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Dec 23, 2018

Each love is a baseless one

Every relationship has one truth. Every behavior has a truth. Sattvik love is created only when the truth of two people becomes one. Love means dissolving in one another. Love is defined as the essence of the relationship and the essence of the relationship. No man can make anyone happy with his truth only. To be happy and happy, you have to accept and understand the truth of a person. Do you know what your person needs from you? Or do you know what to do with it? Your desire will be as high and great as possible, but if it does not give happiness to your person, then it will never be able to be either high or great for it. 
                     There is talk of a husband and wife. This is a true phenomenon that senses sensation and truth. Both of them had married love marriage and living together. Neither one's family was happy. Without taking care of anyone, they started living together. Both were employed. Salary was not very big, but there was no problem in getting there. Was a rental house. Even small things for the house were settled. Both were finishing their salaries. There was no shortage of life in the life of the wife. However sometimes love is throttling the throat of love.
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