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Dec 26, 2018

The importance of the person in our lives

Is there anyone in your life who knows all about you? Can you talk to all without any fear, no doubt, no suspicion or any role? Second question, are you someone who can trust you completely? Everyone has their own secret. Everyone in the world has to say something, but the biggest question is who to tell? What would she say about me by listening to my talk? Can I understand that? I do not have a different meaning if I do not? Do not tell anyone about me?
           What is the thing in your mind that you have to tell someone? Love with someone, hatred with someone, a mistake made in life, no intention of playing hearts, few pictures, and many more are playing in our hearts but we can not tell anyone. Man has to say a lot, but to say where? We can not even tell anyone who wants to talk to them. How many ideas are coming before talking, do I do this thing or not? We also consider it a reaction. Often we take risks and often avoid talking.
              There is a nice system in Christian religion. Each church has a Confession box. Any man can go there and confess. This is a wonderful way of getting lenched. One person went to church and pretended that O Jesus, in the life of every person there is a man like Confession Box. Where there is no need to think before talking.
If someone trusts you, then believe that you are important. Atelist, there is a person who has faith in you. Everyone does not want to be fever, everyone does not want to be consoled, everyone does not want your advice or opinions, just want a person who can openly talk about it. Your responsibility increases when you trust someone. There were two friends. From childhood, both of them talk to each other. After growing up, a friend made a personal message to another friend. Another friend declared this thing. After this incident, the friend said that I do not have any care or concern about the damage done to me by declaring that matter, the pain is that you broke my faith. You have committed such a sin that now I will hesitate to tell my personal story to anyone, I can not trust anyone. I will soon get the idea that he will also do like you?
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