Jun 4, 2020

College-Uni. Matter of academic work and admission process

What is the ultimate goal of human life? Happiness! Everything we do all day is for happiness. Where does happiness come from?
Everyone's view of happiness is different. Someone gets happiness from success, someone gets happiness from wealth, someone gets happiness from relationship, someone gets happiness from peace. Man is happy even after getting all this, right? Every human being has a sense of happiness. The problem is, happiness does not last long. Success? Yes, found. The joy lasted for a while. Everything was back and it happened! The joy of a balance sheet or pay slip fades in a few moments. Take something, have fun for a while then the excitement is over. This is what happens. This is what has happened to everyone.

Went to a young saint. Saint asked, how is life going? The youth said, everything is routine. Nothing new! The saint said, Wow! What a wonderful way to screw people over. You don't enjoy routine? You don't think that God has arranged everything so well that everything goes smoothly. Aren't you constantly satisfied? Life has to be monotonous. Everything else that happens is events. It's just as fun to breathe evenly. An increase in BP is also a problem and a decrease is also a degree. Our biggest problem is that we can't be happy in routine. A man who has a sense of happiness does not need a kick for fun. The young man said, how far all are moving. I think, I'm left behind. The saint said, Whom do you want to overtake? Is ahead of you When you go beyond that, you will see that there is still someone ahead. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move forward. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Don't be jealous of what is ahead of you. Do not compare yourself with anyone else. If you keep comparing, you will not fall in love with this for the rest of your life! If you keep looking for the man who is better or more successful than you, you will always consider yourself weak.

Comparisons never end. A man who compares himself to another considers the other person to be the best or the ideal. Keep trying to be like that. We don’t live like we do when we try to be like someone else. We cannot accept that I am different, that I am different, that I am unique. I can't be like anyone else! So I have to be just like me. I just have to think, why should I be the best in myself! One college had a campus interview. The company was interviewing everyone at once. Everyone in the college who came out on top thought that this was going to be the highest paid job. When the details of the job came out, it was found out that the fourth number in the college has got the best position and the highest salary! The first number came and this thing shocked him! A went to the selectors. Why didn't you choose me for the top post even if I was first? The selectors said that what is in it is not in the stars! I asked you and Anne the same question, what would you do after being selected for the top post? You said, I will work hard and one day M.D. Will reach. I also asked him, what will you do after being selected for the top spot? That said, I will enjoy my work. I will create an environment where my team has fun working. I will feel where I am. He also asked another question, aren't you jealous of the number one? Doesn't it mean that you can't score as much? He said, no Ray, not at all. He has brought only two marks more than me, will be. He must have worked harder. I have done sports and much more along with studying. I have enjoyed the study. I was not bothered to come first! That is the reason why it was chosen. He did not compare himself with you and you still compare yourself with him! Only by knowing yourself can you be happy.

We constantly compare ourselves to someone. Who do we often compare ourselves to? Only those who are close to us! We keep comparing ourselves with our relatives, our friends, our colleagues and our neighbors! She has a big house. She has a better car than I do. How many of us think I have enough, right? If we think from a microscopic point of view, we have to be happy and happy. This is the story of a lover-lover. Both were childhood friends. Grew up together. Came to college. College completed. Both got good jobs. The company where the lover worked gave him a two-room hall kitchen flat. He was always jealous of his seniors. I am smarter than senior. The company has given bungalows to those people. The car is given. Once the boyfriend and girlfriend were sitting. The lover was talking about his office. That said, I work harder than my seniors. I am waiting to get a bungalow. The girlfriend told him, don't compare yourself with anyone! The rest is up to the bungalow! You remember when we were in college you used to say to me, just get a good job and a small flat! Our Life Set. That's all you got right now. Think, is your life set? If not set, why not? Your life is set, you just aren't ready to believe. You work Work hard. You have to get a promotion and a bungalow. Tell me so, are you happy? Enjoy the first one now! If you stay like this, you will get a bungalow, but even then you will be senior to you, envious of the farmhouse.

Jun 3, 2020

June 2020 Anaj Vitaran Press Note

Sajan re liath vote, Khuda ke paas jaana hai ', is such a song in the old Hindi film' Tisari Kasam '. At that time it was only a matter of going to God to punish him for lying. Secondly, do people speak the truth? 
They were encouraging to know. I should eat Many would even lie about eating something, that is, your bus. People used to give a variety of recipes to make a true confession. Now the time has changed. Lying and doing wrong have made technology difficult.

 If you do anything wrong, the risk of getting caught is highest. CCTV cameras capture your presence. Your phone can track where you were and where you went. Technology has now reached the point that your lies can catch up to sixth of the clock. The latest news is, now that technology has come out, if a man is lying, his gestures will say, "This is a number one lie."Facesoft, a UK startup company, has developed a technology that uses artificial intelligence to catch a man's liar. This technology will bring facial expressions to the fore with micro-expressions, which can reveal, is it true or false? You know, when we laugh, the rhythm of our laughter resonates with our eyes. Happiness, anger, resentment, and our other emotions make certain lines on the face. Now if a man is lying, his lips are different and the expression of his eyes is different. Over 30 million gestures have been uploaded to this technology. There are 80 points on each face that distinguish one face from another. Based on this, the numeric code is generated. Do not fall into the second detail and speak directly to the language, it can be said that this technology will expose the wrong child. We can think of everything from the negative side, talk of falsehood, but on the other hand, it can be said that the one who speaks the truth will be proved right. It is also not good that the truth-maker will get the technology.

Now this FaceSoft company will be working with the police in London and our Mumbai police to test the technology. If this technology is successful then it will replace the polygraph test ie ly detector. Polygraphy test that is performed by injecting a chemical called sodium thiopental, ethanol or cannabis into the offender's body. This chemical is also called Truth Drugs. Polygraphy tests are performed in many rar cases. This is the new technology software base. Right now, even if this is for the police only and for criminals to be tried, technology experts predict that this technology will be available to the general public sooner or later. The point is, if you upload a video, it will tell if it is true or false. If you see such an app in your Play Store shortly there is nothing to be surprised about.

The biggest question is, what will happen to human relations if this happens? Whatever we say, it is a fact that many relationships are based on lies. It is not a matter of how a man is improved overnight. Thus, Onesti is a must in relationship. Whatever lies you have to do if caught early or late. Technology never deletes your communication history completely. Sin shouted at the roof. As a cyber expert has said, if a man falls behind, he can know your transactions from here to there. Well, not everyone doubts us! However, with time and with the development of technology, the suspicion of each other has also increased. Thus, since the advent of mobile, this has also been happening in joke. The first jock was probably the same, the wife asked, "Where are you?" The husband said, drive the car. The wife said, eh? Just play the horn! This is a joke, but now checking mobiles and deleting messages or history has become an everyday task for many.

Britain's Lancaster University has also claimed that the rest belt, which can read emotions, will be on the market soon. Such an emotion reading instrument is needed when there is no one to read the emotions. There have been predictions about technology that will soon take over the intelligence of man. When it comes to Emotions, technology may catch the Emotions of man, but Emotion is a human being. Artificial intelligence, no matter how artificial, can never be real. Man is a sensitive animal. He lives by the sensation. When it comes to the technology of so many species, when will a technology that keeps a person's senses alive? However, there is no need for such technology if we can keep our emotions alive. Be honest, honest, loyal, and playful with yourself. The number of such people is constantly dwindling.

May 17, 2020

Standard 12 Science Result 2020 | Gujarat secondary Education Board

Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will
announce the result of Std. 12 Science stream today. The results will be published online on the Board's website at 8 am. In addition, the Board has stated that the date of distribution of marksheets and certificates of the candidates for Std-12 Science Stream March 2020 will be announced later. Will be published.It is not difficult to imagine a world without music, but it is impossible. Music has been associated with life since the beginning of mankind. 

When no musical instrument was invented in the world, people used to make music by hitting stones and moving wood. Nature has filled music in every creation of nature. The rushing river produces melodious music. The sea plays different music according to its mood. The clouds roar to create music. Rain serves music. Various sounds of music flow in the sound of birds. There is music in the whistle and the silence is something to be heard. Today, any occasion is considered incomplete without music. The world has been worshiping song and music since time immemorial. Every year in Belgium there is a music festival called Tomorrowland which is loved all over the world. Tomorrowland is considered one of the largest music festivals in the world. This year's Tomorrowland Festival is coming to an end today. Every song-composer in the world has a dream to get to perform in Tomorrowland. The best DJs from all over the world arrive at the Tomorrowland Festival.

Tomorrowland's popularity is such that all tickets are sold out within minutes of Anne's tickets being sold. Music lovers are wondering when the sale will start and when the tickets will be available. People who get tickets consider themselves lucky. Let's talk about the one who gets a chance to perform in this too. This year, more than four lakh people thronged the music festival. The festival has won all the awards for organizing the best music event not once but many times. Thousands of people from our country also participate in this festival.Ahmedabad went to the Tomorrowland Festival with his wife Chaitali and friends. He said that this festival is a privilege for music lovers, but even those who have no interest in music should not be overwhelmed if they go to this festival. There is something wonderful about this festival! 

The whole Boom City is engulfed in music. The scene that is created when performing 13 stages together is supernatural. M's 'pulse' currency runs in Boom City. Once you get the ticket, you get a basket with a digital band with a chip. Payment of 'Pulse' from the same band after you have charged Pulse with your currency. Cash transactions are nowhere to be seen. The funny thing is, no one lets you take a selfie there alone! It's as if you raise your hand to take a selfie or the crowd is arranged behind you! Even though no one knows each other, everyone seems to know each other! This proves the fact that music connects everyone. The tagline of the festival is, Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today is Gift. People come here with the intention of enjoying music and learning to live.

Apr 27, 2020

Current affairs 12 to 18 April 2020 By ICE | For All Exam

We keep pampering all the problems. There are heaps of events in our lives from which we may be physically free, but not mentally
free. Our thoughts do not allow us to be free. Liberation is not realized until the thoughts are freed. Our thoughts are the cause of our happiness, sorrow, pain, suffering, pain, trouble and trouble. A man who has control over his thoughts is a yogi. Thoughts cause disorder in us. We have been pumping the incident that happened in five minutes for five months. He spoke to me like this, he treated me like this, he hurt me! We never get out of this!

Man carries two chests with him all his life. One box has bad memories and the other has good memories. Both the boxes are so full. We keep the box of bad memories open. The box of good memories stays closed forever. All we have to learn is which pallet to keep closed and which to keep open. A man kept a hide folder in his mobile. His friend asked, what is in this? Is anything private? The friend said, no it's not. It's like not seeing. There are bitter memories in that folder. I have decided never to open that folder! The friend said, is that so? Then he said, my friend, then delete that folder! What to do by saving what is not open? We are all doing the same thing, saving even what is not worth saving!

Many people also enjoy being sad. He needs sympathy. By talking one by one, he seeks comfort from his people. He also likes to feel sorry for himself. Even with that excuse, they try to keep people on their side. It has become a habit to depend on someone. Who are you dependent on? We all have to depend a little bit on our person. It is not fun without it, it is not like without it, it must be, this is also a kind of dependency. This is natural when there is love. There is a lot of difference between being submissive and being dependent. Dependence leads man to slavery. Be supportive, but don't be dependent. Sometimes man seems to take us for granted when we are dependent. Be dedicated, not surrender.

This is the story of a boy and a girl. Both love each other immensely. The girl depends on the lover on everything. Nothing is visible without it. Not every lover sees such a situation with emotion, it also seems to look at it differently. Where is this going now? It is completely in my grasp. No matter what I do, it's not going to leave me. Gradually he began to take advantage of his girlfriend's feelings. Behavior that makes the girlfriend sad. Many people also do emotional blackmail in such a way that if you don't believe me, I will leave you! What will happen to me if the girl leaves? Being dependent on love also proves that our emotions are out of our control. Do everything for love, but when love is constantly hurting, think, where is going wrong? What's going wrong? Love should give joy! When we are in love, if we are not in the air and drunk, then understand that something is a problem. Sometimes it is normal to get upset or quarrel with someone, but if it happens constantly then you have to think about that relationship too!

There was a boyfriend and girlfriend. In the beginning, it went very well between the two. Gradually, quarrels broke out. The girl remains very disturbed. The boy doesn't care. Seeing the girl's condition, her friend once said, "You are sad." That is understandable. Does it matter? Does he ever think that my girlfriend is disturbed? Persuade him! I don't want to make her sad! True love is that after hurting our person, we also suffer! If it's not fun, we won't have fun either! Many get sadistic pleasure by making us sad. If someone gets sadistic pleasure from our grief, it is not his fault, it is our fault. Man should not give the key of his happiness to anyone. It is possible to have fun if there is someone, it is also reasonable not to have fun if there is not. However, if we don't have fun, then when it doesn't come, we have to understand that it doesn't have to be fun or not! Not only the key to our happiness, but also the key to our sorrow should not be handed over to anyone. To be happy, we need to be careful that no one hurts us.

Happiness should be given in any relationship. It also requires that we know how to be happy. If someone does something for us, it should be appreciated. How much do we care when someone works hard to keep us happy? This is the story of a husband and wife. The husband works hard to keep his wife happy. If the wife is upset, keep doing it to make it fun. If something happens, say, let it go! It's done! Our problem is that we don't let anything go! Hold on! Someone can encourage us to leave! We have to give up! It only happens to our person when we don't put it, you don't have to put it! One thing is for sure! Our person sometimes gets bored that this doesn't matter at all!

Apr 15, 2020

Textbook | Standard 12 English Medium Soft Copy Download

Sometimes in life, there is even a person who has a loose heart. This is the story of a boy. He got a friend. At first I talked very formally. One day the girl said, you live a lot. Tell me, what's going
on in your heart? Trust me, your words will never go out! The boy talked a thing or two. Often man is testing before trusting. Is this person able to talk in his stomach? His friend did not tell anyone. The boy trusted his friend. After that, he started to say big things from small to big. Talking about it, it feels good. It used to be that life has found a friend who can say all things! Shortly after the issue of the girl's personal life, she was removed from her friend. The boy now likes to talk with his heart! Dost had no other expectations! We have become accustomed to telling certain things to certain people. When that person goes away, a different kind of emptiness is created. Vacancies that do not even count. In her mind and in her mind, things are going on with her that happened today! That's what happened today!

As the friend walked away, it happened to the boy that there is no one else. He did an idea. Made a stone image. He gave the idol the name of that friend. Every day he would sit in front of the idol and talk about it. Doing so made her feel somewhat relaxed. Shortly afterwards, his friend suddenly found him at one place. He asked, 'Do you tell anyone your heart? The boy said, "Yes?" The girl asked, whom? The boy said, he has made a stone statue! The girl said, the move is good. There is something you can talk to all! The boy said, "That's right." The only problem is, the idol doesn't answer! Hearing talk does not give comfort! His friend understood everything. We don't just have to talk, want something. Sometimes comfort, sometimes advice and sometimes a mild touch! Sense can also be heard when a person is listening and talking and slightly tapping his hand.

The sensations can sometimes become intense. The shoreline is needed to shine it. No matter how wide the sea, there are other shores! Many men are like the sea, saving a lot, sitting in sangri. There is also the burden of saving and saving. Occasionally sunburns occur. The beaches are probably shaking their heads, because the buoyancy of the honeymoon is causing them to swell! An invisible catastrophe continues in every man. If it is found along the shore, lightness is widespread.

Sometimes we feel betrayed when someone tells us something. When this happens, man is 'packed'. I can't say anything to anyone. One reason for depression is to keep everything in your heart. Inward derangement confuses a man. They cannot be expressed. Every man has something 'private'. They also have to share it. Do you have a man talk about it personally? If you do, then you are his 'locker'! A locker that has one key and one near you. We have a responsibility to ensure that this locker is never opened. Once the locker is emptied, it will never talk again. Secrets should be safe. What should not come out of one's mouth, but should be read out in a corner.

Being respectable requires trusting. If no one is talking to us personally, understand that we are lacking. Trust also has to be done in order to be trusted. Learn to express. It is also necessary to identify man. There are people in the world who are dependable. Sometimes finding the wrong person does not mean that no one is trustworthy. Not everyone can say all things, but few are like 'lockers'. You also have to think, how trustworthy am I with anyone?

Standard 11 Textbook | English Medium Soft Copy

What is the point of your life that you never tell anyone? Even more important than the question is, why don't you tell someone this? What fears haunt you? Will it be public or not understand
your point? Everyone has something to say. Where can everything be written on social media? There is something in our hearts that is bouncing out. We hit the basket and set it back. Don't tell anyone! What does it matter to someone? Anyone have anything to worry about? Sometimes the heart becomes heavy enough to breathe. The unspoken words sometimes float in the eyes moist. Even when a man claims to be a liar someday, he asks why? So falsely, I'm having fun!

There were two friends. After a long time the two met. A friend asked, why? Another friend said, I'm having fun! That friend was not fun. On leaving home, the wife said, "You are a personal friend. Let your mind speak in the openness of every confusion. The husband said yes. The husband came home at night to meet a friend. The wife asked, how was it? You spoke all of your heart? The husband said no! The wife asked, why? The husband said, he asked me why? I said I had fun! Guess I'm having fun! Not every man can easily open up! How much do we also think or feel about those closest to us? What does it matter? It's just fun! Every man needs a space to open. There is an invisible veil that needs to be gently removed. Have to read the face. Do you enjoy reading your person's face? If so, suppose you have trouble solving your language! The language of the heart is not difficult. Simply put, it should only use the heart. We use the mind more than the heart.

The man who cannot tell his heart to anyone or who can say all his heart is the saddest and most unlucky man in the world. To be relaxed one has to adjust. This is a story of a man. He went to a psychiatrist. The doctor asked her, what's the problem? The man said, I do not know the problem. I tell you what I have to say. You're a doctor, you find my trouble. Having said that, the man spoke with all his heart. The psychiatrist heard everything. When the talk was over, the man asked, do you see any problems? The psychiatrist said, "Yes!" The man asked, What? The psychiatrist said, find a friend whom you can talk to in your heart. The man was suddenly watching the doctor. The doctor's diagnosis was absolutely correct. He had no friends! For the first time, the man realized that not being a friend is not an illness, but a bad thing!

The man told the doctor, "No one trusts me!" How did you get here? The brother said, taking my car! Well, did you trust the car or not? Why didn't it look like this car would do an accident? If we don't stop driving the car for fear of an accident, then why can't we trust someone in fear of something happening? Sometimes a man cannot speak to his heart because he has never heard of anyone's heart! You can share everything with anyone who shares everything with you! As man is getting more and more sophisticated, he is becoming more and more numb. Now things are not just said, viral goes! The man is even more afraid of the message. What if screenshots start moving? What if the call was being recorded? Saying someone's heart is sometimes glued to the wall of social media. Now the betrayal has also gone digital. Communication increased, but commitments decreased.

Sometimes in life, there is even a person who has a loose heart. This is the story of a boy. He got a friend. At first I talked very formally. One day the girl said, you live a lot. Tell me, what's going on in your heart? Trust me, your words will never go out! The boy talked a thing or two. Often man is testing before trusting. Is this person able to talk in his stomach? His friend did not tell anyone. The boy trusted his friend. After that, he started to say big things from small to big. Talking about it, it feels good. It used to be that life has found a friend who can say all things! Shortly after the issue of the girl's personal life, she was removed from her friend. The boy now likes to talk with his heart! Dost had no other expectations! We have become accustomed to telling certain things to certain people. When that person goes away, a different kind of emptiness is created. Vacancies that do not even count. In her mind and in her mind, things are going on with her that happened today! That's what happened today!

As the friend walked away, it happened to the boy that there is no one else. He did an idea. Made a stone image. He gave the idol the name of that friend. Every day he would sit in front of the idol and talk about it. Doing so made her feel somewhat relaxed. Shortly afterwards, his friend suddenly found him at one place. He asked, 'Do you tell anyone your heart? The boy said, "Yes?" The girl asked, whom? The boy said, he has made a stone statue! The girl said, the move is good. There is something you can talk to all! The boy said, "That's right." The only problem is, the idol doesn't answer! Comfort by listening

Apr 8, 2020

English Medium Textbook | Standard 6 PDF File | 2020

Every love story has a villain. Most of these villains are family members. People who have grown up with great love before. The
same people do not give their children the right to love. To stop loving your daughter, it is sometimes said that if you have a relationship with her, you will be killed. What parents can't say, Emotional blackmails and says that if you marry them we will commit suicide. There is only one case of our state now. One of the girls married her lover, so her father performed his twelfth ritual and declared that my daughter was now dead. Mental cruelty is more dangerous than physical abuse.
Textbook PDF File 
'Pyaar kiya to darn kya' fame film 'Mughal-e-Azam' was released 60 years ago today. The poster of the film was recently used in Rajasthan after the Law of Honor Killing. Rajasthan became the first state in the country where the law of Honor Killing was enacted. Rajasthan police put up a photo of Mughal-e-Azam on Twitter and wrote with Heart's emoji, "There is no crime of beloved tax." This new law will be used in case of murder or beating of a lover. Life imprisonment and a fine of up to five lakhs have been provisioned. It is a good thing. Something happened. By becoming this law, parents will now allow their offspring to choose their favorite character or even marry the person they love.

How many girls or boys have the courage to face parents? All the parents do not kill or kill, except the one who suffers the mental torture is difficult to bear. A few days ago, a witness of the daughter of Rajesh Mishra, a MLA from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, married her lover Ajit Kumar. The witness is a Brahmin and Ajitesh is a Dalit. The video of the witness's father being beaten up went viral. Despite assurances of court and police protection, Ajitesh was attacked in the Allahabad High Court premises. If our leaders do the same, where to talk to others? After explaining to the MLA by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he said that the witness should do whatever he wants. It was clear that he had to make such a statement. He could neither forgive nor accept the witness. The witness fell and rebelled against his father and family for his love. Not every girl has such courage. Many girls sit quietly chasing their dreams.
Honorable killings in the country increased by 796 per cent in 2014-15, the Lok Sabha said. Most cases occur in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Exact figures of such honor killings are not available in our country. Corruption panchayats also continue to punish lover couple. In the cases of Honor Killing, there are cases of murder similar to the second murder case. The question is, why is such a law made only in Rajasthan? Why does nothing happen in other states? Are those states waiting for more deaths?

For one thing, the mere making of laws does not end the conversation. More important is the change in people's mindset. One study also says that cases of honor killings occur more in villages or small cities than in cities. Surprisingly, even those who have had lovemares tend to object when it comes to the love of their daughter or son. There has definitely been some improvement over time, but much more is still needed. We just got a case out of Amreli's guess. A couple who had a love affair were caught and killed by the girl's family and burned. The list of such cases is too long. If you listen to the details of the way the boy is killed, the hikers get away. Even cases of suicide by a boy or girl who are unlikely to get married to the person they love are coming out. How to have compassion, to kill, but not allow the boy to live that way. How are we all, a girl and a boy sitting in the garden or somewhere else and we say lost. If the boy and the girl are sitting, the police dismiss him as well. As if those people were not committing a major sin! How Long Do We Understand Youngsters? The failure of a parent is for a boy or girl to flee and marry. We do not even give the children enough room to speak in their hearts. The rest of the lovers have been revolting from ancient times and still have to. When it comes to rebellion, it is more responsible than its parents and society. Lastly, a line from Sahir Ludhianvi's 'Takusui' Ghazal, you have to fight in the world, you have to marry the father of Jahan Kahte in Varna…

Apr 1, 2020

Standard 9 Textbook | Gujarat Government | Soft Copy

Most importantly, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media, do not consider it your
standard of eligibility or eligibility. Don't let social media get on your mind. Social media is just a way to stay connected with friends. Don't look at someone's fun photos and think that everyone is in concert and I'm alone or alone. Social media never estimates who is happy or who is hurt. There is more to hiding than what a man looks like. Get in touch with the people closest to you. Have a few relationships where you can talk all your heart out. Social media is a virtual world, and what is simulated is never true. If we take it as true, then it is our turn, not ours. Also keep track of how much time you spend on social media. If you spend more time with your people than you do on social media, think you are wrong. There is nothing bad or bad, technology is for us. If you like social media, definitely be active, just maintain proportion and stay awake with the impact on the mindset. 
Social media is increasing the number of mental illnesses. Decide if I do not want to register my name in CyberSec. You must have heard that saying, extremely perpetual!The eye blows the key to everything. The eye is the ion of the heart. The eyes reflect on what is going on in the heart. When the heart is rash, the eyes are a bit shaky. The speed of breathing and the mind's mind also keep beating in the eyes. Even after closing your eyes, a lot of scenes continue. Even when sleeping, dreams do not allow the eye to jump. The eyes of the rider explain the fact of the night. The eyes have a language. The language is simple, but not everyone understands it. To understand the language of the eyes, the eyes need more than the eyes. Not everyone has that vision. We also don't like the way all our eyes solve the language. That right is only available to some people. We don't even have the right to all of them. That is why we are looking for angles to weep. Some corners of the house are a living witness to our suffering. There are also some angles in the heart where not everyone gets access. Its doors are open to some people. Where is the dampness of the corner of our eyes all used to?

It is also fun to cry. If someone is a hoarder! The tears may have seemed a little too dry when there was no shelter. Tears are unfortunate when dry on the cheeks. The tears shed by our person's salvation also result in salvation. Tears also have a dimension. It is also a small shock to the eye by shedding tears on the ground. There is also slight tremor in the throat when there is an earthquake in the eyes. Do you ever want to cry? Can you cry when you feel like it? Where can we even laugh when it comes to laughing? That's what a girl said. Yes i cry All alone Right in my presence. I release my sensation in the event of a tragedy. Only the witness of the tissue has a dignity to cry. The throaty doom flows through the eyes. No one knows. Sometimes even the thought goes, Who turns, with my wet eyes? When the monsoon sinks in the eyes or when the summer breaks, where does one fade or melt?

standard 10 Textbook Download Soft Copy | Gujarati Medium

After you upload anything on social media, you're tempted to see how many likes you get? Who made the comments? What comments? Yes, such temptation must happen. This is also very natural. Many people are constantly watching, how much does the likelihood increase? Do you get upset if you got 200 likes in the previous post and 125 like the last post? What do you think of when liking someone else's post? Do you like it, or do you really like its post? Many people look at a photo and say, it looks like a wreck, even with so much talk they will do it again! We are now getting better on social media! If the boss has a post then you must like. We sometimes even grit our teeth in order to persuade the boss that, wow where are you!

Do you get angry if you've written a post, tagged it, and haven't seen it? It just so happens that he does not care? Suppose you saw it and didn't respond at all, do you feel bad? It is not necessary for everyone to be the same. Each action has different reactions. What happens if you upload status and you do not get one? Most people like the status quo itself. Like us first! The account must open with us. Are you jealous if your friend gets more likes from you?

Social media also runs for all likes, comments, and followers, as if a contest was won. This is considered by Criteria. The number of followers or friends on Instagram, Facebook and other social media shows their popularity. Celebrities are different, but when people join the race, they often suffer from depression. Miniature texts come out, I don't care.

Considering the psychological problems caused by social media, Facebook is considering a decision. From now on, you can only see the likes you get on Facebook. You will only be able to read the comments your post receives. Facebook has also made its experimental debut in Australia. From the results available in Australia, other countries will decide whether to apply it or not. By the way, do you like it or not? Other people also see the likes we get. Not only likes, who is reading what comments. Discussions and debates over comments also continue.

Facebook research revealed that those who get less likes are disturbed and have been casting their opinions on themselves. Many people delete the post only if they get less likes. As Facebook says, we don't want people to understand this as a competition. Facebook and Instagram are owned by Mark Zuckerberg. There has been such an experiment on Instagram in Canada. Youngsters have been turning to her since the advent of Instagram. Facebook is now called Youngsters Mom-Dead or Uncle-Aunty's social media. People also talk about caste on Facebook. Many people believe that, like before, they are not getting as much as they used to. There is also talk of people not posting what they post. Facebook wants Rs. To promote the post. Now God knows how much of this is true and how much wrong it is.

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In today's time, the degree of doubt in relationships is so much that we have questions in everything. Our relationships are not so strong.
Looking at our person online on WhatsApp gets the idea, who will be chatting with? Mobile passwords can sometimes cause suspicion. A young man constantly worries that if no one gets a phone while I am with my wife! I'll be tired of answering. We have become so skeptical that in everything we have to go down. One of the reasons for the stress of today is that we keep on slipping within ourselves. Even if the message is not answered, we become irritated. The man who is surrounded by doubts is himself sad. Our faith is the cause of our happiness. Most people are upset that they have no faith in anyone.
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We have to ask, how much am I impatient for? How much does it cost me? Will he remember or do me? This is a story of a girl. He fell in love with a boy. The group of boys was huge. He met everyone and treated everyone with love. His girlfriend once asked, There are so many people in your life, where am I? The boy said, "You are where you want to be." You are special You are the closest Yet there is one thing, there are other people in my life. I have friends, I have a family, I have work and I have my own space. Proof of attachment is not always required. One of the pitfalls of our life is that we want our person to give us the same imports. However, that is not possible. One man is connected to many people. Relationships all live on different axes.

One thing also needs to be remembered that it is not often that we are loyal. Loyalty also has its own understanding, belief, and
mindset. We all have the same expectation of being like we are. We do not understand or accept that not everyone is like us. There is a limit to friendship. There is also a limit to expectations. There is one thing right now. One girl loved a young man very much. He proposes to the young man. The boy refused to say so. The girl asked the reason. "I just had a breakup," said the young man. The reason for the breakup was that my girlfriend demanded a full day's account from me. Where did he go? What was the matter with? Even so, I didn't mind. I was open-minded about everything. The objection started from there when it began to ask, why do you stay with him so much? Why do you talk about it all? Your Yellow Friend is not reliable at all. If that were true then I would be honored. However, my understanding was telling me that what he was talking about was not fair. When you feel tense to answer, you should get the answer by questioning the relationship.

A person needs to be fully identified before delving deeper into relationships. Some people's temperament is controversial. There are some people who all enjoy cheating. You cannot change anyone's temper. In such cases man has only two options. Either accept that person as they are or get rid of them. It is not easy to accept what everyone is like. If we cannot accept it then it is better to be free. No one can improve a man who does not want to be corrected.

It is not necessary to have every relationship the rest of your life. Nor should it be expected. It is better to detach gracefully than to stay painfully attached. There should be loyalty in relationships. Loyalty remains the same relationship. Even so, you cannot force someone loyal. This is only possible if the person is loyal. Expect the same level of relationship. Not everyone can expect the same kind of intimacy. We should be proud of the lives of those with whom we belong. If you are going to remove it from the other, then there is a chance that it will go away from us. Lastly, when asking for loyalty, ask yourself, how loyal am I?