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Dec 23, 2018

Female feticide - problem

The contamination of female feticide is spreading rapidly in the society. Everybody needs to be active in order to take a serious stand against this problem and take a campaign against it. Otherwise, the problem of future will create a bad situation! Can we unbelievable female unreal world? If there is not a woman in the world then nothing is possible in worldly life. This worldly life is enduring with the relations of the mother, sister, wife and woman. Life can give birth to life. Life can never lead from the dead. It is based on the advancement or fall of the society only on the advancement or degeneration of the situation. With the brutal assassination of such a powerful woman, we ensure the future fall of the society. It is said that _If female feticide continues, then there will be steep increase in madness and sexual offenses. Sexual crimes will increase due to lowering of women against men. And the question of safety of the girls will arise. If this question remains unresolved in the future, then millions of rumors will lament: "Bring on compassionate kindness to a girl, now it has reached the limit, we should get married." 
                We have to make efforts to prevent this situation. Otherwise, the problem of future will be a problem! In the society, the decreasing number of daughters in the same gender equality will be inequality and many disparities will be born. Only then will this community understand the daughter's greatness. If the population of 1901 to 2001 shows population figures, the number of women against the number of men decreases. Which is a worrying thing. A decreasing number of women causes concern for the formation of a healthy society and for the development of the person and the country.
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