by cold is also not seen. You can eat Chyawanprash in the morning and in the evening. Eating at night can cause stomach problems.

Question: Can eating Chyawanprash cause harm?

Answer: Chyawanprash is an Ayurvedic herb, considered best for health, but if consumed in excess, it can cause diarrhoea. Also, overeating can cause indigestion, bloating, abdominal swelling, skin allergies, red marks and rashes on the skin.

Question: Is sugar free Chyawanprash available in the market safe for diabetic patients or not?

Answer: Sugar free and jaggery Chyawanprash available in the market can be consumed by diabetic patients. Apart from this, Mango Chyawanprash is beneficial for diabetics, but keep in mind that Chyawanprash should be bought from a reliable brand. So Chyavanprash should be consumed only according to the doctor's advice.

Question: Should we eat flavored Chyawanprash or not?

Answer : Flavored Chyawanprash is a marketing strategy of companies, in which flavors are added separately.

Question: Can Chyawanprash be eaten only in winter?

Answer: Chyawanprash can be eaten in any season. It can be eaten even in summer, but one should be careful in eating and drink plenty of water, otherwise, many diseases may occur. Avoid fried and highly spiced foods at this time.

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Nov 1, 2022

Figs are a powerhouse of nutrients! Mix it with milk and consume it like this, you will get great benefits

Figs are rich in many beneficial minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium. which completes the deficiency of nutrients in the body.

  • There are many benefits of eating figs
  • Deficiency of nutrients in the body will be removed
  • Consume figs mixed with milk like this

Consuming dry fruits eliminates the deficiency of many nutrients in our body. Today we are going to tell you about one such dry fruit that will keep you healthy. Along with this it also reduces the risk of many serious diseases. Figs are used as medicine against many diseases. It relieves many problems from obesity to constipation.

Benefits of figs ; A good source of calcium

Figs are considered a good source of calcium. Consuming it with milk removes calcium deficiency in the body. Let us tell you that calcium is essential for bones and teeth. Figs prove to be very beneficial for those whose body is deficient in iron. People suffering from iron deficiency should consume dried figs.

Beneficial for heart health

Eating figs is beneficial for people suffering from heart diseases. Potassium and magnesium present in it reduces the risk of heart diseases. Soak figs in milk overnight and consume that milk and figs in the morning.

Relieves gas and indigestion

If you suffer from stomach gas or indigestion every day, include figs in your diet. The fiber present in it will relieve you from the problem of constipation and help in cleansing the stomach. Let us tell you that figs improve the metabolic rate. It contains an enzyme called fikin which helps in digestion.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

Figs control cholesterol

The anti-oxidants present in figs help in controlling cholesterol in the body. Potassium in it regulates blood pressure. Its consumption reduces the risk of BP.

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Oct 15, 2022

દિવાળી મીઠાઇ ક્વોલીટી ચેક / દિવાળી પર મીઠાઇ ખાવાના શોખીન હોય તો ખાસ વાંચજો. આ રીતે કરો ક્વોલીટી ચેક Diwali 2022 sweet quality check

 દિવાળી મીઠાઇ ક્વોલીટી ચેક : દિવાલી એ ફટાકડા અને મીઠાઇઓનો તહેવાર છે. દરેક ઘરોમા દિવાળી પર મીઠાઇઓ ખાવામા આવે છે. આવી મીઠાઇ ખાતા પહેલા ચેક કરો તમે ક્યાક નકલી ભેળસેળવાળી મીઠાઇ તો નથી ખાઇ રહ્યાને ? મીથાઇઓમા આજકાલ આર્ટીફીશીયલ રંગો અને કેમીકલ ઉમેરવામા આવે છે.

  • દિવાળીનો તહેવાર મીઠાઈ વગર અધુરો 
  • તહેવારમા ઘરે આવતી મીઠાઈ ખાવા લાયક છે કે કેમ ? 
  • આ રીતે ઘરે બેઠા કરો ચેક કવોલીટી

દિવાળી મીઠાઇ ક્વોલીટી ચેક

દિવાળીનો તહેવાર મીઠાઈ વગર અધુરો લાગે છે. દિવાળીના સમયે મીઠાઈનું નામ સાંભળતા જ મોંમાં પાણી આવી જાય છે. શહેરોમાં લોકો બજારમાંથી જ મીઠાઈ ખરીદે છે અને ખાય છે. પરંતુ જાણતા નથી કે આ મીઠાઈ બનાવતા સાફ સફાઈનું ધ્યાન રાખવામાં આવ્યું છે કે નહીં. મીઠાઈમાં યોગ્ય ઘી-તેલનો ઉપયોગ કરવામાં આવ્યો છે કે પછી સડેલા તેલમાં સુગંધ મિક્ષ કરીને મીઠાઈ બનાવવામાં આવી છે.

ક્યારેક મીઠાઈમાં જૂની સામગ્રીનો પણ ઉપયોગ કરવામાં આવે છે. જેના કારણે ઘણા લોકોનું પેટ ખરાબ થઈ જાય છે. તો આ ઝેરી મીઠાઈ ખાતા પહેલા ચોક્કસથી જાણી લો કે મીઠાઈ સારી છે કે ખરાબ. આ સરળ સ્ટેપ્સ દ્વારા તમે એ પણ જાણી શકો છો કે મીઠાઈમાં આર્ટિફિશિયલ રંગો અને કેમિકલ ઉમેરવામાં આવ્યા છે કે કેમ. સિલ્વર વર્ક અને માવો પણ અસલી છે કે નકલી.

મીઠાઇમા થતી ભેળસેળ

આર્ટિફિશિયલ રંગ ઉમેરી બનતી મીઠાઈઓ

બજારની દુકાનો પર દેખાતી આ રંગબેરંગી મીઠાઈઓ તમને ખૂબ બીમાર કરવા માટે પૂરતી છે. તેમને જોઈને મોંમાં પાણી આવી જાય છે અને આપણે તરત જ ખરીદવા માટે દુકાનો પર પહોંચી જઈએ છીએ. પરંતુ તમને જણાવી દઈએ કે આ મીઠાઈઓમાં હાનિકારક કેમિકલવાળા ફૂડ કલર્સ ભેળવવામાં આવે છે. જેનાથી ત્વચાની એલર્જી, કિડનીની બીમારી અને ગંભીર બીમારીઓ થવાનો ખતરો રહે છે.

નિષ્ણાતોના મતે મીઠાઈમાં રંગોની માત્રા 100 પીપીએમ સુધી જ હોવી જોઈએ. જો આનાથી વધુ રંગોનો ઉપયોગ કરવામાં આવે તો મીઠાઈ સ્વાસ્થ્ય માટે હાનિકારક સાબિત થઈ શકે છે.

નકલી ચાંદીનું વર્ક ઉમેરી બનતી મીઠાઇઓ

મીઠાઈઓને આકર્ષક અને રોયલ લુક આપવા માટે દિવાળી પર સિલ્વર વર્કનો ખૂબ ઉપયોગ કરવામાં આવે છે. આના કારણે મીઠાઈની ચમક વધી જાય છે અને લોકો તેને તરત ખરીદી પણ લે છે, પરંતુ તમને જણાવી દઈએ કે આજકાલ મોંઘવારીના જમાનામાં લોકો ચાંદી ચોંટાડવાને બદલે એલ્યુમિનિયમ વર્ક લગાવે છે. તે લગભગ જીવલેણ છે.

તેને ઓળખવા માટે સ્વીટમાંથી એલ્યુમિનિયમ વર્ક કાઢીને હાથ પર ઘસી જુઓ. જો આ વર્કથી નાની ગોળીઓ બનવા લાગે તો સમજી લેવું કે મીઠાઈ પર ચાંદી નહીં પણ એલ્યુમિનિયમ ચોંટાડવામાં આવ્યું છે.
આ સિવાય તમે ચાંદીના વર્કને ચમચી પર રાખીને પણ બાળી શકો છો. તમને જણાવી દઈએ કે જ્યાં ચાંદી તેના ચમકદાર અવશેષો છોડી દે છે, ત્યાં એલ્યુમિનિયમ વર્ક બળીને રાખ થઈ જાય છે.

માવામાં ભેળસેળ કરી બનતી મીઠાઇઓ

ભારતમાં માવામાંથી બનતી મીઠાઈને સૌથી શુદ્ધ માનવામાં આવે છે. પરંતુ તમે જાણો છો કે ભેળસેળના મોટાભાગના કિસ્સા પણ માવાના જ હોય ​​છે. તેથી માવાની શુદ્ધતા તપાસવી જરૂરી છે.

જો તમે પણ દુકાનમાંથી મીઠાઈ કે માવો ખરીદતા હોવ તો પહેલા માત્ર એક જ સેમ્પલ ખરીદો અને ઘરે લાવો. હવે આ સેમ્પલ પર આયોડીનના 2 થી 3 ટીપાં નાખો.
આ પછી જો માવાનો રંગ વાદળી થઈ જાય તો સમજી શકાય કે માવામાં ભેળસેળ થઈ છે.
આ ઉપરાંત ઘણા લોકો માવા સાથે મિલ્ક પાઉડર પણ વેચે છે.
તેની ઓળખ માટે થોડો માવો હાથમાં લઈને તેને સુંઘીને કે ચાખીને અસલી અને નકલી વચ્ચેનો તફાવત જાણી શકાય છે.

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Sep 12, 2022

You should drink lemon water like this every day, you will get 5 benefits from weight loss to increasing immunity


You should drink lemon water like this every day, you will get 5 benefits from weight loss to increasing immunity

Along with enhancing the taste, lemon is also very beneficial for health and contains many vitamins and minerals.

  • Drinking freshly squeezed lemon water also helps in weight loss
  • Many vitamins and minerals are also available
  • Lemon naturally works to boost immunity in the body

A glass of lemon water works to relieve heat. Drinking fresh lemon water regularly in the morning also helps in weight loss. Lemon adds flavor to any meal. Along with enhancing the taste, lemon is also very beneficial for health and contains many vitamins and minerals. Let's know how lemon benefits health in other ways.

Helps in weight loss

Drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach. Drinking freshly squeezed lemon water relieves digestive problems like constipation and flatulence as well as removes toxins from the body Consuming lemon water on an empty stomach speeds up metabolism and helps in reducing belly fat.

To get glowing skin

Lemon water helps flush out toxins from the body. Lemon has sufficient antioxidant properties. Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach every morning makes the skin glow. You can consume lemon water daily to get glowing skin.

Reduces swelling

Along with antioxidant properties, lemon water is rich in potassium, folate, flavonoids and vitamin B. Which works to prevent inflammation in the body.

Increases immunity

Lemon is a good source of ascorbic acid. Lemon naturally works to boost immunity in the body. Vitamin C in lemon helps protect against fever and cold.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

Energy drink

Lemon water should be consumed in the morning to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Apart from being delicious, lemon water is also very healthy.

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Aug 31, 2022

As the season changes, the problem of cold, cough and fever has increased these days, know the home remedies to get relief from this problem.

As the season changes, the problem of cold, cough and fever has increased these days, know the home remedies to get relief from this problem.
 The change of season has increased the problem of cold - cough and fever these days
 Consuming red chillies and spices relieves this problem
 Taking steam therapy at home brings relaxation
 Monsoon season comes as a relief for people after extreme heat, but the risk of infection and diseases also increases in this changing season.  Not only this, sometimes due to sun, sometimes rain, our body has difficulty in adjusting the temperature and the result is that people have to face cold, cough, fever.  These are such diseases, which the surrounding people are also victims of.  Let's find out what are the home remedies, by adopting which you can get relief from this problem.

 Home Remedies for Cold-Cough and Fever

 1. Steam therapy
 If phlegm has accumulated in the nose and throat and you want to clear it, you can take steam therapy.  For this you have to boil water in a small pot and mix it with Namak and Balm, cover your head with the help of a towel and try to take hot steam through the pot.  Doing this will clear the nose and throat and also relieve fever.

 2. Consumption of red chillies
 It is generally advised to reduce the consumption of chili spices, but these same things work like medicine in colds.  Red March contains a chemical called capsaicin, which helps reduce phlegm.  It also reduces fever and sore throat.  So red chillies, if consumed in limited quantities during changing seasons, can prove to be beneficial for health.

 3. Pineapple juice
 Pineapple is a fruit whose sweetness attracts most of the people, but do you know that if its juice is consumed, it can relieve diseases like cold-cough and TB.  So mix salt, honey and black pepper in pineapple juice and consume it.  This juice is rich in antioxidants which protect us from the damage caused by free radicals.
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Jul 2, 2022

Such people have the highest risk of heart attack, if you have such habits, beware from today.


Let us know what can be done to keep the heart healthy

Without the heart we cannot imagine our life beating non-stop from birth to death but we often do not care for the safety of this organ. Whenever there is a problem in the heart, it gives some warnings or signs that need to be heeded.

Protect your heart from these diseases

If you also wish you were not at risk for diseases such as heart attack, coronary artery disease or triple vessel disease, it would be appropriate to start taking care of the heart from today, there are some precautions to be taken for this.

Measures to prevent heart attack

  • Check your weight regularly and don't let it increase unnecessarily
  • People who are obese and focus on regular exercise
  • Eat as much healthy food as possible in your daily diet
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure, reduce your salt intake.
  • Drinking too much coffee also raises blood pressure which is not good for the heart.
  • Patients with diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease.
  • Do not take any medicine without doctor's advice
  • Get checked immediately if your heartbeat is irregular while walking or running.
  • Avoid oily foods as much as possible.

Eat this type of food

If you want to maintain good heart health, change your diet first. For this, eat foods rich in omega-3, antioxidants, fiber and minerals. Eat especially juicy fruits, dried fruits in the diet. Stay away from over-fried and spicy items.

Physical activity required

Physical activities along with a healthy diet are very important to keep the heart healthy. Otherwise your body fat is not easily reduced and the stomach starts to swell.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

Cigarettes do not consume alcohol

There are some bad habits that ruin our health. Most young people have become addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. Which is having a very bad effect on heart health. The sooner you get rid of these things the better.

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May 13, 2022

Treatment of burn | Immediate treatment for burns


Immediate treatment for burns

  • Applying crushed oil on the burnt wound is very beneficial.

  •  Immediately after rubbing the copra or potato on the burnt wound, there will be no blisters.

  •  Applying henna leaves with a bowl of water on the burnt wound gives relief.

  •  Applying mashed, sticky, bandaged ripe bananas on the burnt wound gives immediate relief and relief.

  •  Applying basil juice and coprale boiled on the burn wound, the inflammation of the burn is eliminated and the follicular wound heals quickly.

  •  If it is scorched by hot water or steam, sprinkling rice flour on that part gives much relief.

  •  Wounds, sores, boils, ulcers, smallpox in which there is a lot of inflammation.

  •  Applying mashed onion immediately on the burnt wound gives quick relief.

  •  Before the blisters appear on the scalp, take raw potatoes and apply it on the stone.  This relieves the pain and inflammation of the scalp and does not cause blisters or blemishes.  Apply this three to four times a day.

  •  Dip one foot into warm paraffin and apply it on the affected area.

  •  Applying kerosene on the scalp gives a lot of relief and heals quickly.

  •  First pour buttermilk or cold water over the scalp.  Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.  This reduces inflammation and heals faster.

  •  A thin solution of chickpea flour on top of the dazya...

Keep the burnt part under tap water for 15 minutes but do not apply ice under any circumstances.
There is an old tradition of applying butter, ghee or oil on the burnt part but it is of no use. Instead, a good solution is to apply any good antiseptic ointment on the skin.

Do not leave the skin exposed when it has been burned. Don't even pay Rs. Tie a bandage of stylized gauze in such a way that there is no pressure on the burned area so as not to infect the bacteria in the air outside.
If there is a rash on the skin at the site of burns, it is not necessary to cut the skin of the rash. 

The severity of the burn depends on the depth of the injury and how much tissue is affected. In medical terms this is known as first degree, second degree and third degree burns. First degree burns are not so severe. The burned area becomes red, painful, burns and swelling. Sometimes water leaks out.

 Second degree burns affect the lower layers of the skin. There is a lot of pain on the burned part. Affects the lower layers of the skin. There is a lot of pain on the burned part. The skin becomes swollen and red or completely white. 

The swollen area is filled with a thick transparent liquid. Third degree burns are the most dangerous. The upper part of the skin sometimes looks normal. And the seriousness is not even known. There is no sensation of touching the burnt part. The burned area also appears red due to the breakdown of blood cells. The fur on burnt skin can be easily removed from the roots. The brain does not experience pain as the nerve endings below the burn part are heard. 

The difference between a deep second degree burn and a third degree burn becomes difficult to identify for days.
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Apr 21, 2022

These seven things are 10 times more powerful than eggs and meat

These seven things are 10 times more powerful than eggs and meat

Soybean: Soybean is the most protein rich legume crop of any plant.  It has more protein than meat and eggs.  Soybeans except 100 g Soybeans contain 50 g of protein.  Apart from protein, soybeans contain vitamin B complex and vitamin E and minerals.  100 grams of soybeans contain 50 grams of protein.

 Which is why it is considered more powerful than eggs.  Soybeans are also good for digestion as they contain good amount of fiber and potassium.  Soybeans keep a person physically and mentally healthy.  Soybeans are rich in iron, which is why soybean consumption does not cause diseases like anemia and increases hemoglobin as well as blood.

 Controls blood circulation by lowering blood cholesterol.  Also excellent for the eyes.  Because it contains vitamin E.

 Using soybean oil is beneficial in weight loss.  Soybeans protect against mental illness, reduce the risk of heart disease.  Lowers cholesterol.  Strengthens bones.  Destroys stomach worms.  Very useful in diabetes and all the problems of the dish.  Apart from this it is also beneficial in urinary tract disease as well as reproductive system disease.

 Cashews: Cashews contain many elements and are very useful for weight gain.  Cashews are also rich in protein.  100 grams of cashews have about 553 calories and 44 grams of fat and 18 grams of protein.  So it is very useful for the body.

 Peanuts: Peanuts are high in protein, fiber and magnesium.  Research shows that peanuts can reduce weight.  Peanut butter is also high in protein.  As a result of this protein the body benefits.  Eating 100 grams of peanuts gives us 25 grams of protein.

 Consumption of peanuts does not cause anemia, consumption of peanuts eliminates the signs of aging and wrinkles.  The vitamins found in peanuts strengthen bones.  Peanut intake improves fetal development in women.  Peanuts cure all digestive problems.

 Mugni dal: Mugni dal is the best source of protein for vegetarians.  Mug lentils are rich in protein, iron and protein.  Vitamins are retained in lentils after boiling.  Pulses contain antioxidants which in turn have a strong immune system.  Half a cup of lentils contains 7.3 grams of protein.  In which 100 grams of mugni dal contains 24 grams of protein.

 Mugni dal contains nutrients.  For this reason, consumption of mugi dal can prevent deficiency of essential elements in the body.  Soaking mugi dal and drinking it hot gives a lot of energy to the body.

 Consumption of mugi dal cures the signs of aging as well as wrinkles on the body.  Mugni dal protects the heart.  Controls blood pressure.  Lose weight.  Also helps fight cancer.  Strengthens the immune system. Strengthens the digestive system.  Protects against eye disease.  Maintains the health of hair.

 Milk: Consumption of milk cures many diseases and apart from that, using milk as medicine also has many health benefits.  Milk contains more calcium than eggs.  Milk is essential for strengthening teeth and bones in the body as well as for bone growth.  Taking milk in the diet is beneficial for health.

 Consumption of milk is beneficial for abdominal pain.  Milk is beneficial against skin symptoms and diseases.  Milk purifies the blood in the body, so that skin diseases are eliminated.  Milk also benefits the digestive system.  Milk is useful in menstrual problems in women.  Milk is useful in the problem of joint pain.  Milk increases the glow on the face.  Consumption of milk provides relief in asthma.

 Almonds: Almonds are one of the healthiest grains available.  It provides healthy fiber, magnesium, manganese, thiamine (vitamin B1) and many nutrients.  Almonds are rich in fat as well as protein.  About 100 grams of almonds contain 21 grams of protein.

 Which is why almonds are beneficial for problems like stress and constipation.  Almonds reduce cancer, pregnancy, tooth weakness, cholesterol lowering, digestive problems, muscle strengthening, aging symptoms.  Removes all wrinkles on the body.

 Broccoli-Cauliflower: Broccoli is very nutritious, rich in Vitamin C, Fiber and Protein.  Seeds contain more protein than vegetables.  One cup of broccoli contains 3 grams of protein.  So broccoli is a very useful source of energy.

 Chickpeas: More beneficial than eggs.  Chickpeas are a good source of protein for vegetarians.  Aside from protein, it also contains nutrients like potassium, magnesium and folate which help in controlling heart disease and blood pressure.  Soaking chickpeas in water before consumption increases its quality.  Consuming this steeped chickpea gives energy to the body.

 Chickpeas are very useful for making the body energetic and strong.  The iron and protein in chickpeas provide energy to the body, as well as the elements that provide immunity to the body.  Getting such useful elements and minerals removes the weakness of the body.  This reduces the risk of heart disease in the body.

 Chickpeas are very useful for the body.  Chickpeas reduce anemia, control diabetes.  Keeps heart healthy, protects against kidney diseases.  The disease gives strength to protect against colds and fevers.  Increases semen, eliminates urinary tract disease.  Weight can be increased.  Constipation and digestive problems can be cured.

 Cheese: Cheese also has plenty of protein.  It contains 16 to 20 grams of protein in about 100 grams of cheese.  It also contains a lot of fat.  Eating 100 grams of cheese provides 400 calories.  Also, calcium and vitamins are high in cheese.  So it is also very useful in bone and eye diseases.  Also contains magnesium and iron.  Paneer is very useful for those who want to gain weight.

 Pumpkin: Pumpkin also has a lot of protein.  As well as protein, the body has very good elements like antioxidants, iron, calcium, magnesium, which are beneficial to the body.

 Pumpkin is a storehouse of energy and gives strength to the body due to the elements found in it.  Eating pumpkin due to its protein strengthens the bones and gives strength to the body.  As well as peace of mind.  Pumpkin is useful in diseases like mental illness, epilepsy and insanity.

 Thus, these foods provide more energy to the body than eggs.  Consuming all these things eliminates many problems.  As well as many deadly diseases are eliminated.  All these things are very useful in the body.  Hopefully this information is very useful for you and based on this information you will start consuming more nutritious foods instead of eating eggs and meat.
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Apr 11, 2022

Benefits of Yogasana: To get slim and reduce belly fat, do only 20 minutes every day.


 Benefits of Yogasana: To get slim and reduce belly fat, do only 20 minutes every day.

Our eating habits have become so casual that we cannot control them. We have also forgotten about the healthy food habit. Whatever the reason, everyone is worried about their growing weight.

Yoga trainer Sumit Sharma talks about three such yogasanas, which if done for 20 minutes every day, will reduce the accumulated fat in the abdomen and make the abdomen look very slim.

1. Bhekasan: Effective in reducing tummy

If you want to reduce tummy tuck quickly, Bhekasana is the most beneficial asana. To do this, lie down on a mat with stomach burns. Now slowly lift the head using the wrist of the hand. Now bend the right knee slowly and hold the left leg with both hands and bring it to the floor. Now slowly lift the chest up and take a deep breath and stay in this pose for 45 to 60 seconds. Do this asana 2 to 3 times daily.

  • Do not practice this asana if you have a knee injury or any problem associated with it
  • Do not practice this asana if you have a knee injury or any problem associated with it

2. Bhajungasana: Abdominal fat will be reduced easily

Practicing this asana strengthens the abdominal muscles so that the fat accumulated around the abdomen is easily reduced. To do this asana, lie down on your stomach and keep your palms down on the mat. Take a deep breath and lift the front of the body up and stay in this position for about 10 to 20 seconds. Do this asana 6 to 7 times daily.

  • If you practice this asana daily, your shoulders and arms will become stronger.
  • If you practice this asana daily, your shoulders and arms will become stronger.

3. Malasan: Get rid of gas and constipation

Constant practice of this asana causes pain in the abdominal and lumbar muscles. It relieves gas and constipation. To do this, bend your knees and sit down. Now rest the elbows of both hands on the knees and salute with the palms. Then slowly inhale and exhale. Do this asana three to four times for at least 10 minutes.

Doing malasana daily increases the capacity of your body

Diet needs to be improved

If you want to reduce your growing belly fast then you need to improve your diet.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી 


You should consume green vegetables every day. You can consume vegetables like milk, broccoli, beans, peas without butter and cream by boiling or mixing them in soup. If you are doing this asana every day then you should consume salad. You can mix cheese in salads if you want, as cheese has a high protein content. Wake up every morning and drink lukewarm water first. Have dinner between 8 and 9 pm and try to have a low calorie meal at dinner.

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Mar 30, 2022

Benefits of potable water


 Benefits of potable water: Potted water protects against seasonal diseases and removes toxins from the body; Learn how potable water cools

The importance of pots increases with the onset of summer season. Its water is as good for health as it is cold to drink. Today people prefer to drink potable water instead of RO and fridge water. The potable water balances the pH level of the body and by drinking its water reaches the natural mineral body of the pot. According to Professor Achyut Tripathi at the National Ayurveda University of the Ministry of AYUSH, fridge water contains a type of gas, which is harmful to health. The gas further damages the white matter stored in the refrigerator, destroying the alkaloids. Drinking water from the fridge does not quench thirst. Filtered water filters the natural oxygen in the pot, which makes it more beneficial for health.

Anjani Kirodiwal, Chairman, Amrut Mati India Trust, has been conducting research on the scientific benefits of pottery for the last 15 years. Explaining the research done in 1993 in Germany, he said that according to this research, the pH level of a person has been raised to 1-14. Our bodies have different liquids and all of them have different pH. A person whose pH level is seven is not acidic and alkaline means he is neutral. The body of a person whose pH goes below 7 is acidic.

If the pH level goes from 7 to 14, it means that the alkalinity in the body increases. Having a pH 7-14 means you are not at risk of serious illness in the future. The soil is in alkaline format i.e. has alkalinity activity. So drinking water from a clay pot increases the salinity of the body. Overall potable water is considered to be the most beneficial for the body.

How does potable water cool down?

The process of cooling the water in the pot is the same as the process of drying the sweat from the skin. It can also be understood in such a way that when you sweat in the heat, the skin feels cool after sweating. In this way, after filling the pot with water, air continues to pass through its tiny pores which keep the water cool. The more air passes through the pot, the more water will cool.

Why is it important to drink potable water in summer?

According to Achyut Tripathi, Professor, National Ayurveda University, Ministry of AYUSH, drinking potable water does not cause problems like cough and cold, while drinking potable water weakens the immune system and potable water keeps the body healthy. Drinking potable water does not cause frequent thirst. This water maintains proper oxygen content in the body. Drinking potable water also flushes out toxins from the body.

Anjani Kirodiwal says that drinking potable water increases salinity in the body, which prevents bad breath. When that water goes into the stomach, the problem related to digestion is removed. Alkaline water balances hormones. Reduces the effects of aging. Weight gain. Removes toxins from the body. Keeps skin well.

A new invention, the Alkaline Water Jug

Amrut Mati India Trust has prepared alkaline water jugs by collecting soil from different parts of Rajasthan which has also been certified by IIT Roorkee. This jug eliminates the problem of pollution and fluoride from the water and also increases the water quality. According to Anjani Kirodiwal, low pH level water is converted into alkaline water as soon as it is poured into this jug and alkaline water is considered to be the best for one's body.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

There are so many things to keep in mind when buying a pot

According to Kirodiwal, when buying a pot, check the pH level with the pH level solution and see that it is beneficial to drink the pot water if the pot water is above pH 7. The quality of potted soil can also be known from that pH level.

According to Professor Achyut, the pot should not be more than two years old. The floor should not be greasy. It should not have any kind of polish on it.

When should potable water not be drunk?

According to Anjani Kirodiwal, potable water can be drunk in any season. There is no harm in drinking this water. Even when the fridge was not in this world, people drank only potable water and it did no harm. Giving an example, Anjani explains that well water never goes bad because it contains minerals, similarly potable water never goes bad and it is beneficial for health in every season.

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Mar 16, 2022

How to avoid the heat of summer


How to avoid the heat of summer

Drink plenty of water

Wear loose-fitting white or light-colored cotton clothing to keep out the heat of summer. The stomach should be filled with water after eating a little something before leaving the house. The body should not be dehydrated. Resting periodically during work. Simultaneously drink water at short intervals during work.

1-Carry intake

In the summer season, mango baffle is called a health tonic. Drinking mango buffalo every day does not make the body feel cold.


People use coriander to enhance the taste of food. But drinking coriander water can prevent heat. After soaking fresh coriander in water, add sugar and drink water

3- Consumption of buttermilk

There are several benefits to drinking tea. In hot season, adding chilli powder and cumin to the tea leaves does not cause heatstroke. At the same time the amount of water in the body does not decrease.

4-Amber intake

To avoid heat, crush the mango seeds and make a powder of it. Add sugar and mango powder in water and drink it to keep the digestive system healthy.

5-Green Coconut

Coconut water is rich in properties. Consumption of coconut water in hot weather does not require any medicine. Drinking coconut water every day does not make you feel hot.

6- Consumption of onion

Onion is a quick remedy to get rid of the problem of heat stroke. Eating onions every day keeps the body temperature good. You can also drink onion juice.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી 


7-Lemon Syrup

Consumption of lemon juice does not reduce the amount of water in the body to avoid heat. Drinking lemon water keeps energy in the body.

Remedies for Sunstroke

Excessive heat is harmful to human health. As a result, cases of sun stroke (loo) occur especially among workers and farm laborers. The Chief District Health Officer has issued instructions to the public to avoid sunstroke (heatstroke) in view of the cases of heatstroke during the summer season.

Accordingly, in hot weather, wear white cotton open clothes, use hat, goggles, umbrella, if you have to go out of the house, cover your whole body and take care that your head is not exposed. Avoid direct sunlight. Drink plenty of water and fluids during the day. If possible, drink lemonade. Cover the head with a damp cloth and wipe the body with a damp cloth from time to time. Young children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and the infirm and sick should take special care in the sun. Especially for children, use cassava flower and neem leaves in bath water. Don't eat open, stale, food found in the market in summer. Avoid using ice sold in the market. On the occasion of marriage, do not eat milk, food made in mava. Don't go hungry during the summer season. In case of headache, restlessness, dizziness, nausea or fever, go to the nearest hospital immediately. The Chief District Health Officer, District Panchayat Jamnagar has stated in the list to contact the primary health center or hospital.

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Mar 2, 2022

Disadvantages of eating salt: Adding salt separately to cooked foods can cause bone and kidney problems, find out from experts how much salt should be eaten daily.

 Do you also eat salt separately from cooked foods? Do you also eat more packaged food? Too much salt can make you sick, as too much salt is bad for your health. Dietitian and nutritionist Shilpa Mittal explains how much salt should be eaten throughout the day and what can be done to the body by eating too much salt.

Explaining the disadvantages of eating too much salt, dietitian Shilpa Mittal says, "According to the WHO, everyone should consume only one teaspoon or five grams of salt throughout the day. More salt than that is harmful to health. One teaspoon of salt is not harmful to a healthy person, but people who already have heart disease, osteoporosis, kidney problems, etc. should not consume too much salt. '

Disadvantages of eating too much salt

Excessive salt intake can make you sick so limit your intake.

Eating too much salt increases water retention in the body. Just as salt absorbs moisture by keeping it open, so salt stores water in the body.

Eating too much salt increases the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and stroke.

People who eat too much salt tend to have weak bones and may develop osteoporosis.

Eating too much salt makes you feel thirsty. You may have also noticed that eating hotel food makes you feel more thirsty than eating at home, because of the high salt content in the food.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી 


Eating too much salt increases the pressure on the kidneys to excrete it, which can lead to kidney related diseases.

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Feb 23, 2022

Do not drink water while standing


Do not drink water while standing: Sudden onset of joint pain, in addition to indigestion, will also interfere with oxygen supply.

Water should always be drunk while sitting and drinking quietly

Water is an important part of our daily routine. Hunger can be tolerated for a while but thirst is difficult to quench. But do we pay attention to the way we drink water? The habit of drinking water while walking can be a risk to our health. Ayurvedic Dr. is telling about this. Sonia.

When does drinking water become harmful?

There are certain rules of drinking water in Ayurveda. We ignore these rules and that is why physical problems increase. When we drink water while standing, we drink quickly, this puts stress on the body. This pressure goes into the stomach the same way a meal goes. Then new problems begin.

What harm does drinking standing water do to the body?

Pain in the joints: Drinking water while standing up causes water to enter the body faster. This can have a detrimental effect on the joints. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

Problems of indigestion: If water is drunk while sitting, abdominal muscles remain relaxed. Abdominal muscles get stressed while drinking water while standing. This can cause indigestion.

Increases kidney function:

 Drinking water while standing allows water to flow directly to the lower abdomen. In the meanwhile, due to lack of filtering process, there is more stress on the kidneys. It causes kidney related disease.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી 

Oxygen supply is interrupted: Drinking water while standing can also cause shortness of breath. Drinking water in this way interferes with the supply of oxygen to the lungs through food and wind pipes.

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Dec 6, 2021

Magical food: Eat basil, ghee, pepper and sesame to get rid of laziness in winter, have good immune system and balance metabolism.


Magical food: Eat basil, ghee, pepper and sesame to get rid of laziness in winter, have good immune system and balance metabolism.

Sesame is a good source of iron and calcium

Round makes up for the lack of blood in the body

As soon as the cold comes, the body becomes lazy. Laziness does not make the mind feel at work. At the same time, the desire to exercise decreases during the season. This does not produce extra energy and does not generate heat in the body. Laziness in the cold is not a cure but can be changed by changing the diet.

Dietitian Dr. Diet Mantra. "As the body temperature drops, so does the metabolism," said Kamini Kumari. Metabolism helps in balancing body heat. Here we are telling you about some of these foods that will keep you warm even in cold weather.

Eat ghee to avoid cough and cold

Dietitian Kamini Kumar said that eating ghee keeps the body warm. The fat in the ghee gives off heat. Also a good source for skin glow. Eat one teaspoon of ghee made from cow's milk in the morning. This balances the metabolism of our body.

Heat from dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruits and nuts contain vitamins and minerals. It heals the skin. Almonds produce heat. The omega-3 fatty acids in it keep the heart healthy.

Ginger maintains blood circulation

Ginger is no longer a homemade recipe for our grandparents. Ginger is a type of medicine. Ginger warms the body and balances the blood circulation. There are many benefits to eating raw ginger. Eating ginger does not cause constipation.

Tulsi is a medicine for many diseases

Tulsi has both religious and health significance. Medicinal property keeps away from infection. Many diseases are avoided due to antioxidants. Boosts metabolism and keeps the body warm.

Use peppers for extra fat cutters

Pepper, turmeric and cinnamon keep the body warm. Cinnamon maintains body temperature. It produces heat and keeps the body warm. This is not only for taste but also for extra fat cutter. The properties of turmeric reduce inflammation.

Sesame pudding will balance metabolism

Sesame is a good source of iron and calcium. Eat ladu or sesame alone has the benefits of both. The natural oils contained in it reduce the extra amount of fat. Metabolism keeps balance. Sesame warms the body.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ


Chilies rich in vitamin C.

Chili is a staple in Indian cuisine. This is a good source of vitamin C. It strengthens immunity. Both blood circulation and stomach remain good.

A good source of round iron

Round makes up for the lack of blood in the body. Maintains good blood circulation. Eating jaggery instead of sugar keeps the body warm.

The best sugar option is honey

Honey is the best sugar option. Mixing it in lukewarm water and drinking it will prevent cough and cold. Produces heat due to being an antioxidant.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ 


During the cold season, the body becomes lethargic and at the same time the skin becomes dry. Incorporating these foods into the diet will boost the metabolism and immune system and keep the body warm.

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