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Jan 30, 2019

Mahatma Gandhi's Nirvan day.| 30 January Special Download

Mahatma Gandhi's Ta 30 is Nirvana day. Rajkot's priceless contribution has been in Mahatma Gandhi's life. Because Gandhi spent much of his life in Rajkot.
When Karamchand Gandhi, father of Porbandar, came to Rajkot in Rajasthan court, the child Mohan's age would be in his seventh year. Primary education from village school (presently Pratap Kumarva Primary School No. 5) and Parani School (existing Kishor Singhji Primary School No. 1).
On 1 December 1880, Aafard passed the entrance examination of the high school and got enrolled in the first standard (Gujarati fifth book) of English. In 1887 there was a matriculation. K.B. A father known as Gandhi's della Karamchand Gandhi lived in a built house.
While still in high school, at the age of 13, Kasturbai became childish. As a result, the exams were cleared and one year got spoiled.
The study was okay. Geometry and Sanskrit subjects seemed difficult. However, there was a monthly monthly scholarship of Rs. 4 / - and 6th standard in the fifth grade of English.
There was a disagreement between exercise and cricket that was compulsory in the upper level of high school. Exercise was not related to education, it had a wrong idea at that time. She also believed that the letter did not need to write good in education. Later repentance. Tried to improve the character; But also do foiling.
On Saturday, there is a morning rush and exercise is going to return at four o'clock in the evening. Do not have the clock. So on one such Saturday, when the cloud was cheated and everyone was late in the exercise, all went away. The next day asked for the reason for the absence. Headmaster Durbaji Adlaji Gimi Saheb did not believe that he was right and punished. Mohandas was very sad. Understand that the true speaker or the contractor should not be forgotten.
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