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Dec 26, 2018

importance of Humanity

How do you know what a person is? There is no meter to measure man. Man's height can be measured but depth can not be measured. Some people are shallow, some are subtle, some are stupid. Each man has his own type. Everyone has a texture. This texture is bright enough to show the right moment. Whether we speak or it shines its text. There is darkness in the light of some people, some texture is spread.
It is like a man who is being groomed early or late. Man is different from inside and is very different from outside. That is why we often get stuck in identifying them. Very few people are identical from inside and outside. Whether it is positive or negative, whether it is positive or not. The double standard does not last long. Do not hurry to know the man, because the time has passed. Man can be either good or bad, either a hero or a villain, either a devil or a human being. Every man is born with a repetition and dies by taking the same repetition.
Identifying a man is difficult but not impossible. If you want to know who is like, then trust him. That is not necessarily because everyone is bad. Trust must be placed, because without it you will not even know what a person is like. The person who can not trust anyone, he will never find the true test of good or bad.
Was a shopkeeper. Hundreds of customers come to buy their shop. There was a customer thief. Every time something stole something. The shopkeeper knew that this man is a thief but he does not say anything. The shopkeeper once caught the thief customer. The shopkeeper brought him to say that he steals from our shop. The shopkeeper took him to the side. Two hands tied and said that you have a request that you will not come to my shop from now on. The reason for saying this to you is that there is no issue against you if you steal, I fear that I will also doubt my good customers by seeing you. I do not want anybody to doubt me, because I have been more successful than my clients' bad experiences. The day when I begin to suspect my customers, the customers will trust me.
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