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Showing posts with label Ayojan std.1 to 5. Show all posts

Dec 21, 2018

Varshik Ayojan std.1 to 5 (New Changes)

Annual planning is important in school education. In every standard, the subject teacher organizes the course to run during his / her year. This is planned and unanimous. On the basis of which the concept of how many units of the course is to be run in that month. If not planned, then the course can not be completed in time. And students have difficulty in preparing for the exam. If the annual planning is done then the teacher can complete the full course of his subject. Students can prepare well together as well. For each school, every teacher requires annual planning. There has been a monthly annual plan with the improvement in the new curriculum of standard 1 to 8. Which recently included changes in math and science-changing new curriculum. This plan allows anyone to download free of charge from this website without paying any type of charge. And can see their mobile. Useful literature and materials for primary school teachers and students are placed on this website useful to every teacher. Periodically visit this website in your friends and even in the whatsapp group. The annual pdf file is placed here below. Along with the preparation of competitive exam preparation and pdf also uploaded. Which you can download from here.TET,TAT,HTAT,PSI,Talati exam materials in this website
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