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Dec 25, 2018

History of Christmas

Christmas is the birth anniversary of the Lord Jesus Christ and it is celebrated worldwide on December 25. However, there is no direct reference to the birth of Jesus in the Bible on the 25th of December. But there are many things that are found in that which seems to point to the time, such as the attendance of the shepherds' sheep, at the time, refers to the time of the spring. It is also believed that this period was determined on the basis of historical facts such as the census of the Roman government during the birth of Jesus and the death of Jesus. On January 6, an important festival of the name of the Epiphany is celebrated in memory of the events that led to the presence of kings seeking attention from the east and the Urchin. This event also supports the possibility of having a Christmas date on 25th. Some scholars also believe that in keeping with the celebration of the festive feast of Romans in the third century, the then Christian leaders selected this date. 2. What is the relationship of Santa Claus and Christmas? Christmas is the occasion of the birth of the Savior Lord Jesus and the gift of eternal life received by mankind through birth, so Santa Claus and Christmas are not historical or spiritual, but their name is necessarily associated with the establishment of a practice expressing the generous love of God's humanity in Christianity. Santa Claus's original name was St. Nicholas. He was a Greek saint in the 4th century. He was a resident of today's Turdi. They were known to give gifts to children. Therefore, Christmas is used as a symbol to show love by giving gifts to children and adults.
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