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Dec 26, 2018

Forgiveness in Life

The name 'Swazna' is not called 'weight'. Lightness is the biggest characteristic of the relationship. There is no acceptance where there is emphasis. There is a slip on the imposed spell. It does not seem to be that easy. The man moves with 'load' and lives on the other.
Every road has a curve. In relation there is also downhill and uphill. If no line of hand is straight, then how does life always run smoothly? There is nothing stagnant in the world. The sun rises and lies, the sea is also tidal and oats. Planets also change their movements, blossom and blossom. Irrigation does not last forever, then why does the relationship remain the same?

When we do not do anything according to our wishes, we take it as a mistake. Do we give our person the right to mistake? The biggest test of love happens when we forgive someone quickly. It is also a kind of injustice to delay in forgiveness. When the beetle hides the honey, will the flower complain? When the river meets the ocean and becomes saline, will the river turn upside down?
The two works are the most difficult in the world. Forgiveness and Forgiveness. Relationships depend on how much the person can dissolve his ego. Often, we consider pride to be self-respect. The one who has the knowledge of 'Self' is the true Self-realization. We take a bundle around us and then accept it as the whole world. Anyone who goes out of it will understand that we are the enemy or the enemy. The biggest sin in the world is to capture someone's mind and brain. I do not have to do anything without asking, the person who wants to force me to limit the people close to me.

Many people are those who want to apologize but fear them. Where there is a lack of 'prices', there is a possibility of rigors. Where there is a disposition of 'quote', there is a sense of horror. One man was dead. He understood that the end of life is near now. He thought that there is no work left or not? After thinking about it, he remembered that many people have been hurt. Before leaving I will apologize.
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