Apr 1, 2020

Standard 9 Textbook | Gujarat Government | Soft Copy

Most importantly, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media, do not consider it your
standard of eligibility or eligibility. Don't let social media get on your mind. Social media is just a way to stay connected with friends. Don't look at someone's fun photos and think that everyone is in concert and I'm alone or alone. Social media never estimates who is happy or who is hurt. There is more to hiding than what a man looks like. Get in touch with the people closest to you. Have a few relationships where you can talk all your heart out. Social media is a virtual world, and what is simulated is never true. If we take it as true, then it is our turn, not ours. Also keep track of how much time you spend on social media. If you spend more time with your people than you do on social media, think you are wrong. There is nothing bad or bad, technology is for us. If you like social media, definitely be active, just maintain proportion and stay awake with the impact on the mindset. 
Social media is increasing the number of mental illnesses. Decide if I do not want to register my name in CyberSec. You must have heard that saying, extremely perpetual!The eye blows the key to everything. The eye is the ion of the heart. The eyes reflect on what is going on in the heart. When the heart is rash, the eyes are a bit shaky. The speed of breathing and the mind's mind also keep beating in the eyes. Even after closing your eyes, a lot of scenes continue. Even when sleeping, dreams do not allow the eye to jump. The eyes of the rider explain the fact of the night. The eyes have a language. The language is simple, but not everyone understands it. To understand the language of the eyes, the eyes need more than the eyes. Not everyone has that vision. We also don't like the way all our eyes solve the language. That right is only available to some people. We don't even have the right to all of them. That is why we are looking for angles to weep. Some corners of the house are a living witness to our suffering. There are also some angles in the heart where not everyone gets access. Its doors are open to some people. Where is the dampness of the corner of our eyes all used to?

It is also fun to cry. If someone is a hoarder! The tears may have seemed a little too dry when there was no shelter. Tears are unfortunate when dry on the cheeks. The tears shed by our person's salvation also result in salvation. Tears also have a dimension. It is also a small shock to the eye by shedding tears on the ground. There is also slight tremor in the throat when there is an earthquake in the eyes. Do you ever want to cry? Can you cry when you feel like it? Where can we even laugh when it comes to laughing? That's what a girl said. Yes i cry All alone Right in my presence. I release my sensation in the event of a tragedy. Only the witness of the tissue has a dignity to cry. The throaty doom flows through the eyes. No one knows. Sometimes even the thought goes, Who turns, with my wet eyes? When the monsoon sinks in the eyes or when the summer breaks, where does one fade or melt?

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After you upload anything on social media, you're tempted to see how many likes you get? Who made the comments? What comments? Yes, such temptation must happen. This is also very natural. Many people are constantly watching, how much does the likelihood increase? Do you get upset if you got 200 likes in the previous post and 125 like the last post? What do you think of when liking someone else's post? Do you like it, or do you really like its post? Many people look at a photo and say, it looks like a wreck, even with so much talk they will do it again! We are now getting better on social media! If the boss has a post then you must like. We sometimes even grit our teeth in order to persuade the boss that, wow where are you!

Do you get angry if you've written a post, tagged it, and haven't seen it? It just so happens that he does not care? Suppose you saw it and didn't respond at all, do you feel bad? It is not necessary for everyone to be the same. Each action has different reactions. What happens if you upload status and you do not get one? Most people like the status quo itself. Like us first! The account must open with us. Are you jealous if your friend gets more likes from you?

Social media also runs for all likes, comments, and followers, as if a contest was won. This is considered by Criteria. The number of followers or friends on Instagram, Facebook and other social media shows their popularity. Celebrities are different, but when people join the race, they often suffer from depression. Miniature texts come out, I don't care.

Considering the psychological problems caused by social media, Facebook is considering a decision. From now on, you can only see the likes you get on Facebook. You will only be able to read the comments your post receives. Facebook has also made its experimental debut in Australia. From the results available in Australia, other countries will decide whether to apply it or not. By the way, do you like it or not? Other people also see the likes we get. Not only likes, who is reading what comments. Discussions and debates over comments also continue.

Facebook research revealed that those who get less likes are disturbed and have been casting their opinions on themselves. Many people delete the post only if they get less likes. As Facebook says, we don't want people to understand this as a competition. Facebook and Instagram are owned by Mark Zuckerberg. There has been such an experiment on Instagram in Canada. Youngsters have been turning to her since the advent of Instagram. Facebook is now called Youngsters Mom-Dead or Uncle-Aunty's social media. People also talk about caste on Facebook. Many people believe that, like before, they are not getting as much as they used to. There is also talk of people not posting what they post. Facebook wants Rs. To promote the post. Now God knows how much of this is true and how much wrong it is.

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In today's time, the degree of doubt in relationships is so much that we have questions in everything. Our relationships are not so strong.
Looking at our person online on WhatsApp gets the idea, who will be chatting with? Mobile passwords can sometimes cause suspicion. A young man constantly worries that if no one gets a phone while I am with my wife! I'll be tired of answering. We have become so skeptical that in everything we have to go down. One of the reasons for the stress of today is that we keep on slipping within ourselves. Even if the message is not answered, we become irritated. The man who is surrounded by doubts is himself sad. Our faith is the cause of our happiness. Most people are upset that they have no faith in anyone.
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We have to ask, how much am I impatient for? How much does it cost me? Will he remember or do me? This is a story of a girl. He fell in love with a boy. The group of boys was huge. He met everyone and treated everyone with love. His girlfriend once asked, There are so many people in your life, where am I? The boy said, "You are where you want to be." You are special You are the closest Yet there is one thing, there are other people in my life. I have friends, I have a family, I have work and I have my own space. Proof of attachment is not always required. One of the pitfalls of our life is that we want our person to give us the same imports. However, that is not possible. One man is connected to many people. Relationships all live on different axes.

One thing also needs to be remembered that it is not often that we are loyal. Loyalty also has its own understanding, belief, and
mindset. We all have the same expectation of being like we are. We do not understand or accept that not everyone is like us. There is a limit to friendship. There is also a limit to expectations. There is one thing right now. One girl loved a young man very much. He proposes to the young man. The boy refused to say so. The girl asked the reason. "I just had a breakup," said the young man. The reason for the breakup was that my girlfriend demanded a full day's account from me. Where did he go? What was the matter with? Even so, I didn't mind. I was open-minded about everything. The objection started from there when it began to ask, why do you stay with him so much? Why do you talk about it all? Your Yellow Friend is not reliable at all. If that were true then I would be honored. However, my understanding was telling me that what he was talking about was not fair. When you feel tense to answer, you should get the answer by questioning the relationship.

A person needs to be fully identified before delving deeper into relationships. Some people's temperament is controversial. There are some people who all enjoy cheating. You cannot change anyone's temper. In such cases man has only two options. Either accept that person as they are or get rid of them. It is not easy to accept what everyone is like. If we cannot accept it then it is better to be free. No one can improve a man who does not want to be corrected.

It is not necessary to have every relationship the rest of your life. Nor should it be expected. It is better to detach gracefully than to stay painfully attached. There should be loyalty in relationships. Loyalty remains the same relationship. Even so, you cannot force someone loyal. This is only possible if the person is loyal. Expect the same level of relationship. Not everyone can expect the same kind of intimacy. We should be proud of the lives of those with whom we belong. If you are going to remove it from the other, then there is a chance that it will go away from us. Lastly, when asking for loyalty, ask yourself, how loyal am I?

Mar 31, 2020

Standard 9 student's Homework | Education Department

Loyalty is the biggest question facing relationships today. The most
difficult thing is to measure or know who is loyal to whom. Where does loyalty stay the same forever? Loyalty fluctuates. Loyalty is changing. Just because I love you also means that I am loyal to you. Loyalty is linked to love. When a questionable mark is placed on loyalty, love enters the heart. When we say that there is no other than you in my life, we also wish that there should be no other than me in your life. Loyalty should be on both sides, as love should be on both sides. There is a big difference between loyalty and authority. We sometimes find ourselves in a trance of loyalty to sovereignty. We do not want loyalty, we want subjection. Are we afraid that our person will become someone else? We cannot tolerate it even if it speaks to someone more than we do!

This is a story of a young man. He has a girlfriend. There is so much love between the two. The young are also understanding. His girlfriend also has a good friendship with his cligs. Girlfriend does not hide anything from her boyfriend. Let's say all is right. The boyfriend also loves all his girlfriend's kliggs and friends. The young man once told his other friend, "Dude, we all understand that he has other friends, good relations with Cliggs, yet why does it hurt when he talks to someone?" Why is it that when he praises his club, he does not like it? His friend said, relationships only last with trust! Unbelief can never be predicted. He tells you that if he is committed to you, then believe in him! He lives nine hours a day with his clogs. Something has to happen. There will probably be good people in his cligs too. He knows about the good and the bad. If you lose faith, doubt will fade.

No one can break his loyalty. Anyone who wants to cheat can do so. This is very true of a spouse. A young man does his duty in the wife's office. The young man liked the girl very much. He also helps young people in office work. Once the girl jokingly asked, do I like you very much? The young man said, yes, because a girl like you is so little. I'm glad I have friends like you in my life. The wife talks to her husband about this friendship. Once upon a time, the wife had to go abroad for an office trip. The wife went to put her husband. The wife's friend got him. The husband told her that it is a good thing that you take care of this. Also be careful on the trip. After drinking at a party at night, it has a lot of impact. At that time, be more careful. But it happened. The girl got drunk more at a party abroad at night. His friend said, 'Enough. Let's go to your room. The girl also believed in a friend. She immediately went with him. The boy laid him on the bed, wrapped the sheet and walked to his room. It happened that the young man was going to put his friend in the room when his mobile did not fall and he kept it in his pocket. The mobile was left in the pocket. When he came to his room, he found out that his phone had stayed with me. If the friend is asleep, don't call her anymore. He slept, thinking he would give it in the morning.

Husband was worried because his wife did not get a call. At midnight he called on his wife's mobile. The ring wig means that the wife's friend has picked up the phone. He said all right, I put him in the room and the phone stayed with me. Husband asked, is that OK? Friend said yes. Husband replied, Well. Talk in the morning The trip is over. All came back. Husband arrived at the airport. On the way, the wife's friend asked, did you doubt? The young man said, "I trust my wife." He also trusts you as a good friend. Said the young man, thank you for your trust. This is the strength of the relationship between the two of you. I'm proud of both of you.

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One brother offered an offer to five of his friends to go on holiday this Diwali. He said that during Diwali holidays I have to take you to a hill station for four days. Everything I pay for.
My bus is the only condition. You do not have to bring your mobile with you! The brother waits for a friend's reply. By the way, if your friend offers you this, do you go with it or not? Do an experiment before placing a yes, how long can you stay away from your mobile?We are so accustomed to mobile, that we cannot even imagine a life without mobile. Why should we even imagine such a thing? 
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Mobile is a very useful thing anyway. In a way, the work of a mobile is like nothing else. It comes with your help in any task. The question is, how much do we use mobiles when we need help or someone's contact, and how long are we sitting on mobile without work? Nowadays, one gets to hear that one is so busy that there is no time for himself or his family! Well, if that happens to you, then check once, how much time do you give mobile? The time a man spends on mobile gives his person so much of their relationship issues will be solved. Now there have been numerous apps that keep track of time spent on mobile. Once tried, how much time does your phone lose?

Digital detox is the currency of America these days. Many people are now experimenting with digital detoxification. We do detoxification to remove the toxins that are in our body. The method of naturopathy we have there is detoxification itself. What about digital toxins that remove toxins from the body but also destroy the mind and brain? There is a digital detox for that. Well what to do with it? It's so easy. To voluntarily set aside some time, this time I will not touch the mobile. After an hour or two, increase the time. There are many people in the United States who turn off their mobile phones completely on holiday. We keep on the phone all day long on holidays.
Due to mobile, man is starting to move away from nature. In nature we do not enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. That's right, mobiles are causing people to suffer from mental illness. All people live in Angusite. Keeps looking at the phone for a few minutes. Waking up in the morning is the first thing mobile viewing does. Do you turn off mobile data at night? Many people have data round the clock. When waking up in the morning, there are several good morning messages on WhatsApp. One is like working. After you check the message every morning, think so, which of these messages is really important to me? Most likely not one!

Four things are important in a person's life. Family, Friends, Health and Work. In these four things, mobile should not come anywhere. One expert says that a man should do three parts 24 hours a day. Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work and eight hours of free time. Free means doing what we love. Keep mobile, also socializing, but decide on a time. One study says that the effectiveness of people who use mobile constantly decreases. For those who do creative work, the brain needs to be a little more free. Man has become so busy with mobile that he has no time to even think about anything quietly. Mobile is what keeps our brain occupied. Even after work, people keep checking every five to ten minutes or nothing message?

Mar 18, 2020

NMMS Exam Result Final Answer key by the State Examination Board

How is a man How are you, me, and us? Some men are a little easier. It is immediately understood. Accept immediately. Some
men are tough. Don't explain in a moment. There is no 'guide' available to a tough person. It has to be frozen to make it firm. Difficult men also become easier when they 'go on'. From the outside, all men are the same. It has two arms, two legs, head and torso. From the inside, every man is different. There is something going on inside everyone. It does not appear, is felt. The realization is not so. The feeling has to be dissolved, dissolved. Touching is not just through the movement of the finger, but also through the feeling of the soul. The soul senses intimacy.

A man begins to like it without cause. Begins to feel themselves. It looks like it has a debt or debt. It becomes a part of life. The heart dictionary is very potent. Few pages have swirls that keep us awake throughout life. Was a girl He fell in love with youth. He said, Where were you till now? If this was only on earth, why didn't I get it so far? Will the debt even subside in a few years? How would someone get into your thoughts? You are the essence of my being, which gives me the essence. Your closeness makes me realize the reality. Everything seems to have changed. I'm not even me. You are absorbed in my prayers. I talk to you even when you're alone. Even when you are silent, the dialogue seems to be going on. The dialogue doesn't need words every time.

This is the point of a spouse. All day long, even if the two are together, they talk very little. Intimate love between the two. His love did not matter. Once his friend Kapal came to stay at home. He questioned seeing the husband and wife talking less. You talk so little! The friend said, that's right. We speak very little. There is a reason behind it. My parents and my wife's parents are friends. Our parents are both deaf and dumb. We've lived with both of them since we were little. That is why we have learned the language of silence! Sensory language goes beyond words. We understand the language of gestures. Our parents didn't speak, they didn't listen, they were still communicating! The language of the eyes explained it perfectly. One incident I miss. Once my father brought flowers for my mother. My mother's attention was another. He approached and hinted that he looked like this. My mother's attention went to the rose flower in her hand. The Thanksgiving Love You couldn't speak, but I felt the pink sensation of the rose petals on its cheeks. The pink cheeks of those cheeks were also floating in my father's eyes. From that time I realized that dialogue requires affection, not words.

Mar 13, 2020

GSET December 2019 Final answer key and download the result

The mind and the brain are the two parts of our being, which make and express our personality. The saint is the one who has control over the mind and the brain. A man's brain escapes into small talk.
Someone pressed the trigger, the man blazed. Every man is carrying ammo. Some have more ammunition in some. Where are we short of sparrows? Explosion is distortion. If nature slips, distortion is infiltrated. Nature is never distorted. We let it deform. Ingenuity and lightness keep nature pure. How light are we? Most of the time, we carry on with the load of the species. We are going to put a burden on someone every day. After complaining of extreme cold, we complain that there is no relaxation!

A doctor friend just said one thing. An international doctor's conference was held in the United States. The revolution that will create technology in the medical world is discussed. Now the robot will undergo surgery. The world's best doctors will operate a robot sitting in its chamber in any country of the world. There will also be instances where a doctor is operating in several countries simultaneously. One senior doctor finally got up to speak at the conference. What he said is understandable. All the doctors clamored for the medical revolution and increased them. Before concluding his speech, he said, “One last thing I want to do is talk. The changes that are coming to the medical world will increase people's longevity. Age will be longer. He then asked. Age will be long, but will life be like that? No technology can guarantee the beauty of life. Life has to be made like a human being by itself. We can prolong life. You must stay alive!

There was a doctor who treated serious illnesses. It is said of a very clever doctor, that it brings back the men who have approached death. Fill out a form with the patient who comes to the doctor. Ask the patient, if you write in this form, how do you survive if you survive? What is left over in life? Each patient wrote in his own heart. If I survive, I'll spend enough time with my family. I will play with my son and daughter's children. Someone told me to finish his hobbies, some even said that I would go to the people who were hurt and apologize to me. One patient said it would increase the laugh a bit. The story of the species became known. I will not complain about life. Will work without gilt.

The doctor does the operation. When the patient leaves on leave, the doctor returns the same form to the patient. Tell the patient, when you come back, tick what you wrote in this form and tell them how much you lived like you wrote. The doctor said, "Not a single person wrote that if I survived, I would take revenge on what I wanted to do." I will destroy my enemy. I'll make more money. Will keep myself more busy. Everyone's view of life was different. The doctor asked, who stopped you from living like this when you were healed? Where is it still late?

Think for a moment, how much is left in your life that you want to live? Just start living that way. The real thing is that life is about to end with no regrets! Don't feel like I've lived my life the way I did!

Mar 3, 2020

Social science Guide Standard 8 -Semester 2

Today, when you have a mobile hands-on, your WhatsApp will
have several Republic Day greetings. You, too, may have wished Republic Day a lot of people. You might even buy a tricolor sold on the road and put it in your vehicle. If there is a match, you might have seen the parade in Delhi on TV for a while. It is a good thing. There is nothing wrong That is how we make our country proud. What else have you done? There was once the idea that I would fully comply with the laws in the Constitution of the country?To this day, the constitution of our country came into being in the 's.

walked without a constitution? The answer is no. The British ruled our country from 1857 to 1947. Until January 26, 1950, the country was governed by the same laws that the British operated. The constitution still influences the laws of British rule. Interestingly, Britain does not have a written constitution. Not only in Britain, Israel, New Zealand, Canada and Saudi Arabia also there is no written constitution. The United States Constitution is the oldest. There the constitution came into force in 1789. The Constitution of India is considered among the best in the world. Of course, a debatable issue is how and where the law is practiced in our country.

There has been a lot of talk in the world about how a country is made great. The important point that comes out is that no country becomes great because of the government, but because of the people of the country. Not only do we love our country, but when it comes to law enforcement, we turn our mouth.

Every citizen should be serious about the country. Do you remember the yellow affidavit? India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I will always strive to be worthy of it.
I respect my parents, teachers, and elders and treat everyone with membership. I owe my allegiance to my country and my countrymen. My happiness is only in their welfare and prosperity. Jai Hind. In 1962 p. V. Subbarao wrote the affidavit in Telugu. Then the whole country adopted. There is not much to do in the history of this affidavit. It has to do with the present.

How much do we follow up on this pledge? If we go abroad we follow the laws properly. Not only that, we also admire the laws of another country. We take our country as a Tech for Grant. Traffic laws are not properly obeyed which is why most people in our country die in road accidents. Civic sense of man more than the Constitution reveals the true identity of the country. We call cancer a cancer, and when we have to work we become cancer cells.

The present era is about technology. Everybody has a mobile in their hands. The name of our country is at the forefront of spreading the most fake news. We roll the eyes that come forward and forward. We do not care to verify the truth. We are drawn and the main reason is that we believe in everything without examining right and wrong. Do you want our country to become great? So understand one thing, it is you who can make the country great. All you have to do to make the country great is to obey the laws of the country. Before doing anything, just think that my actions do not harm my country?

How many times do we have to say one thing to another? Why do we not understand even though we are told thousands of times? How often have you heard about hygiene? How long has it been called to fasten on Tolanaka, yet many still do not count it. Why don't we suddenly adopt a new system? We have to extend the deadline for anything or anything to implement. We also do not hesitate to say that the whole country is trusted by God. The country should run on the trust of the people, you, me and we all came in. The true celebration of Republic Day is to make some changes in ourselves and decide what to do and what not to do to make the country great. Very simple, the bus should be donated. Only good intentions will make the country great. Happy Republic Day.

Mar 1, 2020

Social Science Navneet Std.8 Soft Copy

What is the leading cause of divorce? Wedding! We have all heard this saying so lightly. The true resonances of divorces vary. One of
the reasons why it is so straightforward and easy to give is that the roads intersect when two people do not bite or stumble. There are several reasons why it doesn't work. The reasons are quite different. Divorces continue to happen, from really serious causes to absurd reasons. Divorce requests have also been made, given the reason that my husband is very snoring. This is a very true case of Mumbai. The marriage of a girl living in Juhu happened to a boy in Ghatkopar. The girl did not enjoy being in Ghatkopar. The girl told her husband, "You can either sell this house and take it to Juhu, otherwise you will have a divorce." 

Many young women do not have a mother-in-law, so she leaves her husband. Some of the reasons are really generic. What can a woman do if her husband is seduced and his wife is forbidden? Divorce is still a taboo in our society today. Everyone is interested in talking about divorces. See? It was loose. It is seldom heard that both went well, neither of them enjoyed living.

We are often talking about humor. We do not consider mental abuse to be so. A man who does not even touch his wife can speak, move, and be cruel to his behavior. Even ideological, ideological and cultural differences are not a small cause of divorces. Recently, Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, made a statement that divorce cases had increased. People fight for the cause. Such incidents occur more and more in educated and wealthy families. Pride comes from education and wealth. Film actress Sonam Kapoor tweeted, "Which wise man speaks like this?" Fantastic and silly statement! Bhagwat's statement does not seem to be embracing anyone. Education increases understanding. If that makes sense, what is going wrong with me is the meaning of education. It is not fair to say that divorces occur within the educated and well to do family.

In earlier times women used to suffer after going to Sasar. Tips for believing in a husband as God were provided by parents and family members. Nobody has ever told boys that a wife should be considered a goddess. Many women have lost their lives in the name of values, cultures and ideals and are still happening. Pierre did not go back well enough to get rid of the young girl or die. The young girl is now educated. Understand. Tapshi Pannu is told in the film, that a slap is mine, isn't it? In response, Tapasi says, "Yes, but you cannot kill." When will our society understand this? In many homes today, pigeons live for the sake of living.

There is also talk of the youngsters losing endurance and wit. No one goes away at all. There will be some cases, but today's generation is more intelligent, wise and clear than the previous generation. They have reasonable expectations of each other. The reason is, both earn. Both work hard. After both come home from work, the wife expects that if her husband helps her, what is wrong with her? Even today's boys have no hesitation in helping their wives. Times have changed It is not now that a woman takes care of household chores and earns a husband. The two do everything together. If you do not fall in love, then both are separated from love. Leaving aside allegations, complaints or disputes is also a sign of prudence. I recently read a post on social media. Written above, Happyly Diversified. She also wrote a thank-you note to her husband, saying that you stayed with her for so long. We also couldn't stay together. Wish you a good spouse as well. Along with such cases, there are also cases where one of the two partners tends to appear in the divorce. It made me sad that it made me sad so I won't let you be happy either! In this way too many do not allow chain. Our legal process is equally slow in divorces.

Yes, there has been an increase in divorces cases. Don't fall into the numbers. The truth is, whether a boy or a girl, he has full clarity about his life partner. If not, sit down, talk, get separated, and move on. True and good society will also have to learn to respect such prudence. It doesn't make sense to fight and fight. Divorce is also required to show divorces or to take revenge. If you live together with love and if you cannot stay together then separate from love. There is nothing wrong with separating the mind from living everyday. Lastly just thinking that there really is no way out? No man happily divorces, because no marriage is done to get divorced.

Feb 29, 2020

Science New NCERT Textbook Guide Std.8 (Sem.1)

Two inscriptions have been found in this yard. According to an
inscription written in Sanskrit, it was constructed by the Nagar Brahmin minister of King Karanadevditya of Waghela dynasty. In 7 (Vikram Samvat 2) is made in memory of his parents. It is described as a two-story stone masonry.The second inscription has been heavily rubbed. It speaks of Lakshmi Devi (Lakshmidevi), daughter of Nagar Sodal, and Indus, son of Som; Who would probably be Madhav's parents. The wav is a state protected monument but it is not properly maintained.

"Twelve years have embraced Navan, Navne has come to Nir ji ray .." The song, which is very popular in Gujarat and full of compassion, represents the story of Madhava. According to the belief, in times of famine, the emperor advised that the emperor would have to make sacrifices. If a newlywed enters the well with her husband, the water will come up in it. But there was a need for thirty-two men. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the king's newly discovered virgin had thirty-two characteristics!

Will it take the sacrifice of the newly married couple for the benefit of the people? The prince decided that even though our world is not yet decorated, steps must be taken to preserve the life of his royal family.

At the scheduled time, people gathered on the shore. As the drum-bells rang, chants of chanting began, tears began to flow from the eyes of the people, and in the meantime, the Kunwar couple steadily stepped towards the bottom of the path. The couple stopped appearing in the wind and within a few minutes the water was up. This story is only featured in the well-known Gujarati film 'Vanzari Vav'.

Of course, this is a myth. In fact, nothing like this should have happened. Why can the villagers drink the water of two persons who have drowned in the water of the ground? According to a history, in the 8th century, this monastery was built by Madhava, the steward of King Karan Vaghela.

According to legend, this wave was dry even twelve years after its construction. Raj Purohit mentioned the need for a sacrifice of thirty-two Lakshmana couples to bring water to this area. Even though he was a newborn infant, Prince Ahasang and his wife prepared for the sacrifice for public welfare. They wore wedding dresses. As they reached the seventh step, the water was poured in the wind and they were drowned. Through their sacrifice, water came into the yard.

This is a well-known legend and ballads have been made on it. There is also a folklore among the locals. It is a ghost residence and every three years a person is submerged here.

The wave is built in an east-west direction; The entrance is to the west, while the well is to the east. It is 5 meters long and the steps are 3.5 meters in length. The vow is entered by a long narrow sidewalk. There are six cuts (uppermost closed and upper open sections) and six groups of steps. Wave width decreases after each cut. The width of the steps is six meters, which decreases to 8.6 meters ascending the umbrella. On each coupe is an umbrella that stands on four pillars. The hallway, which sits beneath the umbrella, is 1.5 meters in length. Thick walls are necessary due to the height of 1.5 meters between the two cuts. Each umbrella is made up of nine layers one at a time, and on top of them there is a sharp and striking resemblance to the summit of the temple.

The diameter of the well is 5.5 meters. There are six double-edged structures on the last floor, which protect against upward pressure. Four of which are embedded in the back wall and covered with stone bars.

The initiative is a carved stone mesh on both sides of the cot that also acts as a wall. The mesh has four x four m 2 small bins. Its design is similar to the Vimal Vashee Jain Temple in Delwada and the Rani Mosque in Sarangpur, Ahmedabad. Figures of daily life actions are engraved on the horizontal arch of the gate and the horizontal arch at the gate of the main gate of Vav.

Each cottage has gokhalas containing idols. It contains idols of Bhairava, Saptamitrika, Navagraha, Dasvatara and other deities who are difficult to identify due to their dilapidated condition. The idol of a couple in a Gokhala is that of Madhav and his wife. Below is a short article. There are also some sexual idols here.