Oct 10, 2020

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Sometimes in life, there is even a person who has a loose heart. This is the story of a boy. He got a friend. At first I talked very formally. One day the girl said, you live a lot. Tell me, what's going
on in your heart? Trust me, your words will never go out! The boy talked a thing or two. Often man is testing before trusting. Is this person able to talk in his stomach? His friend did not tell anyone. The boy trusted his friend. After that, he started to say big things from small to big. Talking about it, it feels good. It used to be that life has found a friend who can say all things! 
Shortly after the issue of the girl's personal life, she was removed from her friend. The boy now likes to talk with his heart! Dost had no other expectations! We have become accustomed to telling certain things to certain people. When that person goes away, a different kind of emptiness is created. Vacancies that do not even count. In her mind and in her mind, things are going on with her that happened today! That's what happened today!

As the friend walked away, it happened to the boy that there is no one else. He did an idea. Made a stone image. He gave the idol the name of that friend. Every day he would sit in front of the idol and talk about it. Doing so made her feel somewhat relaxed. Shortly afterwards, his friend suddenly found him at one place. He asked, 'Do you tell anyone your heart? The boy said, "Yes?" The girl asked, whom? The boy said, he has made a stone statue! The girl said, the move is good. There is something you can talk to all! The boy said, "That's right." The only problem is, the idol doesn't answer! Hearing talk does not give comfort! His friend understood everything. We don't just have to talk, want something. Sometimes comfort, sometimes advice and sometimes a mild touch! Sense can also be heard when a person is listening and talking and slightly tapping his hand.

The sensations can sometimes become intense. The shoreline is needed to shine it. No matter how wide the sea, there are other shores! Many men are like the sea, saving a lot, sitting in sangri. There is also the burden of saving and saving. Occasionally sunburns occur. The beaches are probably shaking their heads, because the buoyancy of the honeymoon is causing them to swell! An invisible catastrophe continues in every man. If it is found along the shore, lightness is widespread.

Sometimes we feel betrayed when someone tells us something. When this happens, man is 'packed'. I can't say anything to anyone. One reason for depression is to keep everything in your heart. Inward derangement confuses a man. They cannot be expressed. Every man has something 'private'. They also have to share it. Do you have a man talk about it personally? If you do, then you are his 'locker'! A locker that has one key and one near you. We have a responsibility to ensure that this locker is never opened. Once the locker is emptied, it will never talk again. Secrets should be safe. What should not come out of one's mouth, but should be read out in a corner.

Being respectable requires trusting. If no one is talking to us personally, understand that we are lacking. Trust also has to be done in order to be trusted. Learn to express. It is also necessary to identify man. There are people in the world who are dependable. Sometimes finding the wrong person does not mean that no one is trustworthy. Not everyone can say all things, but few are like 'lockers'. You also have to think, how trustworthy am I with anyone?

Oct 9, 2020

Current Affairs By ICE | September 2020 PDF

 There is no one as stupid as the youngsters who do not understand that he is not conscious about his life and career. Today's youth are very wise, intelligent, sensible and sensitive.

Some young people may be careless or naughty, but they have always been. It is unfair to think that all youngsters are irresponsible because of a few.When it comes to our country, one thing is often said that our country is a country of youngsters. Our country has more youngsters than any other country in the world. If India dreams of becoming a superpower, one has to admit that only these youngsters can make the country omnipotent. How much do we value the youth wealth of our country? How much do we motivate those people? 

Most of the time we applaud someone only when they have achieved some great success. We overlook small successes. Our hands are low on the backs of young people. Which boy or girl did you last say, "I'm proud of you?" When did you see someone's skills and say that you have the ability to be great or successful? You work a little harder. Have you ever helped someone succeed? Would have done. This is not to say that all people ignore youngsters, which is not the frequency it should be.

Bianca Andrescu, a 19-year-old Canadian girl, has just won the US Open title, beating 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams. Bianca went home with a grand victory. He lives in Mississauga, Canada. The city has a population of eight and a half million. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was present when Bianca arrived in his hometown. City Mayor Bonnie Crombie gave him the city key. It was circulated throughout the city. Bianca may have been happier with the honor in his hometown than he was when he won the title. Youngsters need appreciation from their own people. There is nothing better than being praised by the people of the house and respected by the people of the city.

What happens to us there? Some people go to the airport and welcome the winner. In this too, the real intention is to appear in the media and get publicity. The question is how many people will be proud from the heart. "One of the reasons our boys don't come forward is because they don't get appreciation from home," said an expert on parenting. Parents who admire their children's small things are paving the way for their children to move forward. Another thing is to tackle the failures of youngsters as well. When it succeeds, many people go to Samarkand Bukhara, but when it fails, they do not pay attention. Today's youth need people more in times of failure than success. How many times have we sat down with those who have failed and said, 'It's OK. It happens. You tried. There are still fewer chances. You have to succeed.

In our country, the efficiency of the youth is in doubt. The country's Labor and Employment Minister Santosh Gangwar has just issued a statement saying that there is no shortage of employment in the country, but there is a shortage of skilled youngsters. Santosh Gangwar may have been told such a thing by a recruiter. Let's assume for a second that this is true, then why doesn't the government think about why this is so? Youngsters have degrees, but if they don't have skills, isn't that a defect of our education system? How reasonable is it to blame young people directly? Even if we have a recruitment of policemen there seems to be lines of graduate and post graduated youth. Don't all those educated people have any other skills? A survey conducted by two Delhi University professors found that 33 per cent of India's skilled youngsters are jobless. Have you seen the mental state of youngsters who do not have a job? He is ready to do whatever he wants. Making a career in any field other than studying there is like chewing iron chana. The work we do there is art to the side. The real work is considered to be the one who gets paid by doing the job. We don't even applaud those who do a little good work in the field of art. Our cats measure how much they earn each month. Youngsters will do something, just motivate them. It needs support, not sympathy. A country that cannot appreciate its youngsters cannot move forward. If we want to move forward, we have to learn to trust the youngsters and pat them on the back.

Sep 4, 2020

IBPS Clerk Exam 2020 Notification

 It is not difficult to imagine a world without music, but it is impossible. Music has been associated

with life since the beginning of mankind. When no musical instrument was invented in the world, people used to make music by hitting stones and moving wood. Nature has filled music in every creation of nature. The rushing river produces melodious music. The sea plays different music according to its mood. Clouds make roaring music. Rain serves music. Various sounds of music flow in the sound of birds. There is music in the whistle and there is silence. Today, any occasion is considered incomplete without music. The world has been worshiping song and music since time immemorial. Every year in Belgium there is a music festival called Tomorrowland which is loved all over the world. Tomorrowland is considered one of the largest music festivals in the world. This year's Tomorrowland Festival is coming to an end today. Every song-composer in the world has a dream to get to perform in Tomorrowland. The best DJs from all over the world arrive at the Tomorrowland Festival.

Tomorrowland's popularity is such that all tickets are sold out within minutes of Anne's tickets being sold out. Music lovers are wondering when the sale will start and when the tickets will be available. People who get tickets consider themselves lucky. Let's talk about the one who gets a chance to perform in this too. This year, more than four lakh people thronged the music festival. The festival has won all the awards for organizing the best music event not once but many times. Thousands of people from our country also participate in this festival. Hardik Shah from Ahmedabad went to the Tomorrowland Festival with his wife Chaitali and friends. He said that this festival is a privilege for music lovers, but even those who have no interest in music should not be overwhelmed if they go to this festival. There is something wonderful about this festival! The whole Boom City is engulfed in music. The scene that emerges when performing on stage 13 together is supernatural. M's 'pulse' currency runs in Boom City. Once you get the ticket, you get a basket with a digital band with a chip. Payment of 'Pulse' from the same band after you have charged Pulse with your currency. Cash transactions are nowhere to be seen. The funny thing is, no one lets you take a selfie there alone! It's as if you raise your hand to take a selfie or the crowd is arranged behind you! Even though no one knows each other, everyone seems to know! This proves the fact that music connects everyone. The tagline of the festival is, Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today is Gift. People come here with the intention of enjoying music and learning to live.

There is a saying among us that where there is a village, there must be garbage. Even in this festival, the contamination of drugs has penetrated. After one or two cases came out, the Belgian government and the festival organizers have become very alert about drugs. It so happened that a 26-year-old British girl who was at the festival in 2016 died. The postmortem revealed that he had died from an overdose of drugs. After that, before any man goes to a concert, his limbs are taken inert. Is it also checked by taking off the shoes that the drugs are not being hidden somewhere? However, the deaths of Indian youngsters over the last two years have raised questions. Just last Sunday, a 27-year-old man from India died. Last year, in 2018, a 26-year-old girl from India also breathed her last at the festival. The organizers had to reveal that the deaths of the two were not due to drugs but other reasons.

After the music festival became a hit in Belgium, a festival called TomorrowWorld was also launched in the United States. Tomorrowland was also held in Brazil. People who can’t go to the festival have fun following Tomorrowsand on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Dream Villa is set up in a space equal to 128 soccer grounds in Boom City, where people live in tents. The tent is also a part of the ticket. After the festival address you can take the tent and other items provided for convenience in the tent as a souvenir. The people who perform there, while narrating their experience, say one last thing that it is a paradise of music. This year's festival is coming to an end tonight, if you are a little interested in music, at Indian Time

Aug 6, 2020


Sadness, embarrassment, agitation and dementia dissolve excitement and warmth. The face is wrinkled
when it falls on the heart.
When we look at our face in the mirror, we think, how much freshness is on my face? The mirror does not lie. We should be able to read the language of the mirror. The mirror only shows the outside view. From this we have to recognize and discern the picture within us. The mirror is neutral. It does not favor anyone. It shows what it is like. Decorate the mirror with an iron frame or a gold frame, it does not change. The mirror says, don't just look outside, even if a little inside. If the face is bad, we do makeup, what do we do to bring up what is down inside? A man went to a saint. He said to the saint, ‘I wish there was a tool to show the reflection inside!’ The saint said, ‘Yes! There is also such a tool. God has given us a living-waking tool like our face! ' The face is talkative. It speaks for itself. If we become deaf, where can we hear facial language? Anyone who knows how to read his own and his own person's face is truly educated! Degrees do not come from the scriptures of living life. It is understood from life itself, whether you pass or fail!

Lightness is the lifeblood of life. That Sanjeev is within us. Fun, joy, happiness and peace we seek outside. It has to be found inside, not outside. Life is simple and easy. We make it tough!

This is the story of a professor. His college students were asked for their opinion on who is the best professor. Who do you enjoy teaching the most? The professor was on top. All the students said, "We have the most fun with him." A meeting of the college staff was called. All the professors were present. The principal said to the professor, ‘What is it about you that makes all the students have fun with you?’ The professor said, ‘There is nothing special about it. This college has even more gifted and well-taught professors than me. The difference in me has nothing to do with learning, but it has something to do with arithmetic! This year when the new class came I tried to read every student’s face. All were sad and frustrated! I started teaching by shaking off her sadness, hope and boredom. First I relaxed everyone by talking about life and then I started teaching! I wanted to fill them with something good, so I had to get rid of the bad ones first! Just, maybe this is the same work the students liked! That’s what brought me and them closer together! ’The first step is for someone to understand, believe, accept and follow you 1’

Sometimes the mind has to be restless. How the mind lives depends on what happens to us. Sometimes when we don't like, unintentional or inappropriate event happens, the mind has to be confused, sadness has to be felt! There was a girl. She was upset. Once she went to a philosopher. The philosopher said, ‘The sadness in your mind. Get rid of anxiety. 'The girl asked,' Why is it that we are not affected by anything? If something bad happens, the heart has to be hurt, doesn’t it? ’The philosopher said,‘ Yes, the heart has to be hurt. If the heart is not sad, then understand that there is a problem. We are human. We must have all the effects that human beings have. Sadness comes when something bad happens. All we have to do is focus on the sadness of the event and let it go. Don't let it grow by shifting. We dry the body with a towel after bathing. The same has to do with life. Dry what gets wet, refresh what gets dry. Sadness is such a thing that if we don't remove it, it becomes darker and darker. At one point it gets so dark that we are the only ones in it! It gets so dark that light can't find its way! '

Nose leaks so we get treated for colds immediately. When facial veins get tense, we do nothing, right? Why don't we just relax the veins that feel a little tight. Anything that gets more and more tense eventually breaks down. Life should be treated like a musical instrument. Keep the strings tight enough to keep the melody flowing! Knock down what feels heavy! We don't wear wet clothes, but we carry heavy sadness. We have the greatest responsibility to ourselves and at the forefront of this is to keep ourselves humble! How much do we fulfill our duty to ourselves?

Jul 31, 2020

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Not every living person is necessarily alive. To live is not to breathe, to live is to beat. How many
people understand the logical difference between beating and beating? Just by looking at many people, we understand that its life is not in place! When life is not in place, man is absent where it is present. The presence of the mind along with the body is also essential. There are very few people who are 'alive' every moment of life. How many times a man dies temporarily in his life! That time is counted in life, but not lived. Moments tend to be dilapidated when the mind is agitated. Man should also keep checking his own life. Where is my life? If life is not in place for a long time, then understand that life has gone horizontally. Life is also sometimes chaotic. We have to keep in our minds a crane that can put a fallen life back on track!

If man's life is not in place, then his life does not seem to exist in anything. If there is no presence of life, where is the presence of life to be felt? Was a young man. He was learning painting. He started training with a legendary painter. The painter once asked the young man to make a painting, and the young man arranged a canvas on the easel. Gradually began painting. Painters came to see a little picture. Seeing the strokes of the painting, the painter said to the young man, 'Let it be, your life is not in the place right now!' Everything we do is inanimate. Nothing should be done when life is not in place, only work should be done to bring life in place at that time!

We sometimes get away from ourselves. We don't hear our own words. Only the man living inside us becomes a complete stranger. Man should be friends with himself. He who does not love himself cannot love anyone. He who hates himself is bound to hate the whole world. Even when our lives are not in place, we are blaming others for it. It happened because of you! It made my condition worse! In fact, any situation is created by itself. What does a lost child do at a fair? If he cries and someone asks him, he just says, ‘My mom is lost!’ He doesn’t feel like I’m lost! We are just like that child. We are lost and blame on others!

We are there believing that, at the time of death, if any desires remain unfulfilled, the soul keeps wandering. God knows whether the soul wanders or not, but the lives of many people are wandering while they are alive! Some people become like ghosts while they are still alive. In tough, tough, contrasting and tough times man should decide that no matter what happens, I will not get away from me. I will not let my life wander. I want to keep my life in place. Even the house of a woman whose life is not in place stops beating! When we go to many houses, it seems lifeless. We say that there is a lot of negative feeling in his house. There are some houses in which a wonderful and supernatural power is communicated to you as soon as you enter. It happens to us that there is some magic in her house! Yes, there is magic, the magic of the positive energy of the people living in the house is spoken, lived and felt in the house!

This is the story of a young man. Two of his friends came to see him. A friend was an interior decorator. "There is a lot of negativity in your home," he said. You change your home. Change the color of this wall! Make some changes in the furniture too. Add a little brightness to the house. Take care of the breeze too! 'Hearing this, another friend who came with him said,' It's all right, first remove the net that has been thrown inside you. Fill the vacuum inside you with a little lightness. The emphasis is on your face. 'The emphasis should be on the face, not the face. One has to look at nature when it is lacking!

This is the story of a girl. The girl got married. A few days after the wedding, the pier arrives. When the father-in-law leaves, he always says, "I don't want to go home!" Why don't you say 'my house'? Son, where is your soul in your house? As long as you don't feel alive in that house, that house will never feel like yours. Flood your life in your house and before that your life will flow in you! How much 'mine' is ours? There should be life inside the house and that only happens when our life is at home! '

Do you enjoy your home? He who does not have fun in his own house does not have fun anywhere. Every corner of the house should be revived. This is the story of a young man. At one point he realized that everything in his house was lifeless. Everything including the sofa, table, chair, fridge, TV is lifeless. At one point he brought some flowers and plants from the young nursery. He came home and said to his wife, ‘There should be some things in this house that are alive!’ Hearing this, the wife said lovingly, ‘You get a little more alive and everything will seem alive! You are alive in this house, I am alive, but why do you feel that nothing is alive? We’re not going to be alive and even these flowers and plants are going to wither! ’Do you ever think how alive you are? A lot inside us to keep alive

Jul 27, 2020

SBI 3850 Circle Based Officers Recruitment

The biggest basis of a relationship is how the dialogue is. Talking is not dialogue. There is a subject of conversation, there is a sense of dialogue. How much attention do we pay when someone is talking?
We don't even know who said what when we were in our thoughts. Not paying attention is one thing and not paying attention is quite another. Sometimes we are not ready to listen. There is a difference between being careless and being careless. There are very few people who listen carefully to everyone. We are also 'selective' in listening. We don't even count on some people. We are the ones who often say, listen with one ear, delete the talk with the other ear. Why has God given two ears? When we listen with one ear and take it out with the other ear, we do not think that even if we have deleted the talk, it has passed between the two ears! Yes, not everything is important. How much importance do we give to the important thing?

Do we have any attention to our 'mental status' while talking and listening? There should be a mood and atmosphere to talk. There must be a healthy mind for dialogue. A weak, dull or agitated mind only creates trouble in dialogue. An unstable mind is very responsible for getting things done! Sometimes we don't think someone's words are true, because we are not ready to accept that someone's words are true! We are thinking from our own angle. When the other person is speaking the truth, we have a responsibility to understand and accept the truth. This is the story of a young man. He had little work in an office. A friend of his had reached out a lot. The young man called his friend, "I have a job in that office. Does anyone know you there? 'The friend thought for a moment and said,' Dude, nobody knows me there! ' Nobody knows! 'The young man felt bad. If you didn't want to work, you refused, didn't you? Why did you say wrong A few days later a third friend met him. The young man told his friend that he told me that no one knew me! He also said that now it has changed. Avoid work!

Listening to the friend, his friend said, ‘Hey, why do you think the other way around? Why do you think he's lying that he doesn't have to work? You know, he called me after you talked to him. "You have an office job," he said. He was asking me for your work, is there anyone you know in that office? So you help her. 'Sometimes we think in our own way and doubt the relationship. Such suspicions are the cause of many relationships. Every time a relationship breaks down, it is not the Sami person's fault, it is our fault. It is easy to blame others. We don't feel guilty about it. Sometimes when the relationship with the other party is severed or reduced, we do not understand what has happened to it. What did he think was wrong or bad? Even if no one picks up our phone, doesn't respond even after the blue mark appears in WhatsApp, even if they don't respond after seeing our status, we still have different thoughts. He doesn't care anymore, he has become a very big man, now we start thinking that he doesn't need me. We don't think it's a problem. Otherwise he will respond immediately. Even when someone's call comes and we can't receive it, we send a message saying, I will call you later, because it doesn't feel bad! He doesn't feel like I'm ignoring his call!

What is meant by relaxation in a relationship has to be understood in the same sense. Along with who says what is important is how we understand what he is saying. Before we talk to the implicit, we have to say, "Please take my word for it in the right spirit." This is the story of a husband and wife. If the husband says anything, the wife will say the opposite! The husband said, ‘Going out?’ The wife said, ‘You don’t have to stay at home. You have to wander outside even when there is a holiday! ’The husband once said to stay at home. The wife said, "You have to keep me at home. Even when there is a holiday, you don’t feel like taking this somewhere for a walk! ’The husband said,‘ Why do you take everything I mean upside down? Please don't take my word for it! We will continue to fight because of this. ' No objection to what he does. Man does this to an extent. Then it also feels tired. When you have to think about speaking or behaving against someone, understand that something is missing in this relationship. Understand that this relationship is in danger if you are concerned about maintaining the relationship. Sometimes it is still understandable that the mood goes up and down, but if its frequency increases, there is a danger! When living with two people, sometimes there is a difference of opinion, sometimes one of them has to do something that the other person does not like. At that time our behavior demands more understanding. We also have to understand that if the person thinks the same way as we do, does what we want, and the focus is on me, that is the biggest mistake. The basic question is, does that person have feelings, love, or respect for you? Once upon a time something inappropriate was said

Jul 25, 2020

Guidelines | Suchnao | Bharti 2020 Official

You know, whatever marketing strategy is being implemented in our country and the world, it is designed with the youngsters in
mind.Companies adopt a variety of recipes for attacking youngsters. Today's youngsters react instantly. It is active on social media. In all respects, it offers its own unique option. If anyone thinks that today's youngsters do not understand that they are not conscious of their life and career, then there is no such fool as them. Today's young man is very intelligent, intelligent, understanding and sensitive. Some of the youths may have been negligent or obliged, but they were in every age. For some it is unfair to consider all youngsters irresponsible.One thing that is often said when it comes to our country is that our country is a country of youngsters. Our country has more youngsters than any other country in the world. 

    If India is dreaming of becoming a super power, one has to admit that only these youngsters can make the country powerful. How much do we appreciate the youthful wealth of our country? How much do we motivate those people? Most of the time, we accept it only when someone has achieved some great success. We look at small and small successes. The hands of the young people are less able to hold back. You think the last time you said that to a boy or girl, I'm Proud of You? Ever seen someone's skill and said, do you have the ability to be great or successful? You work just a little bit more. When has someone helped you to succeed? Would have done. The intention is not to tell everyone that youngsters are doing the same, which is not what the frequency should be.

    Bianca Andrescu, a 19-year-old girl from Canada, won the US Open title by beating Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion. Bianca returned to her hometown with a grand victory. She lives in Mississauga, Canada. The city has a population of 8.5 million people. When Bianca arrived in her hometown, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there to welcome her. City Mayor Bonnie Crombie gave him the key to the city. It was turned around the whole city. Bianca may have been more than happy when she won the title, more than the honor she had received in her hometown. Youngsters need aspiration from their own people. There is nothing more than honoring the household and honoring the city.

    What happens to us there? Some people are welcomed to the airport by coming out victorious. There is also a lot of good intentions in the media itself and their own publicity. It is a question of how many people will be truly proud. "One of the reasons why our boys are not coming forward is that they do not get appropriation from home," said an expert at Parenting Subject. Parents who listen to their children's little things make way for their offspring to move on. Another thing is to tackle the failure of the youngsters. When successful, many people go to Samarkand Bukhara Aawari, but fail to pay attention. Young people today need more people at a time of failure than success. How many times have we sat down to say that it's OK? It happens. You tried Where are you going to get even less chance? You must succeed.

    In our country, the efficiency of the youth is only down. Labor and Employment Minister Santosh Gangar made a statement recently saying that there is no shortage of jobs in the country, but there is a shortage of skilled youngsters. Santosh Gangawar may have been asked by a recruiter. Well, let's take a moment to suppose that this is true, then why doesn't the government have an idea why this is so? Youngsters have a degree, but do not have the skills, should it not be considered a flaw in our education system? How justified are you to blame young people directly? Even if we recruit a policeman there seems to be lines of graduated and post-graduated youth. Do all those educated people have any other skills? According to a survey conducted by two Delhi University professors, 33% of India's skilled youngsters are jobless. See the mental state of youngsters who don't have work? It gets ready to work, no matter how small or small. Making a career in a field other than the one we study there is like a chewing gum. There we have art to do in the side. The right thing to do is to pay the salary by doing the job. We also do not appreciate the little work that is done in the field of art. Our scales measure only how much they earn each month. Youngsters must do something pretentious, just motivate them. He needs companionship, not sympathy. A country that cannot appreciate its youngsters cannot go on. If we want to move on, we have to learn to trust the youngsters and stumble upon their backs.

    Aanganavadi Bharti Jaherat 9 Districts - PDF Notification

    How is a man How are you, me, and us? Some men are a little easier. It is immediately understood. Accept immediately. Some
    men are tough. Don't explain in a moment. There is no 'guide' available to a tough person. It has to be frozen to make it firm. Difficult men also become easier when they 'go on'. From the outside, all men are the same. It has two arms, two legs, head and torso. From the inside, every man is different. There is something going on inside everyone. It does not appear, is felt. The realization is not so. The feeling has to be dissolved, dissolved. Touching is not just through the movement of the finger, but also through the feeling of the soul. The soul senses intimacy.

    A man begins to like it without cause. Begins to feel themselves. It looks like it has a debt or debt. It becomes a part of life. The heart dictionary is very potent. Few pages have swirls that keep us awake throughout life. Was a girl He fell in love with youth. He said, Where were you till now? If this was only on earth, why didn't I get it so far? Will the debt even subside in a few years? How would someone get into your thoughts? You are the essence of my being, which gives me the essence. Your closeness makes me realize the reality. Everything seems to have changed. I'm not even me. You are absorbed in my prayers. I talk to you even when you're alone. Even when you are silent, the dialogue seems to be going on. The dialogue doesn't need words every time.

    This is the point of a spouse. All day long, even if the two are together, they talk very little. Intimate love between the two. His love did not matter. Once his friend Kapal came to stay at home. He questioned seeing the husband and wife talking less. You talk so little! The friend said, that's right. We speak very little. There is a reason behind it. My parents and my wife's parents are friends. Our parents are both deaf and dumb. We've lived with both of them since we were little. That is why we have learned the language of silence! Sensory language goes beyond words. We understand the language of gestures. Our parents didn't speak, they didn't listen, they were still communicating! The language of the eyes explained it perfectly. One incident I miss. Once my father brought flowers for my mother. My mother's attention was another. He approached and hinted that he looked like this. My mother's attention went to the rose flower in her hand. The Thanksgiving Love You couldn't speak, but I felt the pink sensation of the rose petals on its cheeks. The pink cheeks of those cheeks were also floating in my father's eyes. From that time I realized that dialogue requires affection, not words.

    Jul 22, 2020

    Purak Exam std.10 and 12 Timetable 2020

    There is a constant flow of people in our lives. Some come into our life for a short time and some for a long time. Man has a camp.
    Some people stop for a while and then leave. Everyone leaves with something in us. A little bit of sweetness, a little bit of bitterness, a little bit of remembrance, a little bit of complaint, a little bit of hope, a little bit of despair, a little bit of joy, a little bit of excitement, a little bit of frustration goes into us. Whoever has, puts it away. Some people feel that we have become a little lighter together. That man has put a little lightness in us. There is nothing less than bitterness! A man called the saint and said, I want to meet you, when will you come? 

    The saint asked the opposite question, why did you feel like coming all of a sudden? The man said he had been with some people for the past few days. The negativity of all that is riding on me. You have to come to get rid of it. I feel like I need to empty what is inside me. A few nets are left to be cleaned.

    After meeting someone or living with someone, we think, what changes has happened to me by living with them? Are happening. We don't look at it. Don't we also think that what the man has left in me is like keeping it or throwing it away? Some people spoil our brains. That's why it happens to us, where did I get this? Who is the person in your life about whom it happens to you that it would have been better if this had not happened in my life? It also happens in many cases that it feels good when someone comes into our life. Gradually the true identity of it comes before us. We later realize that this person is not what I expected. We get rid of someone even after we know them, right?

    This is very true of a girl. A boy came into her life. The girl was attracted to him. The boy speaks well whenever he meets. Praises the girl. Gradually the two fell in love. Sometimes a man does not understand when he is far away, but when he comes near he is discerned. The girl realized that what she considered to be a lover turned many girls around. He talks to me like he talks to many other girls. The girl was sad, but she finally realized that there was nothing wrong with having a relationship with her. One day when the boy came to visit, the girl said, "I know your fact." Complete your relationship with me from today. The boy said, Fine, your wish! He got up and walked away as if nothing had changed. It happened to the girl that this was nothing! I just became a fool! We become fools, we are deceived, we do not tolerate even after realizing that!

    The girl began to be disturbed. His friend asked, what's the matter? The girl told all the truth. "You did well," said his friend. One should not have a relationship with such a man. On hearing this, the girl said, "You are right, but it does not cross my mind." He cheated on me. Sometimes I get so angry at him that I slap him. Does that make all the girls understand the toy? Just as this was going on, an email came in the girl's friend's mobile. He opened the mail. The mail was useless. He told his friend, if this mail. There are no reviews yet. What am I going to do with this? Report Spam and Unsubscribe! By doing so, he said, some spam people are also coming in our life, they have to be unsubscribed and deleted. You have unsubscribed, but have not deleted it yet! It may have forgotten you, why do you remember it? Get it out of your mind too! It is not enough to physically remove a person we do not like. Even mentally it has to be removed. The reason for our sadness is mostly that we keep a lot in mind. There are some knots in the mind which if we keep digging, it will only cause pain! Such knots have to be uprooted and thrown away!. 

    Not all people in our lives are ours. We need to get to know the man in our lives as soon as we can. The longer the delay, the greater the risk of suffering. There are some people that we can't get rid of by cracking. At such times it becomes necessary to keep a safe distance. Even with useless people, sometimes you have to have enough work relationships. This is the story of a young man. A man working with him betrayed him. This young man was very sad. He decided that what he really needed to do was learn how to do it right. The only problem he had was that he was in front of the man. I had to see it in the office every day. Seeing him, the veins of his brain were getting tense. Seeing his condition, his friend said that he is against it, but you should not look at it. Why does seeing it refresh your mind? The skill of making someone's presence absent is also essential in life.

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    Success is directly related to conflict. We have seen in almost every field that, despite not having qualifications, some people have been
    arranged in certain places. We have also been saying and hearing that it does not match? Its reach is very high. The one who has strong ends takes bribe and takes possession. Because of this, what really deserves remains. It also happens in some cases that when someone is climbing the ladder of success, he is pulled down and knocked down.

    After the suicide of film actor Sushant Singh Rajput, one story after another of nepotism in Bollywood has started coming out. Many people including film actress Kangana Ranaut, singer Sonu Nigam, Abhinav Kashyap have come on the field and are talking about nepotism. Good thing, there is someone who dares to speak the truth without any fear. Many people say that everything will work out in a few days, then everything will fall back to normal. Remember the uhapoh that happened during the casting couch and me to movement. How was everything? Does anyone remember that today? Even if this is said, those who dare to speak should be applauded. Ravish Kumar said nicely, not every fight is fought to win, some fights are done to make people realize that someone is fighting. The vices do not end overnight.

    The important thing is, to be a victim of nepotism is to commit suicide? The obvious answer is no. Sushant Singh had such a diamond that he could survive on the strength of his acting and come forward. If you look at it this way, nepotism, politics, strife, gossip, favoritism, nepotism are all in the field, to a lesser extent! Everything from politics to sports and much more. The gift of organizing one's own people extends from religious institutions to the mafia world. Not everything like that from nowadays. If we sit down to unravel the cases, we can find many incidents from ancient times to the present day.

    Nepotism can be simply defined as nepotism. The word comes from Latin, Italian, and French. Nepot in Italian means nephew. From him came the word nepotism. Called Nepotism in French. Nepotism is the unreasonable bias in organizing one's own people to great positions. Swajan bias or kunba parsati used to happen before, it happens today and will continue to happen in the future.

    We have been talking about familism in politics since independence. The most talked about is the Gandhi family. The late Rajiv Gandhi, who flew a plane with pilot training, was made the Prime Minister. Rajiv Gandhi's success was greatly contributed by his think tank. In politics, examples of nepotism can be found in every state and in every party. There are many examples on the Opposition, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who have succeeded on their own strength. If we talk about the world of cricket, whether it is Sunil Gavaskar or Sachin Tendulkar, his son got a place in cricket but he was thrown out because he could not perform. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan's son Abhishek Bachchan also stopped walking. There are many cases where the other side has reached the pinnacle of success by facing all the struggles with its hard work, passion and dedication. The bottom line is that those who have the ability to succeed sooner or later are more likely to succeed. The Kapoor family is all the rage in Bollywood. There are many Kapoors who have not gone to Bollywood. Someone can give you ground but in the end anyone has to prove themselves.

    How many of us are honest people who give a chance to those who really deserve it instead of giving it to their close relatives? Every man does nepotism at his own level. There are some good people who don't do that but they are the exception. Nepotism has to exist and in the meanwhile man has to succeed. Wealth is inherited but ability is not inherited or inherited. All you have to do is not get tired or lose out on any nepotism, politics or anything else, only your hard work and your skills will give you success. Whoever matches in his work without falling into the spree of who matched or who is in the field only succeeds. To be successful, you need to be able to do your job without fear or hesitation. Unwavering faith in oneself is the first condition for success.