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Jun 30, 2021

Rizzle Short Videos App | Make Funny Video Memes


Rizzle Short Videos App | Make Funny Video Memes

  • Rizzle’s revolutionary Titan feature will help you create magical video memes in just a few taps! Break the rules and let your imagination fly.
  • Rizzle will help you create top-notch short videos with in-built editing tools and amazing, easy-to-use features you will find nowhere else!

Rizzle is the most innovative short video app made in India just for you! Create, edit, watch, and share short videos within seconds! Snack on world-class short videos available exclusively on Rizzle.


Make funny video memes with the exclusive TITAN feature on Rizzle!
Shrink or magnify yourself, become as small as an ant or as big as an elephant, and make magical videos!


Create Bollywood-like videos in seconds without any editing.
Share your Filmi videos on Instagram Reels & go viral!


Create unique and exclusive videos by mixing the videos on Rizzle or on your mobile at a single tap.
Ab Mix karo- Rimix karo! Kyunki mazaa sab ke saath hai!


Make stunning videos by using beautiful pictures from your mobile gallery.
Share these dazzling template videos with your friends and family on WhatsApp Status.


Want to shoot at a beach? Does your short series need you to be at the Taj Mahal or the busy streets of New York? Green Screen has you covered!
Add pictures from your gallery to give reference to your stories, news reports, opinions, docu-series, and more.
Snack on visually stunning short videos!


Add background music to your short series for any mood!
Choose from a library of super-hit Bollywood, Tollywood, English, Indi-pop, and many other songs to create your own dance, transition & music videos!
Pep up your videos with quirky sound effects and make your viewers fall in love with your content!


Use vibrant visual effects and filters to make beautifully dramatic videos!


Snack on a variety of exclusive short series in several languages and genres for free!
Create, Write, Direct, and even Star in your OWN series!


Rizzle is the best platform for video creators for a mountain of reason

અહીંથી જુઓ પક્ષીઓનો વાઇરલ વિડીયો

Positive & Supportive Community.

No comments policy-sirf video responses allowed hai! Bye-bye, trolls!
Video Moderation- So that you have a safe viewing experience.
Sharpen your talent(s) with free online classes in dance, acting, fitness, makeup, and more on Rizzle Studios!


Monetise your videos through PREMIUM CHANNEL audience sponsorships!
30 quality videos within a month give you the ‘Premium’ status.
Monetisation Model: Premium channels can be sponsored by other users using a recurring subscription model..

વાઇરલ વિડીયો અહીંથી જુઓ



Silver level, 85.00 per 3 months
Gold level,  85.00 per month
Platinum level,  250.00 per month
Micro-influencers also have the chance to win several awards and cash rewards for exceptional videos they make!
Participate in daily contests and compete with extremely talented creators to win a variety of prizes!

- Retrieving funny viedos and buzzing top buzz from many ifunnu sites
- Easy to get tops news and viral buzzzfeed. Just scrolling to catch all topp buzz from popular websites like tmz and tumplr within a few minutes
- Get variety of content from global news from USA Today to fun vidios clips from i funny :)

How to
- Launch the app and select Start
- Scroll down to view the thumbnails of videos. Select buzzfeed quiz to play
- Let’s share the clips on your social network to get high engagement. You will be the leader and one of the tops of the gang

This application has been built for entertainment purpose and let you get informed about daily social movement for your social life. This app is good for ones who want to spend just some times to cover all daily topics. For more information or feedback, it would be appreciate to hear from. Please send us via email.
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Mar 6, 2021

The best viral videos updated to 2021


The best viral videos updated to 2021

We present this new application where you can find a fun selection of viral videos from the Internet. A light and free download app that will take up very little memory space on your mobile, so you can always take it with you.
Large amount of viral videos of all kinds, funny videos, videos of girls, teenagers, children, falls and slips, embarrassing situations, funny jokes, hidden camera, videos of animals, sportsmen, parents and children , of geeks, and many more.

You will not have to register or write any of your personal data, nor will we ask you for periodic payments or any payment to access it. Neither to download it nor in the future. You will always get unlimited access to all the functions of the app. With free download so you can enjoy yours and yours when and where you want.

The selection of videos that we have made, is updated periodically so that you always have the most recent videos at your disposal, although you will always be able to search for those videos that you liked the most to watch them again.

Courage, do not wait any longer and download a great application that will make you spend very good times and very fun alone or in company. We have put a lot of effort and enthusiasm and your satisfaction will be our best reward.

HD Viral Video App in which app you watch viral videos with different categories

HD Viral Videos | Latest Quality Videos Collection all Videos that are trending or viral in the world.HD Viral Videos is a video app which provides you a best experience of getting the most exciting videos worldwide with a single click. Team behind the project keeps a keen sight of worldwide trends and keeps you updated whenever a video gets into trends .The most fascinating thing about the HD Viral Videos is that User don't have to check the app each time to see what's trending. We will notify you in your notification bar whenever some video started making trending.

This is the best app that contains funny trending videos from different places around the world.

There are many differents types of videos that will make you laugh and enjoy with your friends.

The horse ran away with the groom:

The video of the horse fleeing the groom in a rage goes viral on social media.

The video of the horse fleeing with the groom went viral on social media

With the wedding season in full swing, wedding ceremonies are being held across the state. Then a controversial incident took place in Roda village of Patan district. In which the bridegroom, who was riding on a horse in the bridal party, took the angry horse and fled. The video of the horse running away from the groom with the groom has recently gone viral on social media.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

અહીંથી જુઓ સંપુર્ણ વિડીયો
In Patan's Roda village, the groom was riding a horse and dancing. Meanwhile, the horse suddenly got out of control and ran away with the groom. Videos of the ridiculous incident have gone viral on social media. There were scenes of people running after the groom running away with the groom.

According to the information received, a youth of a Goddess-worshiping community was being held at Roda in Roda village. This incident has been seen in the wedding party. The video of the bridegroom running away went viral on social media and became a hot topic in the city and across the district

Find all the funny videos in this simple app, with variety of funny videos in it be rest assured that you will no longer be bored. Are you a fan of funny videos, hilarious clips, crazy vines and rib-cracking videos? then this is your app. Download it and kill the boredom

We have a collection of funny fails, baby fails, 'try not to laugh' videos, laugh till you drop videos at your disposal.

Viral My Video : Free Organic views Sharing and Views Generator App For free.

New Viral My Video Is App For Views Sharing app. Helps users to share views among the app users. Viral My Video app is totally free of cost. It's easy to sign in just tap the google sign in and you may able to use the viral my video app.

Viral my video have different screens and different function on the app. You can add as many videos as you want in the app my videos section. In my videos section, you can see how many views you earn from this app in particular videos. If you want to just remove the video from my videos tab you can easily tap on delete button just beside of my videos section in order to remove it.

In the dashboard section, you can see how many points are available in your account. In New Viral my Video app all of the points that you have earned automatically converted in the views. No need to separately redeem the points for video.

Viral my video Earn tab, In this tab you can watch other users videos and can earn views point. You should watch min 50 s in order to get the viewpoint which convert in views later. Be cool and sure that all of your viewpoints are converted into the views automatically.

In Viram my Video About tab you can see the version and minimal help in the about tab.

yes being the free app Viral my video contains certain ads. But there are no such ads which may hinder the user experience.

Be sure that You don't sell and uses your email for any work. Your email is only for the account created in our server. For more privacy policy of the app please visit the privacy policy link that is given the in-app download page.

 Views From viral my video app is totally organic so no need to fear for account suspension and termination of the channel. It is totally safe because all of the views are coming from the real users who watch the videos for 50 s or more.

Use New Viral My Videos And make your videos viral and be a great content creator.

Download sign in Viral my video and make videos gone viral.

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