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Dec 26, 2018

Constable Exam Cancel |paper leak

There was a panic in the leak of paper related to the recruitment of the Lok Sabha in Gujarat. Due to the paper leak, approximately 9 lakh students were stuck. Kannidai Lakkii resentment of the students turned around. The examination was to be held for recruitment of nine thousand IAS officers but only one hour before the exam, Akhila Pratishtha of the Gujarat government suffered a major blow due to leakage of paper leak. The orders for investigation were also given. The examination was to be held on 283 centers. For the sake of forgetting, additional DGP development assistance has been apologized for the development of Kanidai Lakshya Board. The Akila exam has been postponed for the woman while the inquiry has been ordered by DGP Gujarat Sivananda Kannidai Lakhiya Jha. In Gujarat Police, the recruitment test for the recruitment of the Loksakshal was canceled today, leading to the loss of over nine lakh students in lakhs and more than one lakh candidates in the state, and suffered terrible misery and depression. Chairperson of the Board of Recruitment Board, Vikas Sahay, announced the announcement that he had received information that the paper was leaked. So that this examination has been canceled. The paper leaker has been confronted by a law-abiding woman, Kanidai, who is a woman living with the Board of Recruitment Board and she confessed to being the master mind in the entire chapter. Police have carried out necessary investigations in this entire Kanidai Laki case. On the other hand, after the cancellation of the examination of the Lok Sarak Dal, millions of candidates hurled fierce resentment and agonizingly, along with a tremendous state of turmoil. Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani has also ordered the inquiry to take a look at the seriousness of the entire matter. There were 9 lakh candidates in the state's 29 districts in the afternoon for the vacant positions of nine lakh seats, including 9 lakh candidates from across the state including Ahmedabad. The examination was conducted at about two and a half thousand centers across the state and the candidates were also going to the examination centers, but only a few minutes earlier, the news of the paper was leaked, it was rumored that the government was forced to announce the cancellation of the examination. The cancellation of the examination of the detainee force is now expected to take place a month later. The government announced the announcement of ST rentals to the candidates and during the next exam, ST announces not to lease. Due to the cancellation of the Lok Vidyalay examination, lakhs of candidates and their families, including the city of Ahmedabad, were the victims of heavy ravages today. 
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Dec 21, 2018

Constable Exam call letter

Now the examiner's examination will be held on January 6. The recruitment boards have given development development assistance to the board. Also, soon the candidates will be issued a call.
The LRD exam will be held on Sunday 6th January 2019. And for the candidates to come, the ST will be free to travel. This time the examination will be held between transparent flowering and strict management arrangements. The written exam paper to be held for the recruitment of the lieutenant in the state police force was postponed due to leakage of the written exam. 8.75 lakh young candidates from the state were in distress and had to suffer unnecessary expenses for going to the examination site. So that the state government held a high-level meeting in this regard, for the purpose of organizing the next written examination with flower proof system and strict management without any error. Consulted comprehensive details. Chairman of the Police Recruitment Board and Additional Director General of Police Confidence Sahai has said that the details in this regard, lokaraksaka now recruiting board exam next year. January 6, 2019 will be held across the state on Sunday
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