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Jun 26, 2021

Why learn English with FunEasy Learn?


FunEasyLearn reinvents language learning. Our team of linguists and teachers have developed a unique language learning strategy. The secret lies in combining an alphabet with all the reading rules, all the necessary words and a practical phrasebook into one app. This allows our users to read a word or phrase, pronounce it correctly, associate it with an illustration and practice it with listening, writing and speaking games.

🏆 Top features

Hand-drawn illustrations – memorize the new vocabulary faster with intuitive illustrations;
Professional audio recordings – listen to audios recorded by native speakers;
Detailed statistics – analyze your results and track your progress;
Review manager – review everything you learn;
Smart search – find quickly the words and phrases you need;
Hide what you know – hide the content you already know;
Speech recognition – improve your pronunciation;
Offline – use the app anywhere in the world, with no internet connection.

💼 English for business
Get access to special English lessons created for your business. We provide specialized courses for taxi drivers, hotel & restaurant staffs, flight-attendants, shop-assistants, etc.

✈ English for travelling
Learn how to book a hotel room, order a meal in a restaurant, ask for directions, carry out a conversation and speak confidently with the native speakers.

🙌 English for kids & adults
We adapt the contents depending on the age of the learner. Both you and your kid can learn English and have fun.

We have basic English conversation lessons for beginners and also beginner level business English conversation. These are perfect for beginners wanting to improve their English conversation skills.

The best way to learn English is to practice spoken English in conversations. Use this app to learn English.

Online Learning Courses:

Make learning go digital, now learn to talk english, learn to use a computer, learn about content writing, learn many different languages right on your phone, within just a few clicks by Using the Josh Skills app. Learn new skills & improve your skills at the same time. Zindagi mein aage badho Josh ke saath!

રીઝલ્ટ અંગે ગુજરાતી ન્યુઝ રીપોર્ટ અહિંથી વાંચો
You do not need to try hard to become a native English speaker. There's an easy way to get it done: first, listen and repeat; second, take a recording of your speech to compare them with the app's speakers, then repeat the above steps over and over again. Remember to keep tracking your learning progress with the app's supported tools. You will see the differences after even a couple of days.
This solution gives you an effective method to correct yourself quickly. Practice day by day with appropriate learning plans will help to improve your English skills silently. Language has no Boundaries!.

+ Listen to conversations: play the entire conversation one-by-one subject with both male and female voice. Replay for listening as much as you want.
+ Speaking and recording: listen and repeat after native English speakers, then start recording and replay your speech later.
+ Practice and training: there's several mini-game to take that help you to remember what you've learned. Just for funs.

And of course, no matter how much we have, it is not equal to the actual experience. The application is completely free, you can download and experience right now. We are solely responsible if you are addicted to vocabulary learning from this app

The English Speaking course 30 days, English Speaking Course 28 Days which helps users to learn English Speaking Fluently. The course content of this app is similar to Rapidex English Speaking Course Book in Hindi & Goldest English speaking course.

This App contains 50+ Grammar Quizzes which is categorized into three parts Easy Quiz, Medium Quiz, Hard Quiz & also contains 50+ English Test which help to improve your English Grammar, Tenses, New words. The Course consists of three-level that is Beginner, Medium & Advance.

Learn English Speaking - Grammar, Tense, New Words - It’s easy, fun and takes just a few minutes a day. English speaking course contains daily use of English words & sentences in Hindi. Learn Daily use conversation Sentences with Hindi help to improve English speaking. The list of words and sentences in this app are most frequently used in spoken English.
English spiking course 30 days, English Speaking Course 28 Days, Spoken English course 30 days help you in Hindi & English speaking. This App helps you to convert Hindi sentences to English. This Spoken English course 30 days app will make you great at Hindi English sentence translation that help Learn English From Hindi

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