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Dec 23, 2018

The medium of education is mother tongue or English?

A rally and a meeting was held in Gandhinagar in 2009 to launch a campaign for "Save Gujarat" by Gujarat Language Council. All the Gujaratis should call it a moral obligation to give hearty support to this effort. Welcome to the millionaire organizers! At the same time, there is a need to concentrate very modestly on one thing, that it is not just the illusion that only such rally or meeting will survive in Gujarati illusions. 
                    This campaign must be delivered to the lower level Gujarati with its true meaning and full seriousness. And this campaign should be a continuous process. Only one-time rally and meeting can not achieve the expected results. If there is a failure, then there will be more frustration in the coming days and instead of turning towards the mother tongue, the desire to turn to the English will be more motivated. As long as the craze for education in English medium is not removed from the bottom of the floor, the supporters of "Save Gujarat" should be relieved of this activity and this should be done by employing dedicated workers. For the purpose of awakening the nature and self respect of the Gujarati people. For this, all the Gujarati language folk-literary-thinkers-thinkers-thinkers-educationists, etc. must jointly integrate with efforts. Apart from this, not only the best schools but also the dedicated teachers (with adequate compensation for Gujarati) will have to get. Till now, I do want to draw attention to this rapidly changing social life style without going into details of who reached the study in mother tongue. Our life is changing very rapidly than we think. Today, the life that we have lived and lived today is 10-15 years ago. Joint families are rapidly breaking down. 
         The priority of the material needs of our life needs is changing rapidly. Life standards are high and high going on daily. And it is possible to earn more and more to meet the needs of the times and not to go away from others, as it seems to be the ultimate and only goal of our life.
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