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Dec 26, 2018

Silent killer People

The word is enigmatic. The word sometimes comes with fear, sometimes it comes with worry. Every word has a texture. The word sometimes becomes mild and sometimes great. When you hear the same thing, you feel consoled and the same thing happens when you listen to others. The size of its maturity is being met by how man uses the word. If someone speaks, it feels as if he is still speaking, and one word of some sounds too intolerable.
The word is beauty. This beauty has to be cared for. If you do not know how to use the word, then the word is also corrupt. The word gets bowled. In order to effect the word, the word has to be absorbed in sensation. A man went to a monk. How can my words be fulfilled? The sadhu said that it depends on how you shape the word. The word has to be decorated. You have to say words that make words silly. If you decorate the flower, it will give you luck and if you get thorns, it will hurt anyone. Some people keep out the edge of words. Today, he has to tell his face. There is no thing to utter words, words are a touching thing.
The words are alive. The words are beat. Words are breathless. The words resonate in a living person. The tomb of words or the garden of words is a matter of man's hands. Words should be used with caution. Words scrape man and the words throw a civic. The sharpness of the words is strict. However, silence often becomes sharp, blurable, deadly, deadly, and sharper by words. The silence of words should be like silence. Silence should make words smooth. Words spoken after silence should be bland, majestic and vulnerable. The word can only be achieved if the silence is like a sadhana.
Abola is not silence. Gujatara is atrocious on the words of Abola. It is a criminal act to nab the throat of the word 'Abola'. When our silence becomes mocky, then we understand that we have robbed the jealousy of words. Use of silence as a weapon is risky. Today's universal problem is 'Abola'. Many people are taking silence to dispel rifts or revenge. Everybody has sometimes used this weapon sometimes. Among the lovers or between couples, if there is any major factor in creating a wall today, it is a hobo. Abola can not be tolerated. Abola is a violent man.
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