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Dec 26, 2018

Govt.School Fee Related News

The state government has made the fee prescribing unit for private school fees control. The government has ordered the schools to take three months of first term until the fee regulation committee fees are decided. However, though many schools do not count the mandate. Especially CBSE schools have been circular for other term fees. While the government has not yet decided the fees of the schools, there is an annulment in the guardians who are circular for second term fees. On Sunday, at the Chaufti, Weekly, there was a meeting of school patrons with SD Jain, Ryan International, Radiant, LP.Savani, Metas Seventh Day, Peace Asiatic, at 10 in the morning. More than 150 guardians gathered in the meeting. Parents have agreed to not pay the second term fee at the meeting. In the coming days the guardians will send a petition to Collector and Deo. Parents are also collecting funds for filing petitions in the High Court on fees prescribing.

  • A new strategy was created in the meeting of Surat Parents Association.
  • Opposition protests will continue in the next few days
  • A decision in the meeting of the parents of seven schools at the weekends
  • The decision was taken in the meeting
  • {Not paying second-term fees
  • {Rally protest protests in the coming days
  • {Enter the petition in the high court
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