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Jun 14, 2019

TAT (HS) Result Analysis

There are clear indications of the TET exams conducted by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board in the last week of June. However, due to the absence of a test for a long time, B. Ed. 
When the candidates have been out of age in the examination of TET, then B. Ed. A group of unemployed students have been waiting for a long time. On the other hand, this exam was delayed due to court maternity. So now the government has decided to take the test exam for teachers of standard 9 to 12 in the last week of June.

TET Examination to be a standard 9th to 12th teachers who have long been suspended from Gandhinagar by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar will be held in the final week of June 2018. This entire competitive examination will be conducted by the State Examination Board, however, the last time the examination was taken in 2014.

There is a large dip in the teachers of Std 9 to 12 in state government secondary and higher secondary and in-the-grants-in-Aid schools. On the other hand, the responsibility of the examination system for the recruitment of teachers in government and granted schools was taken up by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. But no board examination has been taken for secondary and higher secondary teachers for the last four years due to sluggish policy and negligence of the board. In fact, according to the Indian government's rule, the examination should be held twice a year. But in Gujarat, only two examinations have been taken in the last four years.

Jun 13, 2019

Std.10 New Paper Style 2019-20

Recently, the standard 10-paper formation and Blueprint has been modified. This decision has been taken in the interest of the students. It is true that this decision will help children to be 100 percent correct.

CBSE has modified the English-language board examination paper-style paper. According to the new paper style, the examination will be held in March 2019. The total number of questions in the new paper has been reduced from 35 to 35, while the number of MCQs and shortest questions in one section has also been reduced. Is there.

Besides this, the passage number has also been reduced. Apart from this, CBSE has also changed the vocational subjects' exams. The examination of vocational subjects will now be conducted by CBSE in February. Until then, vocational courses of standard 10 and 12 in CBSE were held in March but students were mainly The burden of the examination of the subjects will be reduced in the March exam and also the easiest to take the exam Te vocational subjects exam time table by vocational exam devayu chesibiesai previously been made public.

Jun 12, 2019

Educational Orientation Program 2019 20 pdf

Earlier this year, we are conducting academic orientation programs. In this program, the topics that have passed through the study process of the last year will be repeated. But for those who are poor in reading writing and calculations, they only need to read and write reading during these days. This module gives detailed information about the ambiguity program.
The work performed during the initial fifteen days is introduced according to the day. As you all know, for children who are enrolled in school at the beginning of the new session, we create an environment that children like through various activities. This guide also contains the same purpose.It is worth mentioning that in some countries 5G testing is being done. China has given a green signal to the commercial use of 5G. After that, the exercise has begun with this technique in India. The coming of this technology will create a new era in science and technology. Samsung recently launched its first 5G smart phone in South Korea a few months ago, except for Samsung, chipset maker Qualcomm and Huvway are also working with companies like 5G. The Government of India is committed to the auction of 5G spectrum this year.
Now the speed of data in the upcoming 5G technology will be much faster. As well as it will be more than 100 times the speed 4G. This means that the download speed on the 5G connection will be 2.5 gigabit per second, while the upload speed is 1.25 gigabit per second. If you understand it in this way, suppose you want to download a 3 GB movie, if you download it on a 3G network, that movie will be downloaded in 1.8 hours. If it is downloaded on 4G, it will take 40 minutes. And if it is downloaded to 5G now, it will be downloaded in just 35 seconds.

Current affairs 200 Questions May 2019

At present, government jobs are asking for emergency questions in every exam. Then a PDF file of 200 questions related to it will be useful. There will be special work in the non-secretariat clerk exam.
The cruelty is that the government is making public money the private education industry. At the end of the day, students receive a certificate whose value is printed on which it is as suspicious as paper. The fact is that the regime has failed misappropriating the commercialization of higher education.
This is one state, but it applies to the whole country. This is a model in which the government is lying on its private sector. There was a rumor of medical colleges in Maharashtra and in Karnataka at one time. In which degrees were distributed. However, this route is not successful as it is not a success. Gujarat, on the other hand, is the water of engineering colleges. At one time, private colleges used to pay for a fee and pay a fee. Today, the same engineering colleges are calling on the government to reduce their fees so that they get the number. Thus, higher education in India is on a camp where it has not been easy to recover. On the one hand, the actual value of education in the states like Gujarat and Maharashtra is declining, whereas on the other hand, the incidence of privatization in states like UP is ending higher education. If a young engineer is not to get a job of paying ten thousand rupees by paying a preferential fee then who will be ready to spend the future for this education?
The government has now time to stop profits in higher education. If the profits in the field of higher education are not tackled on time, then this education will become very costly and it will not be affordable to anyone. Also, the government will have to make efforts to get the job of young people with higher education as per their qualifications. It is also a fact that after reading the wrong placement of the remaining placements, now the youth of Gujarat is not fooling.

Jun 10, 2019

Praveshotsav List 2019

The Government of Gujarat is spending millions of rupees on education. Especially in primary and secondary school admission is celebrated for many years, on the other hand students have found it difficult to meet in important courses like engineering. 
The level of education in the state is declining day by day. The live example of which is seen in the recent admission process of degree engineering. When the registration process in degree engineering and pharmacy has been completed, 33,781 thousand students have registered only against 72,388 thousand seats in Engineering. As a result, only 39,607 seats have been vacant before admission in engineering. That is almost twice the number of 20,000 seats vacated last year.
EWS increased 11 thousand seats, but the students did not rise
After the registration process is completed, on June 11, a provisional merit list will be issued and the mockery will be started between 11 and 16 June. The result of Mock round will start on June 19 and the final round will now start on June 19. A total of 61,000 seats were available in degree engineering when the procedure was started by the admissions committee. But after the EWS has been implemented, more than 11,000 seats have been increased. As a result, now 72 thousand seats have been made for engineering, against which 33,781 students have registered for admission.
The sources of the admissions committee say that it is not decided whether all the students who get registered will get admission. Each year, the number of students who get admission in the register against the number of registrations is less than three to four thousand. 39 thousand seats are vacant before the admission process is started, it has been established.

Jun 9, 2019

GPSC State Inspector Class III Paper 9.6.2019

For the recruitment of State Inspector Class III by Gujarat Public Service Commission On Sunday 9th, the primary test was conducted at various centers of the state.

In which 15,483 candidates in 60 centers in Mehsana district have given this examination. The main examination will be taken after the completion of this examination.
With competitive examinations in the state, now the recruitment marks in different departments have started. In which for the recruitment of State Inspector Class 3, the primary test was conducted on Sunday between 11 am to 1 pm. In the Mehsana district, in the total 60 schools and colleges in Mehsana, Panchot, Nilagao, Bardao, Bhandu, Unawa, Unjha, Link, Kherwa, Gozaria, Visnagar and Vijapur. GPSC was conducting statewide tax inspector examinations across the state. This examination was held in 15 districts in the state. In the examination conducted at Hariya School in Jamnagar, students coming from outside reached the examination hall at 11:02 pm, which means that it reached 2 minutes more than the required time.

Jun 7, 2019

ITI courses after standard 10 and 12

What are the courses of ITI after standard 10 and 12? Today, all the students and parents are concerned about this. These questions will be solved today by the information given in the Employment News published by the Government of Gujarat Information Department. This information will be useful to anyone. Share to your friends...
Life is a wonderful beauty. The beauty that keeps changing constantly Life does not like life forever. Every day, new colors and life are spreading differently. Life is sometimes surprising, sometimes it is also a shock. One of the two eyes of life is unhappy in happiness and sadness in one. The one in the other is suffering in the other. Keeping joy and shock lasts for life. Sometimes life takes us to a destination while one eye laughs and another eye is crying! Life continues to teach us lessons. Life always says that it will leave everything. Be free from all. Get rid of all the jumble. Sometimes it says that everything is adopted. All that is, is yours. Nature has created the creation of this universe only for you. There is a huge sea of ​​love within you. It has the strength to bury all. Sometimes it seems as if the whole sea has dried up. Thirst has also fallen in the bottom. Life is sometimes stuck.

There is a continuous dialogue with life. But, what does it change everyday? How much hard work to keep a good mood? Have some mercy. A little bit of compassion. Sometimes there is a quarrel with life. Now, do whatever you want to do, you have so much power in your heart! Ultimately, we have to persevere in life that we have to persecute. Like a darling Ultimately, it is ours to be like that. Where can you go away from it? I have to go back to it. It also causes us to roll back.

Jun 6, 2019

History of Gujarat

History of Gujarat is given here in a pdf file. This file will be very useful for candidates preparing for a competitive test....On May 1, 1960, the day of the Gujarat establishment. Today Gujarat is 59 years old. In 59 years Gujarat has achieved many achievements. 

Gujarat has made unprecedented progress in the field of industry, education, agriculture and literature. In this 54 years of Gujarat, the development of Gujarat's Khamir, the sacrifices of the dignitaries of Gujarat, the sacraments of Gujaratis, the Mother Nature of Gujaratis and the one of the superior jyotidhardras of Gujarat are contributing. This is one of the most prominent Gujarati goddesses of today. Today, the light of Gujarat is glowing in the light of the world. Let us talk about Gujarat's Gujarat, Gujarat's development and Gujarat's Gujaratis and Gujarat's land ...

History of Gujarat
Gujarat - Mythological land that is connected to the Arabian Sea on the west. North-east boundaries are connected to Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh respectively. Western and South is connected to Diu, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

The name of the state came from Gujjar. In the eighth century, which ruled this land. The Harappan fossils found in Sabarmati river and Hindu culture which originated in the Pala yuga are found in places like Lothal, Rampur and Amri.

Sculptures and sculptures found in the Girnar Mountain, the Mauryan emperor fulfills the empire of Ashoka, which made the empire of Suk and Huno from the occupied area to the expanse of Gujarat.

During the 9th century, the rise of the Solanki era led him to make glorious history in Gujarat. Today Jai Jay Garvi Gujarat, Gunungi Gujarat are the words that emanate from every Gujarati Khameer. After that, Muslim ruler Ahmad I of the first century - who was the first independent Muslim ruler on Gujarat. In 1419, he took control of the administration of Ahmedabad. Is. In 1570 Emperor Akbar took control and governed the reign of Gujarat. Is. In 1600, Dutch, French, British, and Portuguese subjects settled in the sea frontier of the state.

Is. In 1818, the East India Company of British East established its foundation at Surat, and in the short term it ruled over the entire province. On May 1, 1960, when Gujarat was established, a new Gujarat was a guide to development with the introduction of Gujaratis. Gujarat's development journey has been continuously shining through the hard work of Gujarat's visionaries, vision and sacrifices. Ahmedabad was established when Gujarat was established. Gandhinagar was built in 1970 and Gandhinagar was made the capital of Gujarat.

Bin sachivalay Clerk Exam paper 2014

In the non-secretariat, a questionnaire of the examination conducted for the Clark Recruitment Examination 2014 has been placed here, which will be useful to the candidates preparing for the upcoming 2019 academic examination. Using this paper, you will realize what kind of questions are asked in this exam...Bin sachivalay Clerk paper 2014,Bin sachivalay Clerk old paper pdf.

Anyone subscribing to any type of recruitment issued by the state government requires ccc that is computer skills training and triple-c certification. All the proposals for recruitment are sought for certification for the passage of Triple Sea examination. Even if the candidate is not eligible for all-trials and triple-c examination, his appointment was considered valid. However, now it is decided to give a triple-degree examination to the computer course or if it has a degree in Engineering course.
Information about Triple Sea, ie Computer Knowledge, has been compulsory for direct recruitment in any section of the State Government. Candidates who have been appointed will be asked for a certificate of Triple Sea examination. Apart from this, the CCC or the CCC Plus exam is considered compulsory for higher education or even promotion. Over the past few years, the number of candidates receiving computer-related degrees are also selected in government jobs. These candidates are also asked for Triple-C certificate according to the rules. Gradually, the number of computer-aware candidates is increasing in every department of the government. After taking this number into consideration, it has been decided to give such candidates the Triple C certificate or the exemption given by the examination.

Feb 17, 2019

Arshad Warsi is now debuting in the digital world

Arshad Warsi has started his career since 1996. She is also a playback singer, television presenter and producer, not just an actor. However, in the 'Munna Bhai MBBS' with Sanjay Dutt, he had hit the circus with a circular character.

Arshad has added one more hangover in his career. She is now debuting in the digital world. Arshad has decided to work in the web series. It works in web site 'Asura'. He said in the matter that I loved the story of this series. This was a superior script.

I had no reason to decline this offer. Yes, I had a wish that I would do something different, which I do not have to get such an opportunity in films anymore. However, I have made a decision that I do not have to comedy in the web-series. I will finish the work that I would like to take seriously in working in the web series. Viewers will only be seen in my comedy movies.

Arshad does not have any interest in politics. It is personally believed that the actors should not be interested in politics. It is necessary to have a 'different mind' to enter politics, if you do not have that skill, then you should not go to politics. I have nothing to do with politics and will not be there. I love a straightforward life. I do not like any compliances in my life.

Arshad is a 14-year-old son and an 11-year-old girl. Talking about his family, Arshad says that my children will be with me almost three or four years now. Then both of them will go on their own way. So now I want to spend as much time with them as possible.

Talking about his son and daughter, Arshad says, my son has no meaning with glamor, fame etc. But my daughter seems to be posed in front of the camera. By the present nature, it seems that she is a hero of the type of heroine. I think you have a tilt towards the film industry. It may also go into acting. But my son is interested in football, video games, travel, kungfu, etc. The choice of both brothers and sisters is quite different.

Arshad has played various characters in a silver screen, but the comedy is prominent. Talking about his comedy character, Arshad says, comedy films are becoming more and more. Eight of the ten films are comedy. Even if a serious film is made, it is kept in a screenplay or a basic mood comic.

As Akshay Kumar's padman looks at any other film, he has a comedy along with Sirius. People prefer to watch comedy as well as action in films. Then there is no difference between an action comedy or a romantic comedy. Apart from this, now it has to become horror-comedy films too.

During the career, Arshad has made many films with affection. For these films, he did not give much importance to script, character or remuneration. Only the filmmakers need it, they emphasize that they do many films. However, Arshad is not willing to do this now.

In this regard, it seems true to Ranbir Kapoor. Once Ranbir said that no one should make films for Yari-Dosti, doing this is like betraying his fans. Today, Arshad is feeling true about this. Now she does not even want to do such films.

Now, he clarifies that there are very few films, he says that the script of good films does not come only. It does not seem to work that a Bakawas script is coming. The character also needs to be worthy of us. That's why my zza movies are not coming.

Talking about 'Me To Movement', Arshad says, 'This is a good movement. It is different from who is punished, distressed, lost, and damaged. But one positive thing to do about this movement is that after this no man will not be compelled with any woman. There may be many who tried to raise the disadvantage of this movement, so many would be guilty. But one thing is certain that after this most women will now be safe.