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Whose life is it? We say, It's my life! Thus, everyone's life is their
own. If so, why do we think of others? Why worry about anyone? Why don't we think that Annie has a life, she will take a break! We don't do that. We are by his side when needed! Sometimes we even want someone to be by our side! We make our decisions not only with us in mind, we also think about our people. We also sacrifice our desires for the good of our people. Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether life is individual or collective. We all know, come alone and go alone. No one to come up with and nothing to come up with! Yet we are connected to our people until the last moment of life. That is life. If not here's a new product just for you!

Man does not live only for himself. He lives for others. Man not only has to make himself happy, he also has to make his people happy. You think, for whom do you live? A few faces will come into view. You will be ready to do anything for it. Parents sacrifice themselves for their children. He is willing to do anything to make his children shine. This is a very true story of a husband and wife. She has a daughter. Unfortunately the daughter was mentally unstable. The sole purpose of the couple's life was to take care of it. Even if the mad daughter was smiling, Ronak would appear on both their faces. He kept his hands on her head all night while she slept. Gradually the daughter grew up. He had no sense of worldliness. My parents were also getting older. As they got older, they began to worry about what would happen to their daughter after we died. Who will save it? At an older age his wife fell ill. Even when she was on her deathbed, she was worried about what would happen to her daughter. The husband reassured her, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." The wife walked away. The father then took great care of Gandhi's daughter. Gradually, he too became ill. He was also worried about what would happen to his daughter after I died.

When he felt that there was no more time in his life, he came up with an idea. After poisoning and killing my daughter, I will also eat poison, so don't worry about my daughter. The next day he went to a saint. In the conversation, the saint's words came true that I am going to do this. I will kill my daughter. Hearing this, the saint started laughing loudly! The man said, "Why are you laughing at such a serious matter?" The saint said, I want to laugh because your daughter is not mad, you are mad! If you had to kill her, you would have killed her when she was young, right? At least you and your wife can live in peace. The man said, "How can that be?" That was our life! "We don't even have the right to take the life we ​​have," he said. You too live your whole life and let your daughter live too. You have done your duty. Let even a little nature do its duty. We sometimes want to keep everything in our hands. To understand life, it is also necessary to keep it as long as possible and then give it up!

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Departmental Investigation Guidelines 2020

What is the ultimate goal of human life? Happiness! Everything we do all day is for happiness. Where does happiness come from?
Everyone's view of happiness is different. Someone gets happiness from success, someone gets happiness from wealth, someone gets happiness from relationship, someone gets happiness from peace. Man is happy even after getting all this, right? Every human being has a sense of happiness. The problem is, happiness does not last long. Success? Yes, found. The joy lasted for a while. Everything was back and it happened! The joy of a balance sheet or pay slip fades in a few moments. Take something, have fun for a while then the excitement is over. This is what happens. This is what has happened to everyone.

Went to a young saint. Saint asked, how is life going? The youth said, everything is routine. Nothing new! The saint said, Wow! What a wonderful way to screw people over. You don't enjoy routine? You don't feel that God has arranged everything so well that everything goes smoothly. Aren't you constantly satisfied? Life has to be monotonous. Everything else that happens is events. It's just as fun to breathe evenly. An increase in BP is also a problem and a decrease is also a degree. Our biggest problem is that we can't be happy in routine. A man who has a sense of happiness does not need a kick for fun. The young man said, how far all are moving. I think, I am left behind. The saint said, Whom do you want to overtake? Is ahead of you When you go beyond that, you will see that there is still someone ahead. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move forward. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Don't be jealous of what is ahead of you. Do not compare yourself with anyone else. If you keep comparing, you will not fall in love with this for the rest of your life! If you keep looking for the man who is better or more successful than you, you will always consider yourself weak.

Comparisons never end. A man who compares himself to another is considered to be the best or ideal of the other person. Keep trying to be like that. We don’t live like us when we try to be like someone else. We cannot accept that I am different, I am different, I am unique. I can't be like anyone else! So I have to be just like me. I have to think, why should I be the best in myself! One college had a campus interview. The company was interviewing everyone at once. Everyone in the college who came out on top thought that this was going to be the highest paid job. When the job details came out, it was found out that the fourth number in the college has got the best position and the highest salary! The first number came and this thing shocked him! A went to the selectors. Why didn't you choose me for the top post even if I was first? The selectors said that what is in it is not in the stars! I asked you and Anne the same question, what would you do after being selected for the top post? You said, I will work hard and one day M.D. Will reach. I also asked him, what will you do after being selected for the top spot? That said, I will enjoy my work. I will create an environment where my team has fun working. I will feel where I am. He also asked another question, aren't you jealous of the number one? Doesn't it mean that you can't score as much? He said, no Ray, not at all. He has brought only two marks more than me, will be. He must have worked harder. I have done sports and much more along with studying. I have enjoyed the study. I was not bothered to come first! That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. He did not compare himself with you and you still compare yourself with him! Only by knowing yourself can you be happy.

We are constantly comparing ourselves to someone. Who do we often compare ourselves to? Only those who are close to us! We keep comparing ourselves to our relatives, our friends, our colleagues and our neighbors! She has a big house. She has a better car than I do. How many of us think I have enough, right? If we think from a microscopic point of view, we have enough to be happy and happy. This is the story of a lover-lover. Both were childhood friends. Grew up together. Came to college. College completed. Both got good jobs. The company where the lover worked gave him a two-room hall kitchen flat. He was always jealous of his seniors. I am smarter than senior. The company has given bungalows to those people. The car is given. Once the boyfriend and girlfriend were sitting. The lover was talking about his office. That said, I work harder than my seniors. I am waiting to get a bungalow. The girlfriend told him, don't compare yourself with anyone! The rest is up to the bungalow! You remember when we were in college you used to say to me, just get a good job and a small flat! Our Life Set. That's all you got right now. Think, is your life set? If not set, why not? Your life is set, you just aren't ready to believe. You work Work hard. You have to get a promotion and a bungalow. Tell me so, are you happy? Enjoy what you have before! If you live like this, you will get a bungalow, but even then you will be senior to you, envious of the farmhouse.

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What is the overall image of man in your mind? What is a man
like? We also have some glands in our minds about man. Some people think that man is selfish, man is mean, man does kalavala when he has his own work, he employs others when he has work, people who hold high positions consider themselves as something, in addition man is not trustworthy at all. ! How do we react when we talk to a stranger for a reason? There are so many people in the world. We all seem to have nothing in common. We deal with very few people. The number of people with whom I have daily contact or dialogue is very small. We also have an image of the people around us. We have a knot in our mind that this man is just like that!

One girl got a new job. She went to his office for the first time. Going to the reception area, he questioned a young man coming from the front. Where did the HR department come from? The boy looked in front of her. He said very rudely, are you illiterate? Don't understand anything? Don't see this sign board? Take a look around! The arrow here just hits where the HR department is. The young man twisted his mouth and walked away! It happened to that girl, alas! This man is weird! Excited without a reason! When the job started, he found out that the boy was also working in the office. The girl turns her mouth whenever she meets the boy! No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise. The brain has escaped! Once it happened that I had to talk to him for office work. The girl went to the boy's desk. "I want to know the details of these correspondents," he asked. The girl said, this will talk to Vaidai right now. The boy said, Sit down. He explained the smallest detail nicely from his computer! The girl said thank you as she left! The boy said, "Wait a minute, the gland you have tied in your mind about me, get rid of it!" I'm not rude! Listening to me, you understood me rudely, why didn't you understand that this man's words are true! Was i wrong We all do the same. We form an opinion about someone and then live with that opinion!

Man also builds beliefs about those with whom he does not have a leaf. We also have an image in our minds about celebrities! This artist is coming, he is like that, we hit everyone on the forehead without any good or bad experiences! Man does not even think generously or generously about man! Not every man in the world is bad. Not all good either. There are all kinds of people in this world. The question is how do we guess it! What are our thoughts about humans? We see the world through our eyes. That is why we have to think the most. Whatever we believe, whatever we think, whatever we assume, whatever we do is going to have the greatest impact on us. We are the ones who are burning when we are blabbering on about someone. The man with the sama often doesn't even know that this is what he thinks of me!

The world as a whole remains the same as we understand it. Good people like everything. The reason is that it is good in itself. There is also a habit of thinking. Many people find fault with others. Objections are also found. No one is perfect. In all, there must be some defect or defect. There must also be something that is noble, unique and supernatural. This is the story of a young woman. She lived with her husband and in-laws. One of the girl's sisters comes to her house from time to time. Also talk to the sister's mother-in-law. He once said to his sister, "Your mother-in-law is very strange." All arbitrators do. What did you do, why is everything, keep asking such questions! Hearing this, the young lady said, no, it is not like that. My mother-in-law does nothing to fight or learn. It is more than your worries. He has asked me many times, is your sister okay? Even if you haven't come in a few days, he asks, why hasn't your sister appeared yet? Isn't that a problem? You don't think so, that's fine. How do we react when someone speaks about our people? It is also our responsibility to ensure that the image of our people is not tarnished. We often say ha ha to others. Sometimes we give our silent consent. The truth must be told when it comes to someone. Many people have a tendency to speak ill of others.

Jun 26, 2020

Also of scientific benefit to those with religious significance

People who believe in the eternal tradition always wear a red bracelet on their right hand. The wrist is also called kalava as well as mauli. During the puja, Panditji chants the scriptures with his right hand and ties the kandu.
The color red is considered very auspicious by us there. The color red is called the color of auspiciousness. Before buying anything new, worship is done in the house. Kalash is offered. There is a scientific reason behind all this as well as a scientific reason. According to the scriptures, kalava is a string of raw yarn which is red, yellow or then mottled. According to the scriptures, by doing kalava, any work is done easily and there is no hindrance. The tradition of making kalava was started by mother Lakshmiji by tying a raksha to King Bali. Kalava is also called Raksha Sutra. It is said that the red thread in the hand saves from all troubles. Wearing a kandu brings the grace of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Tridev. Those with religious significance also benefit scientifically. Wearing a bracelet helps maintain good health. Pressing the vein connected to the main organ of the body keeps its action under control. This causes tridosha i.e. bile, talk and phlegm. Diseases like heart disease, blood related diseases, diabetes stop. According to astrology, according to astrology, the red planet Mars is strengthened. The red color is auspicious for Mars. Jupiter is strengthened in the horoscope, which brings happiness and wealth in life. A black line should be drawn to strengthen Saturn.

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CTET Dec.2019 Paper.2 | English Language 1-2 | 30 Questions

How is a man How are you, me, and us? Some men are a little easier. It is immediately understood. Accept immediately. Some
men are tough. Don't explain in a moment. There is no 'guide' available to a tough person. It has to be frozen to make it firm. Difficult men also become easier when they 'go on'. From the outside, all men are the same. It has two arms, two legs, head and torso. From the inside, every man is different. There is something going on inside everyone. It does not appear, is felt. The realization is not so. The feeling has to be dissolved, dissolved. Touching is not just through the movement of the finger, but also through the feeling of the soul. The soul senses intimacy.

A man begins to like it without cause. Begins to feel themselves. It looks like it has a debt or debt. It becomes a part of life. The heart dictionary is very potent. Few pages have swirls that keep us awake throughout life. Was a girl He fell in love with youth. He said, Where were you till now? If this was only on earth, why didn't I get it so far? Will the debt even subside in a few years? How would someone get into your thoughts? You are the essence of my being, which gives me the essence. Your closeness makes me realize the reality. Everything seems to have changed. I'm not even me. You are absorbed in my prayers. I talk to you even when you're alone. Even when you are silent, the dialogue seems to be going on. The dialogue doesn't need words every time.

This is the point of a spouse. All day long, even if the two are together, they talk very little. Intimate love between the two. His love did not matter. Once his friend Kapal came to stay at home. He questioned seeing the husband and wife talking less. You talk so little! The friend said, that's right. We speak very little. There is a reason behind it. My parents and my wife's parents are friends. Our parents are both deaf and dumb. We've lived with both of them since we were little. That is why we have learned the language of silence! Sensory language goes beyond words. We understand the language of gestures. Our parents didn't speak, they didn't listen, they were still communicating! The language of the eyes explained it perfectly. One incident I miss. Once my father brought flowers for my mother. My mother's attention was another. He approached and hinted that he looked like this. My mother's attention went to the rose flower in her hand. The Thanksgiving Love You couldn't speak, but I felt the pink sensation of the rose petals on its cheeks. The pink cheeks of those cheeks were also floating in my father's eyes. From that time I realized that dialogue requires affection, not words.

CTET Dec.2019 Paper.2 | Hindi Language 1-2 | 30 Questions

The state government has given the benefits of the seventh pay commission to all the officers and employees. Then, the State Government has made a significant decision to give the benefit of 1st pay commission to the Agricultural University of the State, to the Medical Colleges and to the Dental Colleges and to the Medical and Non-Educational Employees of the GMERS-operated Medical Colleges who are working on the approved work of the State Government. This was announced by Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, and presented to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani by the university's professors and non-academic staff. 
In view of this, the state government has taken this important decision today. Which is approved by the finance department and the health department. The benefits of this 7th Pay Commission will be paid in cash from 1/3/5. While the decision will be made separately on Arrivals. They added that agricultural university professors, non-academic staff members who perform duties at a government-approved establishment. It will all benefit you. Similarly, the benefits of this seventh payroll to all the officers of the state government-run Medical and Dental Colleges, Professors, Assistant Professors - Class-II officers and non-academic employees and the academic and non-academic staff of the Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society (GMERS) colleges. It will be meeting on 9/11. 
                      This unit has also been involved in many disputes at Dantiwada Agricultural University. Indore Pvt Ltd against the varsity boats tekanomeka On behalf of the channel partner, one of his associates was agitated by sending a notice against six, including the chancellor, with allegations of cheating in his tender, and also warned that he would file a criminal offense if the lawyer did not receive the proper reply.

CTET Dec.2019 Paper.2 | Child Development & Pedagogy 30 Questions

Sometimes we are the only ones who are questioned about our life! What do i do Is it fair that I do? What did i have to do What was assumed and what happened? We don't get answers just about
ourselves. We mentally decide that this is what we have to do now! It doesn't last long either! We begin to feel guilty in life. Many of us are interfering in our lives. You have to do this. You don't have to do that. Someone is also saying that you are not sincere towards life! We don't understand where we go wrong! This is the story of a boyfriend and girlfriend. Both have a lot of feelings for each other. The lover keeps telling the lover, you do this. 

Don't waste too much time with friends and on the phone. Focus on your goal. It is also true that the lover believes as much as he can. Not once lived with a lover. He said, don't talk to me about everything! Hearing this, the girlfriend got agitated! So do what you want to do now! Is your life What do i have I say for your good! I won't tell you anything now! Do as you wish! Where do you believe someone! This happens in everyone's life!

We also often say that you have a life, do as you please. Why are we doing this? It is also because our life is connected with Annie's life. We care about that. Love also brings with it a little anxiety. There is a fine line between anxiety and domination. We also begin to assert rights in the name of concern. He does exactly what we say. We just want to talk to her. We also start controlling the activity on social media. What puts such photos? Why did you write that?

No matter how close a person is, no one tolerates more than one chinchupat. There should be freedom in intimacy. Man’s life has become more open. Now man does not live only between four walls. Technology has made our lives miserable. Everyone has to express their thoughts. Everyone has their own opinion. It can be true or false, it can be good or bad! In today's relationship man has to accept his opinions, his beliefs and his mentality.

We sometimes say that now I will do what I think is right! After all, it's my life! There was a general quarrel between a couple. The husband said angrily, "I don't want to listen to anyone anymore, I want to live my life." It's my life! The wife approached Halvek, took him by the hand and said, "This is how you say, you are my life!" Then why does your life happen to you alone? Don't kill me The wife said, when there is love, life does not belong to anyone, it also belongs to each other! Don't you worry about me If something happens, how many times do you ask why? Then why doesn't it happen that Annie has a life. Enjoy! That can't happen!

Relationships need to be understood because we are not alone, we are connected. We are attached! Who are you worried about? If you have someone's worries, someone's worries, someone's worries, they have to have your worries too. Not all those who do our degree are encroaching on our life. Their souls are connected with our souls. Sometimes we just want someone to ask us what we are doing! Even if our person stops asking us, we still feel like we don't care! Understanding relationships requires understanding nature, dialogue, and empathy. Where there is affection, everything is opposite!

Jun 16, 2020

Gujarati Medium Textbook | Standard .4 | Gujarat Board

You know, whatever marketing strategy is being implemented in our country and the world, it is designed with the youngsters in
mind.Companies adopt a variety of recipes for attacking youngsters. Today's youngsters react instantly. It is active on social media. In all respects, it offers its own unique option. If anyone thinks that today's youngsters do not understand that they are not conscious of their life and career, then there is no such fool as them. Today's young man is very intelligent, intelligent, understanding and sensitive. Some of the youths may have been negligent or obliged, but they were in every age. For some it is unfair to consider all youngsters irresponsible.One thing that is often said when it comes to our country is that our country is a country of youngsters. Our country has more youngsters than any other country in the world. 
पाठ्यपुस्तक डाऊनलोड 

If India is dreaming of becoming a super power, one has to admit that only these youngsters can make the country powerful. How much do we appreciate the youthful wealth of our country? How much do we motivate those people? Most of the time, we accept it only when someone has achieved some great success. We look at small and small successes. The hands of the young people are less able to hold back. You think the last time you said that to a boy or girl, I'm Proud of You? Ever seen someone's skill and said, do you have the ability to be great or successful? You work just a little bit more. When has someone helped you to succeed? Would have done. The intention is not to tell everyone that youngsters are doing the same, which is not what the frequency should be.

Bianca Andrescu, a 19-year-old girl from Canada, won the US Open title by beating Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion. Bianca returned to her hometown with a grand victory. She lives in Mississauga, Canada. The city has a population of 8.5 million people. When Bianca arrived in her hometown, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there to welcome her. City Mayor Bonnie Crombie gave him the key to the city. It was turned around the whole city. Bianca may have been more than happy when she won the title, more than the honor she had received in her hometown. Youngsters need aspiration from their own people. There is nothing more than honoring the household and honoring the city.

What happens to us there? Some people are welcomed to the airport by coming out victorious. There is also a lot of good intentions in the media itself and their own publicity. It is a question of how many people will be truly proud. "One of the reasons why our boys are not coming forward is that they do not get appropriation from home," said an expert at Parenting Subject. Parents who listen to their children's little things make way for their offspring to move on. Another thing is to tackle the failure of the youngsters. When successful, many people go to Samarkand Bukhara Aawari, but fail to pay attention. Young people today need more people at a time of failure than success. How many times have we sat down to say that it's OK? It happens. You tried Where are you going to get even less chance? You must succeed.

In our country, the efficiency of the youth is only down. Labor and Employment Minister Santosh Gangar made a statement recently saying that there is no shortage of jobs in the country, but there is a shortage of skilled youngsters. Santosh Gangawar may have been asked by a recruiter. Well, let's take a moment to suppose that this is true, then why doesn't the government have an idea why this is so? Youngsters have a degree, but do not have the skills, should it not be considered a flaw in our education system? How justified are you to blame young people directly? Even if we recruit a policeman there seems to be lines of graduated and post-graduated youth. Do all those educated people have any other skills? According to a survey conducted by two Delhi University professors, 33% of India's skilled youngsters are jobless. See the mental state of youngsters who don't have work? It gets ready to work, no matter how small or small. Making a career in a field other than the one we study there is like a chewing gum. There we have art to do in the side. The right thing to do is to pay the salary by doing the job. We also do not appreciate the little work that is done in the field of art. Our scales measure only how much they earn each month. Youngsters must do something pretentious, just motivate them. He needs companionship, not sympathy. A country that cannot appreciate its youngsters cannot go on. If we want to move on, we have to learn to trust the youngsters and stumble upon their backs.

Gujarati Medium Textbook | Standard .3 | Gujarat Board

Every human being has a nature. Every man has a 'type'. We often
say that he is a very strange man. How is the nature of man made? Thus, it is said that his upbringing, his background, his circumstances and his condition make nature. Not to be mistaken, it is also true that the experiences that a person experiences are shaped by him. We all experience a few good, a few nauseous, some sweet, a few bitter experiences every day. Experiences leave something in us. Experiences are planting something in us. What is planted and what grows out of it becomes our belief or mentality. We decide accordingly, whether this is good, this bad, this right, this unworthy, this doing, this not doing. Sin and virtue also have their own concepts.
पाठ्यपुस्तक डाऊनलोड 
It is not necessary that we have ideas with every human being. Not all people belong to 'our type'. We ever wonder, what type of person am I? If I like something then why? If I don't like something, what is the reason? Is the reason true or false? We don't think too much of everything. Everyone has the right to follow their own beliefs. One and the most important reason why our relationships do not last is because we cannot accept one's beliefs. We want everything we like and want.

This is a family affair. Three members of that family. Husband, wife and son. The husband had a good job. The income was also OK. Husband's very nature. The skin is broken but the skin does not break. The son grew up. His demand began to grow. Father does not pay Rs. Son once told mom, Daddy's nature doesn't explain to me. Even though they have rupees, using them does not work. If not, understand why, but why is it doing so much? Something comes out of them, it comes out of the nose! Mom said, "Son, it's like that." You can't change them. After I got married, I was like, 'This man is greedy. Gradually, I realized that this is what their nature is. I've never tried to change them. Except for one thing, how good is everything else in them! We sometimes try to measure it from a fraction of human nature. Man should be seen from many sides, not from one side. Mother said, rather than the nature of your daddy, you are going to make your daddy feel bad, because of the beliefs you have about him. Every man has a thing or two that is not good, but that does not make him bad!

Often we measure man with the use of his money. There are many people around us whose pockets never go out of money. It is very thoughtful if you have to use anything. We are also talking about how to tie it together and get everything together! What to use for someone else who is thinking of spending money for himself? Many rupees are used to using. He removes the wallet from his pocket. We tend to base people's opinions about people on such a nature. There was a group of friends. A friend keeps giving everyone a party, calls everyone, has fun. Spending money for everyone was also dear to all.

Once a friend came out talking about it, another friend said, "Man, his life is too big!" Another friend said, what does life mean? Using only rupees can make a living bigger? Yes, it costs good money. Gifts to all. Wherever it goes, it brings something to everyone. Not at all, but is it anywhere else? Even if someone else keeps a small party, it doesn't come! True friendship is, in every situation, together. I don't mind it, but the definition of a larger being is different. Life does not measure with money, it is measured by its humanity, its generosity and its benevolence!

Standard 2 Textbook PDF Copy | Gujarati Medium

There were two beggars. The two sat outside a religious place. It was noon in the morning, but neither of them received a single
rupee. Suddenly a sister arrived. He gave one loaf of bread to a beggar. He was hungry. Before starting to eat the bread, he cut the bread in half and gave it to the beggar sitting next to him. Sometimes life is measured by half a piece of bread. Our misfortune is that we have also started to measure relationships differently. From how much we spend on ourselves, we believe how much it feels for us!Many people believe that even spending money is keeping the relationship going. This is the point of a spouse. Husband leaves no stone unturned in spending Rs.
पाठ्यपुस्तक डाऊनलोड 
The wife wants to present everything before she wants it. Take you to a good place. Dinner at a good hotel. The husband believes that he does everything for his wife. Once the love thing came out, the wife said, "You don't think about using money, but what else?" Do you know what mental state I go through? Pamper is not just about spending money, but there is so much more to life. How much do you care for me How many times did you wake up at night when I was asleep, why did you fall asleep? A true companion is a psychic adjuvant. If you bring a dress and I don't wear it then say, looks cool, then there is no point in bringing that dress! No matter where we go, how we go there is more important.

Each one has different scales to measure how and what a person is like. The creature is also buzzing. Sometimes our lives are cut short. Sometimes our lives burn. When something happens to our person, our lives are sometimes cut short. It only worries. That would be ok, wouldn't it? He may have eaten the same? It must have arrived in time, didn't it? Even if the phone is a bit late, it makes us feel uncomfortable. Occasionally, though, is shortness of life a sign of love? Why is life not short for all? Why don't we burn our lives for everyone? This happens for some. The reason is that our organism is attached to it. We have heard that there was a king. His life was in a parrot living in the forest. One enemy had to kill the king. He grabbed the parrot from the forest and killed Annie's cock. The king is dead. Have you ever felt that your soul belongs to someone? It is. We are sad when our person is hurt. We enjoy it while it is fun.

This is a story of a young man. There is often a dispute with a wife. However, after a quarrel comes to the office, it is no fun. Do not feel at work. He once said to his wife, "I am very disturbed after a quarrel with you." If you ever quarrel with someone or are upset with someone, tell them, what happens after you do this or do it? We do not say, but to say so is our ego. We do not say, do not do this man, I do not have fun, my life is confused.

Our lives respond to us. They give us an insight into what is happening. The person who recognizes his 'soul' knows the same life. For some, we say that this is my life. We even say, "You are my life." Live your 'life', know the life and enjoy the life, the true fun of living is to live the 'life'!