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Dec 26, 2018

Youth Activity Center in Kankaria

Kankaria Lakefront has taken a dignified place in Ahmedabad, in which every Carnival celebrated till December 31, not only for urban people, but people from all over the state are waiting. Here, various organizations have the opportunity to display their art by artistic style. In the days other than Carnival, the institution approved the resolution to make Youth Activity Center in the budget, due to such an institution and the youths could present the various stages of Indian culture to the urban population. Unfortunately the resolution still remains on 'paper'.

The decision to make 'Youth Activity Center' at the Kankaria Lakefront in the resolution No. 44 of the budget of previous chairman Praveen Patel was taken. According to this resolution, large number of tourists and local people are visiting with the development of Kankaria lake.

Youth Activity Center with Stage, Sound System and Lighting facility will be prepared in front of Gate No. 1 (Pushpunj) at Kankaria Lakefront. This center will provide performance platform to youth and various cultural activity organizations. Whereas city police bands, SRP bands and military bands and various organizations' band programs will also be organized. For which provision of Rupees lakh is made.

The striking thing for the youngsters is that there is still no work in this direction despite being three and a half months away for the completion of the current financial year. In the budget of Pravin Patel, Ahmedabad was shown a dream of a fish aquarium, but today the state government is owned by the state government.

Last year, the district's zoo was inaugurated, the resolution to raise fish acreage in the carnival this year was approved, however, the state government's Fish Division has recently agreed to return the land owned by Municipal Corporation. Although the matter of allotting space to the Fish Department is still under the consideration of the system, the rulers have been proved ineffective in the implementation of the FIFA Aquarium Resolution.
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