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Dec 28, 2018

HSRP number plate last date 31 January

The HSRP number has been increased by 7 times in the plate period. After the HC strike, the RTO has increased the tenure. So the deadline for one month is extended. Earlier it was the last date of January31.
Now there is a deadline of 31 January 2019. Similarly, after 1st January, Rs. 100 for two-wheeler, Rs. 200 for three-wheeler, Rs. 300 for LMV wheeler will be penalized. Provision of Rs 500 for heavy vehicle as well.
More than one month time has been extended in vehicles for high security number plate plates. Earlier this was the last deadline for December 31, 2018. Now it has been extended to 31 January 2019.
According to sources, no increase will be made after January 31. According to the information, the state government has ordered the HSRP number plate to be transmitted in the state's old vehicles, after the January 31, the HSRPM number is not in the plate. By the first of February 15, the HSRP number plate fitted to all the old vehicles of the state. The operation was not extended till 31 March. However, since the HSRP number plate has not been installed in more than one crore vehicles, the issue has been raised once again to April 30. While more than 2.39 crore vehicles have been registered in the state, the government has entrusted this task to more than 700 agencies to get the HSRP number.
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