Jul 21, 2019

GSET New Syllabus 2019 Download

UGC conducts National Eligibility Test (NET) twice a year for candidates aspiring to become professors through the Happy University Grand Commission, given the recognition of Hemchandracharya -UGU University as the fourth net center in Gujarat. Candidates have started filling up the form on the UGC website as the online form for the net exams to be taken next June. Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University Patan has been recognized as the fourth center for net exams in Gujarat. Candidates who want to take the exam in this center will have to submit it to the Net Center of Patan Uni after filling the online form.According to the rules of UGC Delhi, it is mandatory to pass the net or slate examination to become a professor in a university or college. The NET examination is held regularly on the last Sunday of June and December twice a year. While there is no fixed deadline for slate exams. These include Gujarat Unimadabad, Saurashtra Unirajkot and MS Uni Vadodara in Gujarat for national level net examination.

In view of the effective introduction of Hemchandracharya NGU at this time, the UGC has allocated the Center for Net Examination to Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University. After getting good result at the postgraduate level, thousands of students have previously received the Nat Examination By giving Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Patan is now offering online Choose dharaangane NET examination by the Center had to go to Vadodara Will be found.
Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University Vice-Chancellor Arda Dilipbhai Patel said that the students from the remote areas of North Gujarat avoided giving the exams as they would usually arrive at the place at 6-8 am in the morning due to the net exams. Have a feeling of happiness.

बिन सचिवालय परीक्षा मॉडल पेपर No.8

In October, recruitment examinations for Uncategorized Clark are coming. Today, every candidate is preparing for this exam. Practice paper plays a very important part in this preparation. If you have read and evaluated by this practice paper, meaning is better. Here Paper Solution has been prepared by the ICE Institute.
Lifestyle has changed over time. All our lives go into sedentary life. What is sweating and how much work do you do? No one likes to work harder. No matter what, everyone has the right to decide why to live and why. The tools that are made in the world are only for our happiness and our well-being. Just thinking, we don't do anything at the expense of our health, do we? How many calories do you stomach every day? How many babies are you eating as much calories? If there is no problem with burning calories if you burn it, it can spoil your health if deposited. This rule applies to both men and women.One question, who burns more calories every day, Ladies or Gentts? A recent survey says that women burn less calories than men in our country. That is why women's health and obesity problems are increasing. 

Fifty percent of the country's population burns half the calories they should burn daily. The number of women is also high. A survey conducted by a Health App about the Physical Activity Levels of Indians found that 53 percent of women burn less than 50 percent of their calories. 44 percent of men are those who burn less than half a calorie. Men burn an average of 476 calories per day and women burn an average of 374 calories per day. 30 percent of men are those who burn more than 80 percent of the calories. Survey has many other statistics, but it does not fall into it. Talk is about physical activity and health. One is that we all burn more calories in the stomach than we need every day. The intake of unhealthy food has increased. Lifestyle Disease increases as calories do not burn. Hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol have become very common. Doctors say that you eat healthy food. The traditional food we have is the best. Avoid fast food culture. Thus we all know this. The problem is that we do not take this thing seriously

Jun 28, 2019

Best Teacher Award 2019 GR

 Some improvements have been made in the rules of the Best Teacher Award rules given by the government this year at taluka, district and state level, whose full guideline is given in the PDF file given here....There are also teacher builders and warriors. For a soldier and teacher, there can never be an eight hour duty. It is necessary to determine the duty hour for the management. Their duty is 24 hours. Teacher and retirement are not related. The teacher can not remain without work until the last breath of life retired. Akila live a hundred years doing fixed work according to Veda tradition. Love should be for life. Life can be loved only by love of life. Only by loving one's life Krishna can be loved and teachers can teach only to love life. By loving love for akila, people will be away from harmful, addictive and harmful things. It is also said that our speech is healthy. The health of speech means that it is true, that it is healthy and is a member, at least words in which the students are studying, at least, and understandable message should be delivered. Pujya Bhiji said that government controls and state governance hold youth In ancient Gurus, the rule of the Guru is not ruled by the rule of the guru. 


When the king passed through Gurukul, then entered the chariot, arms, and shoes outside. Raja is a Vishnupur. Teachers are of the community. Deciding how to run a society by contemplating the current problem, The teacher has to disclose the student's water. As soon as water is released in the well by removing the clay covered layer on the water. As the students ignore the cover of ignorance, knowledge emerges. Guruji should keep away from ignorance until Gnan is manifested. Teacher is a farmer, Kisan. It does not have to be all graduated. Everyone's troubles are different. Farmers can know the strength of clay and determine the type of crop. No child is useless, but it is different. St. Mary's School, Rajkot's teacher, Umeshbhai, said in response to the response of the organization that I have selected some of my peers and selected for the award. The teacher has to prepare the elite students.

Jun 25, 2019

Hu banu vishva manvi Part.2

Competitive examination is being done by the Government of Gujarat for the new recruitment. A candidate seeking good marks in this examination is selected for the job. There was something different in the past. Today, bright candidates were wrongly done a few years ago. But now the positive attitude of the Government of Gujarat has got transparency in government recruitment. As a result, the brightest candidates of poor households can easily get jobs by their hard work. The right candidate gets the opportunity. Some useful PDF files are placed here on this website for those candidates preparing for such competitive exams. There will be no charge at all. You can read your mobile, computer or laptop at your own time. And for this you do not have to spend any extra money. The information related to such competitive exams is placed on this website. Regularly visit this website periodically. So you will get new updates till now.
Man's faces are changing. A new version is updated on the face. Popularity is measured by how much it gets now. Dialogues are now done in comments. Laughter has begun to be exposed to emoji. Humor is now expressed with a taatok. When the tears are digital, the touch comes from the touch screen. The look of a clerk in a gif file is visible, but it does not sound like a lock. The margin is also given by the beep bip! Apps that look better than others have made man's face artificial. Emotions are now determined by who gets their status uploaded. How much work do we have to do to just good? Relationships are now encoded online.

Social Media has made all the people crazy about celebrity status. Everyone has to show what he is doing. What to eat, where to go, who was with it, all have to say. Life has become an exhibition. This is the thing of a girl. Does he love a boy? Get both of them everyday. Both families also agreed in this love and future relationship. Girl uploads photos with her delivery every day. Once the lover told him that you do not feel that you are overweight. The sweetheart said, I do not think of anything more or less. I want to show the whole world how much I love you! Love said, 'You make me realize how much you love me!' We have begun to express to each other what we should be doing to the whole world! Status has now become a digital proof of love!

Ways of expressing hate, anger, displeasure also change. There was a love between a boy and a girl. Both did not fade. Both have a breakup. The boy was not tolerated. She started walking with different girls. Provide photos and upload to social media. His donation was so similar that the old girlfriend saw and burns. Her friend once said, what are you doing this? He said that even if he does not know that you are not, then I am not Devdas. I'm having fun If you do not, then there is no difference. The friend said. You speak wrong You have a difference. If you did not have the difference then you would not have been doing such business. If you can not forget him, then go and tell him in person that he is not having fun without you. Do not play fun. If you can forget them, then do not do so. In such a way, you can not forget him. You know, a man might forget a friend, but he does not forget the enemy. How to be forgotten until the brain moves? Digital relationships have also made it difficult to forget. Every day is present on the screen. Even after removing, we continue to see profile pictures. Photos uploaded on Instagram revive everything again. The memories now remain sticky on the social media wall. While scrolling, sometimes it seems that we are scraping our hearts with our fingers. Treading on the touch screen sometimes becomes sharp. The screen can not speak, the rest will say that if you walk on your way, then maybe you could cross my throat. One day, this was a very lenient one! Where did thorns grow? These thorns are playing back to you! Have you seen your face? Your fate is tense. I'm a machine. What does this mean to me? You know, what you do is not against me, you are against yourself. The effect happens to you! You control yourself.

Hu banu vishva Manvi Part.1

Gujarat's Asmita This book covers all types of culture of Gujarat. Gujarat's heritage inherited. This book has been done to maintain retention. All the information about Gujrati is kept from the book. A tool to look at the human endowment is a book. There is a key book to develop discretion and dexterity. 'Knowledge is energy.' The reading is essential for the fertility of the mind. Reading enrichs the affair.
Booker's discourse opens the way for ideas. You can get the desired item through a booklet. You can go anywhere with your books, which are synonymous with knowledge of energy. Libraries of libraries have a contribution in social development. The reading of books for community development is important to the society.
Libraries as a source of information:
Libraries do basic work in Gujarat. Our luxurious heritage has been transformed into authored letter and it comes in the bookstore libraries. These books are made available to anyone in the libraries. The book collects past and present-day information and plans for the future. The glorious and glorious history of Gujarat is found in bridges. The well-equipped booklets of Gujarat, which are rich with content such as booklets, reference material, language books, management booklets etc., spread the information of the information.Every man has to be successful. Success is a good thing. The eye that sees the eye of success, is glowing in the eyes only. The first condition is to prepare for the dream of success. Tactically, only the ability is made. Something has to be done, I have to prove myself, there is no meaning to me, I want to reveal this meaning. There should be a fierce rush for success. Everyone has to know what I have to do, what is to be done. One goal is to determine. A target is against the eye. We also have to know what to do to achieve this. If nothing is left then attempts to reach Manzil. Do not do that well to do. Should be charity for preparedness. There are so many Temptations in front of us that tempt us. It does not happen that you have decided.

We have now become addicted to dates. This day will do. Start reading from tomorrow! Now go to the regular gym. We can not stay firm even in small things. The mind likes to do everything that happens. A young philosopher went to the nearby. When talking about life, the philosopher said that life should be passed on. He said to the young man, I do the same, but I fail. I love life. I wake up when the mind starts, I am sleeping when I want, I work when the mood comes. I live in my mood. Philosopher said that to live life does not mean that the mind does not have to do it. There must be alertness about which life is flowing. If you take the boat in the sea, you have to kill it. If you want to leave the boat as it is, then it will be the last time to sink. The air has to be rotated according to air. If there is a flurry, then you have to slap more loudly. Life is like that too. To live a life means to be not distracted by any situation. Do not miss the goal in any circumstances. Stay tuned to the idea that is fixed.

We learn everything, but do not learn to live life. Do you know what you believe, living life? No, it has to be learned. Time, circumstances, experiences and relationships teach you how to live your life. You have to learn to live a life lesson from this lesson. The ideas have to be developed. You have to decide the direction of life. What we learn every day, how we learn, and after learning it, we learn how to live and live our lives. One offender went to a saint. He asked the saint, what is my fault? He said, 'Your fault is so much that you do not know how to live your life!' You have not learned anything from life. If you do not learn anything, sometimes there is no problem, but if you learn to learn not to learn, then there will be hundred percent objection. People who are in jail or in a madhouse are people who have survived life. You have to learn to live life, but there are no marksheets. It is seen on the face. The marks sheet is increasing or decreasing every day. If we look at some people, then we can say that this person is living his life handkerparent! Do we ever think of how many lives we live in? Is not it worth living as a passing asset? If not, then understand that we have eaten a position in learning to live our lives. Life is so good that it constantly keeps giving you the chance to make life better. At any age, man can start living. There are no limit limits here. Need some lightness. A person who is successful in career also fails to live a life. Those who fail in life are not happy even if they are as successful. Happiness does not match any degree. I do not have any kind of pleasure course, if I feel that I have a feeling, then I should know how to live my life.

Jun 20, 2019

BAOU admission 2019

Those who have not been able to follow their financial difficulties or other circumstances at that time, but now they are running a blessing program by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University for those who want to make their career rosy after graduating or beyond.Despite having no qualification of standard 10 + 2, the Bachelors Preparatory Program (BPP) for the purpose of preparing a large number of adults (over 18 years of age) for preparing graduation (BA / Bcom) Has started. There is no educational qualification required for this course. It is eligible for admission in this course which is more than 18 years of age, which can be read, read and write Gujarati.The duration of the course is only six months. Students can sit at home while the courses are run by using an education system and are taught to students by a special counseling session on holiday. This course is not equivalent to standard 10 + 2 or any other exam. But the university's internal arrangement is being prepared to prepare a candidate for admission in the Dr. Ambedkar University for further study.

After successful completion of this course, the student can get direct admission in the BA / B.Com of Dr. Ambedkar University. This course has started entry. To get admission or to get more information about that course, Dr. The Ambedkar University has been advised to approach the valid study center
Dr. In the course of Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University, the manner in which Mahatma Gandhi is the syllabus of the Father of the Nation, as well as the Masihas of the Dalits, the Constitution makers, Bharatratna Dr. There has been a demand to include Babasaheb-related syllabus. In this matter, Dr. Babasaheb Open University's Kulashichi has been written by Dalit activists of Patan in writing. 

The youth youth activist of the city, Rajendra Hariwaniya and others gave an application to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar University's Vice Chancellor, Piyushbhai Shah, in Ahmedabad and made sure to reduce them. According to the introduction of the workers, due to the educational, social, economic, geographical and business circumstances, due to the provision passed by the Gujarat Legislative Assembly for the purpose of providing higher education to all sections of the people deprived of higher education, Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University has been established. This University provides equal opportunities to the people of every class to acquire higher education. 36 courses, such as degrees, diplomas, postgraduates and certificates are available at the university. In this university's courses, a hierarchy called 'Swaraj FGP' for Gandhiji's ideology has been compulsory. The name of the university, as well as Dr. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar's name is associated with Dr. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, in reference to the life story and his related books. It is essential that a syllabus of the name of Babasaheb Ambedkar be filed mandatory in all the courses prepared by the subject experts.

Jun 19, 2019

May -June Current affairs PDF

The spread of Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi and English languages ​​has become digital and according to social trends, the authors are trying their imagination while doing writing art, while following this digital plate form, and following the global thinking, currents can take forms in future as well as the English section of Kutch University Experts said in Symposium organized by
Symposium 2018 was organized by the British Department of Kachchh University, with the aim of research in language improvement and the future due to its usefulness. Experiments in the seminar organized at the University's Faculty: Experts from other universities discussed the current trends and English research telegraph literature.

One such conclusion was found in this one-day workshop held under the chairmanship of VC Dr. Chandrasinh Jadeja that digital platform is now becoming a simple medium. Without any management, a person can present thoughts and ideas about this approach to the mind. The day-to-day events, that is, the current affairs, such discussions arising due to such digital media are prepared as capsules. Because of this, there is a kind of literary material going on.
In the event of any desire, current events or daily events will have the ability to give the form of literature. Meanwhile, Dr. Kshmira Mehta, Head of the Department of English, said that the great moment for his department was that one of the five English-language scholars has been announced with a doctorate degree. All of these five are from Vidyaritha. Two of them are cousins. Students of Ph.D. include Friendly Vyas, Kriti Vyas, Manasi Chauhan, Neerja Vasavada, Meha Sanghvi.

Jun 16, 2019

Computer Theory Notes PDF

In order to get technical knowledge in the era of today's technology, the poor children of the remote areas can get together with the people. Amitbhai Chawda, the modern lab MLA of the computer was opened in a modern bus by a company DDI and other company's World on Wheels project. Moreover, Amitbhai Chavda has children who are studying at primary schools in the backward villages of the state

This project has been implemented for the purpose of acquiring computer knowledge and making good progress in society and in life. Buses will be placed under this project in all the villages of the state's backward areas in the coming days. Through which students can gain knowledge Efforts will also be made to maintain basic education with technology. In the state of Gujarat, for the past some time, the knowledge of modern education is being given to the students by incorporating computer in primary education. But children from backward and vernacular areas may have seen a computer, but the dream of operating it has not been futile. The project to provide free-of-cost computer education to primary level students in their area was carried out by the computer sector Hewlett Packard. A modern computer lab has been developed in the modern bus system called World on Wheels. Laptops, screens, for the computer teacher have been made available in electric, generator and solar buses. In this, Project Incharge (HP, EDI), Pranay Shukla said that the standard computer lab in the modern bus has a syllabus of all subjects of standard 1 to 1 r in the computer. Students will be given information of different courses in about 20 hours for every one hour of every day. A total of 160 students will be trained on computer in a batch of 20 books in a batch. The support card for students coming to study in this unique bus will also be removed. According to the number of needy students in various areas of Anand district, the bus route will be decided

Jun 14, 2019

TAT (HS) Result Analysis

There are clear indications of the TET exams conducted by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board in the last week of June. However, due to the absence of a test for a long time, B. Ed. 
When the candidates have been out of age in the examination of TET, then B. Ed. A group of unemployed students have been waiting for a long time. On the other hand, this exam was delayed due to court maternity. So now the government has decided to take the test exam for teachers of standard 9 to 12 in the last week of June.

TET Examination to be a standard 9th to 12th teachers who have long been suspended from Gandhinagar by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar will be held in the final week of June 2018. This entire competitive examination will be conducted by the State Examination Board, however, the last time the examination was taken in 2014.

There is a large dip in the teachers of Std 9 to 12 in state government secondary and higher secondary and in-the-grants-in-Aid schools. On the other hand, the responsibility of the examination system for the recruitment of teachers in government and granted schools was taken up by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. But no board examination has been taken for secondary and higher secondary teachers for the last four years due to sluggish policy and negligence of the board. In fact, according to the Indian government's rule, the examination should be held twice a year. But in Gujarat, only two examinations have been taken in the last four years.

Jun 13, 2019

Std.10 New Paper Style 2019-20

Recently, the standard 10-paper formation and Blueprint has been modified. This decision has been taken in the interest of the students. It is true that this decision will help children to be 100 percent correct.

CBSE has modified the English-language board examination paper-style paper. According to the new paper style, the examination will be held in March 2019. The total number of questions in the new paper has been reduced from 35 to 35, while the number of MCQs and shortest questions in one section has also been reduced. Is there.

Besides this, the passage number has also been reduced. Apart from this, CBSE has also changed the vocational subjects' exams. The examination of vocational subjects will now be conducted by CBSE in February. Until then, vocational courses of standard 10 and 12 in CBSE were held in March but students were mainly The burden of the examination of the subjects will be reduced in the March exam and also the easiest to take the exam Te vocational subjects exam time table by vocational exam devayu chesibiesai previously been made public.