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Dec 26, 2018

Air Pollution Problem in Vapi

In a poll conducted by Divya Bhaskar, the problem of pollution was considered to be in the forefront. After that, Divya Bhaskar tried to find out the pollution statistics and reasons for Vapi. In which the first air pollution was detected that the air was polluting due to the particles flying in Vapi air. The pollution issue of Vapi is becoming important in people, whose direct impact is on people.

Many types of pollutants that pollute air. Among the most pollution in Vapi is the air-borne particles. According to the Center's Pollution Control Department, the annual average amount of particulate dust particles flying in a solid meter air should be as much as 60 micrograms. When the annual average ratio of Vapi GIDC is found to be 101 micrograms. In the Vapi Town area, there is an increase in air particulate size of 60 microgram per cubic meter to 91 microgram per cubic meter. Because of this, air pollution in the Vapi Town area is rising.
55 percent of people in Vapi said pollution is the main problem
Divya Bhaskar conducted surveys in different districts of Vapi in the survey conducted in Gujarat. 55% of those polled considered pollution as a major problem. While 30 percent of the people said water problem, 25 percent of people were cleansed, and 20 percent said they had a problem of crime.
This is how air pollution works
Under the Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program in Vapi, sampling of different components was done twice in two places in two places in Vapi GIDC and 24 in the state of Gujarat. Vapi Lachhand Techno Engineering Company and GPCB office have been sampled several times throughout the year. Vapi saw 101 particles of flying particles in the air.
A total of 2200 industries in Vapi
There are a total of 2200 industries in Vapi. Of these 1800 different industries are left with smoke. It is estimated that more than 500 industries are using coal in boilers. Dryer is used in many industries as well. There are also many raw or pakomal powders in the company. Air pollution is increasing as the powder flows in the air in its swap.
10,000-odd heavy-headed vehicles
In Vapi, an estimated 10,000 vehicles are being run everyday. Seeing the statistics on the Bhilad check post, both the tracks get regular 6 thousand heavy vehicles passing daily. Apart from this, Vajpayee is going to Valsad and there is a rotating truck and a rickshaw between Vapi-Daman-Selvav. Total 10 thousand vehicles are being used in Vapi. Because of this, the amount of dust particles flying in the air here is also high.
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