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Dec 26, 2018

GST council meeting many things cheaper

The meeting of GST Council is being held today under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. In this meeting, the decision will be taken to reduce the 12 to 15 items, including TVs, cement, tires, ACs and digital cameras, from below the 28% slab.

The GST Council may announce the reduction of tax on general needs and consumption to many luxury items. Thus, today's GST Council meeting can provide relief to the common people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had l
ast week advised to bring 99 items and services into the 18 percent tax slab and the decision to implement it will be decided in today's GST Council meeting.

It is worth mentioning that 226 items and services now come under a high tax slab of 28 percent. According to the report, the top slab of GST will now have only 35 items in place of 226 items. Soft drinks, cigarettes, pan masala and tobacco products will also be extinguished, while things like aircraft, revolver and pistol will be kept in a 28% slate. According to sources, council can reduce tax on products like cement and tires. Apart from this, tax on household goods may also fall.

Due to this decision, Rs. Can be reduced by 20 thousand crores. GST Council 68 cm Can reduce GST on computer monitors up to Power banks can also come in the 18% tax slab. Video game consoles, tractor trolley, dishwasher, video camera recorder, Mopeds can also reduce GST. In the GST Council, the Food Processing Ministry has proposed to remove GST on items like pickle, tomato puree.
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