Jan 9, 2020

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India competes in supercomputer with China and US: India needs
to increase research in artificial intelligence. India's supercomputer scientist Dr Vijay Bhatkar, who was present as Chief Guest at the 9th Convocation of Gujarat Technological University, said that while some countries, including China and the United States, have been trying to make Exa scale advanced supercomputer, India has also started a mission to make supercomputer. India is also in competition with the United States and China by 3x Cal will create a super computer.

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, the country's first supercomputer manufacturer and computer scientist in India, said that India will have to increase its research in areas such as artificial intelligence, supercomputer, cyber security and robotics and there is still a shortage of research in these fields in India. Besides, subjects like Artificial Intelligence will have to be introduced in technical courses in Higher Education and Diversity will be introduced in Higher Education courses, so that diversity will increase and employment will increase. General Chat Chat Lounge Regarding the development of advanced supercomputer with Exxa Scale Power, Dr. Bhatkar said that the mission of becoming an advanced supercomputer has begun and my team and I have together designed the architecture of the supercomputer.

India will make Exa scale advanced supercomputer using less than 5 MW power by 3. Currently, countries including China, the US, Japan, Russia and Europe are looking to build Exxa Scale supercomputer and China and the US have also started making. India is also competing with countries like China and America.

Yet no single country in the world has made the Exa Scale Advanced Super Computer. A missionary has already been launched by the Government of India and it will cost around Rs 10 crore to build this Exa Scale Super Computer. If India successfully builds Exxa Scale Supercomputer by 3, then it will be of great help in researching medicines for incurable and fatal diseases like cancer as well as developing integrated health systems. Would greatly benefit. India's economy is currently the third largest economy in the country and within a few years India will cross the US economy and it believes in America. However, given the rate at which the population is increasing in India, India will overtake China in the population.

What would an Exa Scale supercomputer be like?

Exa Scale supercomputer is an advanced supercomputer capable of counting billions to billions of quintillions in a second. Earlier India created the first supercomputer param 3 in 1, but this computer consumes a lot of power and its mathematics equals 1 zero behind the 5 and so on. Now the major developed countries of the world, including India, strive to make the Exa Scale supercomputer There is a 1 followed by 18 zero, meaning that Mathematics Figure 1.8 x 1018. Exa scale supercomputer can count more than 1 billion quintillions in a second. The Exa Scale supercomputer will have the same processing power as the Human Brain.

Jan 6, 2020

sbi recruitment 2020 Full Notification

If you are looking for a bank government job then this news is for you. Bumper recruitment is taking place in many places in many government banks. These include Bank of Baroda, Union Bank and IDBI Bank. In this regard, the last date for applying for two banks is March 29 and the deadline for applying for a bank is March 31. 
According to reports from a media channel recruited on these posts, the senior relationship manager and the Territory President's posts (positions) will be recruited in the Bank of Baroda. At Union Bank, posts of economists, security officers, credit officers, etc. will be recruited for which applications are in progress.

IDBI Bank (IDBI Bank), Manager, Deputy General Manager, Assistant General Manager will be recruited at the post. Name of Recruiting Post in Bank of Baroda: Senior Relationship Manager (Senior Relations Manager), Territory Head (Region President) Qualification: Graduate, MBA / PGDM Number of Posts: 100 Posts Experience: Senior Relationship Manager (Senior Relationship Manager) 3 - 5 years experience Required Territory Head (Region President) 8 - 10 years Experience Required Last Date: 29/03/2019 Veteran, economist, security officer, credit officer, etc. Qualification: Graduate, Post Graduate (Different qualifications have been fixed for different positions) 

The bank tweeted that all customers seeking this facility can go to their bank branch and apply for it. According to the bank, the account holder's family member (parents, wife and children) can get additional cards. However, the money from these cards will only come from PNB's ATMs. Only the card will be used at other bank ATMs. The primary card holder's details will be based on what customers get from the two extra cards. Also Read: Zero Balance Account Holders Will Get This Facility Free Now They will get this feature This feature will only be available to customers who keep their KYC updates, maintain a minimum balance and always deal with their account finances. New customers can avail this feature when opening a savings account in PNB. You can apply for a personal debit card at a bank branch. Under this, Rupe and MasterCard will be made available to customers

Jan 5, 2020

Conductor Exam 2017 Paper Solution - so you know what questions to ask from a topic.

The Supreme Court has immediately banned tree cutting in Ore
Colony until October 21. The Supreme Court has directed the Maharashtra government, hearing the petition of the Law Students, to immediately stop the trees from being planted and to maintain the status quo till the next hearing.
The apex court said that the situation in the area should be maintained till the Environment Bench makes a decision in this regard. The next hearing on the matter will now take place on October 21. Justice Arun Mishra said during the hearing, "According to what we are convinced, the Aare area is a non-development area but not an eco-sensitive area.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said the trees have been harvested as needed. Now, no more trees can be cut down in the colony. The Supreme Court said that every protester who opposed the tree cutting should be released immediately.

A group of students wrote a letter to Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi regarding the operation of the tree cutting in Aare, and appealed to intervene in the matter. It is noteworthy that so far 1200 trees have been cut. A total of 2700 trees were planned to construct a metro shed.
Metro Rail Corporation President Ashwini Bhide's statement comes after protests over cutting down of five trees in Mumbai's Aare Colony. On Sunday, Bhide said that cutting trees was essential for parking a car in our colony. There is a lot of buzz about cutting trees in the area. In this regard, Bhide said that sometimes there is a loss to create something new, but it paves the way for new life and new construction.
It may be recalled that the Bombay High Court rejected the petitions against the cutting of trees. The trees have begun to cut down since Friday. According to the crowd, activists opposed to cutting down trees in the Aare Milk Colony should respectfully accept their defeat in court.

Bhide said that those who are protesting are doing false propaganda. This process has started only after the High Court verdict. While this process of tree-cutting is being strongly opposed by local people, NGOs and political parties in Aare. Since Friday, a large number of people have been holding fierce demonstrations where trees are being cut down. Police also arrested 29 people.

The protesters received 29 conditional bail conditions
Arrears arrested 29 protesters protesting against cutting down trees for metro rail, who have now been granted conditional bail by the sessions court. All of them have been charged with obstructing the duty of police personnel and attacking them. Additional Sessions Court Judge H.W. C. Shinde has granted his bail to these seven performers on a 7000 quality mustache and on condition that they will not be involved in the show. All three protesters were arrested on Friday. They were protesting against cutting down trees in the area

Jan 4, 2020

The circular was a matter of checking the vowel speed of students of standard 3 to 8

In the process, it is the process of delineating and interpreting the sound (pronunciation) of an image emitted by the eye, such as the letters, words, pictures, symbols or symbols of the content of the sentence. Ability to interpret or the reader may differ; Also, the meaning of the word changes depending on the context. Readers' experiences differ from those of the author, as the reader may sometimes think differently than the author. E.g. Harindra Dave's poem "You saw the green leaf and you reme

mber it." So, by looking at the green leaf, one can remember the process of photosynthesis and the nature of the teacher who taught it.
Thus, the reader rationalizes the whole process of interpretation. Reading is therefore considered a reflective process. R.L. According to Thundaise, "reading is a process of logic." According to Federick B. David, reading is a process of logic. There are two types of this process.
1. Collecting the ideas in the text, the act of connecting the relationships between them.
2. The power to guess correctly from text, which is something more than mere word.
Thus reading cannot be tied to a definition. Reading is a complex process. Which involves the technical process of seeing words and symbols as well as the intellectual process of interpreting and guessing. Which involves the entire nervous system from the visual to the brain.
Types of Reading:
In terms of reading process and purpose, the following types can be given:
(2) In terms of process:
૧. Oral reading and silent reading
૨. Individual reading and group reading
૩. Standardized reading and precision reading
(3) For the purpose:
૧. Reading for entertainment
૨. Informative reading
૩. Reading for problem solving
૪. Critical reading
૫. Creative reading
Tips for reading speed and reflection development:
Reading is a tool that leads to creative. The teacher should strive to develop the creativity of the students, not just assign them a choppy task like reading a lesson. For this purpose, under the new syllabus implemented in BAd from the academic year 2016, two types of activities were undertaken to improve the reading comprehension of the trainees, to increase reading speed and to develop critical thinking.
1. The following activities were tried at the beginning of class education as well as before the prayer meeting to reduce the reading errors of the students and to increase the reading speed.

Dec 31, 2019

UGC NET Exam December 2019 Result Declare

You also need to understand when to give advice. It is ok to ask for and give advice. It is not fair that no one asks and we give advice. Where there is no need for your words, it is wisdom to remain silent. This is a story of a girl. Once upon a time talking to a self said, you should do so. Hearing this, the girl said, I asked you? He said to himself, "No, you did not ask, but it happened to me that I should say." The girl said, why did you feel that you should say? Who gave you such a right? Do we ever think so much before talking or giving advice to anyone, that I have a right to say so? Sometimes a man, when he is older, believes that I have the right to counsel.

This is the story of a learned man. Its place in the whole society. All the people come to him for advice. Once upon a time, a brother came to consult him before making a decision. The man spoke all the way, arguing in his own way. The man found it true. He questioned, if this scholarly man gives such good advice, then why does the person in his house live in such a way that he is upset? A young man from his family was lying on the road. The brother asked the learned man, "Why don't you give any advice to the young man in your family?" The reason is that he never asks for anything, said the wise man. If asked, I will give a definite answer. How to believe what you don't ask?

No one can convince those who do not believe. We are often told that I am tired of explaining it to anyone, but where does one have to admit it? It has to be assumed! If we know that this person is not going to believe what I am about to say, then we are incapable of explaining it. We even sometimes say in anger that if I have to listen to you, then respect me, do what you think is right! By trying to convince some people we are wasting our energy.

It is not necessary for all to obey us. Trying to convince us to speak is also a form of oppression. Even if someone asks, telling us what we think is right, then believing it or not, leaving it at that. Even if they do not believe it and are wrong in their decision, it is not fair to say that I already told you. Where was your belief? Now enjoy yourself! This is a father-son story. In one case the father advised the son. Son said in good language, Dad, I don't think you are right. Do I do what I think is right? The father was understanding. He said, "If you do not feel right about me, then you should definitely do what you think is right." Granted, I may be wrong! The son made his own decision. It did not happen as the son had anticipated.

The son came to the father and said, "I was wrong. My decision was not correct. Father said, It's OK. Not every decision is necessarily justified. The son asked, "Don't you think that I did not obey you?" The father said, 'No, I did not think so. What the Father spoke next was even more important. He said that it is also the duty of parents to give their children the right to make mistakes. Mistakes do happen. Mistake is also a kind of education, which teaches us where to find the wrong trail and what to do to prevent it from happening in the future.

Every man knows what his duty is. They just have to be careful, what is the limit of duty? He who knows where to hang is the wise man. There is also an extent to which you need to put a full stop in giving advice or guidance. Everyone has his own life. True freedom is to allow our people to make whatever decisions they like. The coach's job is to guide the player right off the field. After the game starts, the player has to play on his own on the playground The player has to decide on which ball to play and which ball to hit the Sixers with. While giving advice, it is also important to explain that I believe what I say. It does not have to be true and does not have to be true. The true relationship is the one in which our person knows that, no matter what happens, you will be with him in every situation. It is an excellent feeling to have the same relationship with our hands when we have to wipe tears or hold back.

Dec 29, 2019

Agriculture Uni.Clerk Exam Paper 29.12.2019

In October, recruitment examinations for Uncategorized Clark are coming. Today, every candidate is preparing for this exam. Practice paper plays a very important part in this preparation. If you have read and evaluated by this practice paper, meaning is better. Here Paper Solution has been prepared by the ICE Institute.Our mood changes constantly. Sometimes we have fun. Occasionally upset. There are times when we feel like dancing. Sometimes you don't even want to talk to anyone. Sometimes the gall escapes if someone tells. Sometimes it feels like being alone. What happens to you? Will happen. None of this is excluded. Psychology, as it says, must happen. If not, understand that something is a problem. 

We are human beings. Good-natured affects all of us. If the heart breaks, then the pain must go. If success is to be happy. Happiness is the ultimate goal of everything a person does. Everyone always wants to have fun. However, not every time we are supposed to. Certain events, events, or events can cause us to become depressed. There are people in the world who, no matter what happens, don't change. Should it rotate or not? The answer is, yes. Moreover, at times, sadness or bad mood can lead a person to a better life.A study about mood states that when you have a bad mood for some reason, you start thinking seriously about the cause. That's what a girl said. A Happy Go Lucky Kiss Girl. All day, stay in the fun. His Friend Circle was equally funny. Once he had a quarrel with his personal friend. It was the first time it was disturbed. His mood was bad. At that time he thought, why did this happen? Whose voice was it? Then there was the idea, whatever the point, but in the relationship, there was a knock? He also wondered what to do next. The next day, he told his friend that he was sorry. The friendship has returned. Had the mood not deteriorated? He would have thought, go to the stove, where there are no other friends? He might have lost a true friendship. We all too often get upset about our relationships. The study says that bad moods increase love, friendship, affection, intimacy. Relationships grow stronger than ever. We learn to appreciate relationships. 

Dec 27, 2019

CTET December 2019 Exam Result Declare

Central Human Resources Development Minister Prakash
Javadekar said that under the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme 1,000 students will be given a scholarship of Rs. 75,000 per month. We are starting the PM Scholarship scheme soon. This scholarship will soon be given to 1,000 selected students across the country. The government is planning to spend Rs 20,000 crore to improve the level of education across the country. The government will set up world-class 20 universities, which will take place in the world's top 200 universities. Under the Chief Minister's scholarship scheme, students studying in any course of graduate, whose annual income is up to 4.5 lacs, can get it.

Javdekar said that the country's education sector, under the leadership of PM Modi, is passing through the era of radical change. PM Modi's dream of New India will be realized only through education. The government is demanding a pattern of income for incorrectly proposing scholarship to the under-privileged students of most of the schools of Tapi district, even though a scheduled year-old student studying in primary school is planning to give scholarship without considering its parents' income. This is not the case Not recommended for rthini government scholarships like being deprived of scholarships from the vantage of poor students.
Under the Chief Minister Yuva Swabhamban Yojana, the state government is studying scheduled tribes in Std. 1 to 10 as per scheduled caste, Scheduled Caste, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes, Non-Resident Economicly Backward Classes, Desperate and Dismantled Scheduled Castes, and financially on providing financial benefits to minorities. Students have exempted the income limit for getting a scholarship. Although the Social Justice and Empowerment Department of Gujarat Government has sent out circulars from the year 2015 to the vigilance officers and educators from abolishing the income limit, the schools have still been requested by the schools to provide scholarship to Scheduled Caste students in class X.15. Has been there.

Dec 21, 2019

To identify a human being one has to understand his thoughts.

To identify a human being one has to understand his thoughts. Before having a relationship, think about what a person thinks I want to be friends with.
This is the story of a young woman. After that father-in-law left, he found new friends. It came into contact with neighboring women. Gradually, the young woman cut ties with everyone. Her husband once asked, why don't you meet these people now? The wife said, "The thought of it all seemed to lighten me." Think of it, be happy. I have no problem against all that he says. I just don't want to go down as low as people. We must also keep in check what changes we have in relation to someone. Sangha has an impact. Color of color. Our color should be darker with color. We also lose our identity if the color fades away. What we talk about a lot of people is that it was not like it was not, its group has changed since then.

People judge us above whom we belong. They have the same group as a human being. Like Minded means the relationship with the people we like. How much do we know about whom and to whom we like? When we meet some people, we immediately feel that we will not get along with them. Some people are immediately 'clicked on'. Not only do the heart strings match, but also the vibrations.

In addition to thinking about others, we should think about ourselves a little bit. How am I or how am I? Is there anything in me that touches people? It is enough if we are good on the inside. If we are good and no one comes close to us, then we feel that we have no true and good identity. I do not deserve it. There should be no straining to enhance the relationship. Having the right relationships automatically grows and thrives on it. Our image is a matter of our hands. I will not give up my ideals, I will not defraud anyone, I will not give up my integrity, my grace and my glory are my identity. I will keep compassion alive in me. My senses will not let me go to sleep. There is a big difference between being alive and being live. How many are you alive Living and knowing life requires knowing the true and the good, and even more so that we ourselves are right and good! Because at last we are the only people who are going to meet us!

Dec 20, 2019

Much of our happiness and misery depends on what kind of men we are around!

Much of our happiness and misery depends on what kind of men we are around! Humans are influenced and lacking. It cannot be measured what a man is like. Where is the measure of man to be the same forever? Man is changing. Very few people stay the same forever. It is not a small achievement, in any case, to change, not to abandon our good. Staying the same all your life is like doing penance every day. The head of a man reveals his humanity. A man is of the mind, of a particle, of a moment. Many humans are like mountains, many like bubbles! The bubble looks beautiful, but it does not look like it explodes!

Every man has an impression. Each one has an image. Photos uploaded on social media are fine-tuned with Photoshop. People spend thousands of bucks to look beautiful. How much do we strive to be good? Being good requires more than being good, not beautiful! Appearance is inherited. Goodness has to be cultivated. Life is a process of constantly getting better. Age does not make sense. Sometimes, as a man grows older, he becomes more stubborn and more arrogant. Age is only meaningful if something good is added to man every day. Time takes us daily to different grips. Sometimes there is a good time, sometimes the ninth time is taking our test. A person's identity is often revealed when it is a good time. How we behave in good times proves our maturity. People measure us based on how well we speak when lying down.

In recent times our measures of measuring man have changed. Most people measure a man by his wealth. We consider the rich a big man. We are starting to decide whether or not to relate to her style, how she dresses, her lifestyle, whether it is hi-fi or plain. The brand has become so dominant over us that we are starting to determine the height of a human being. There is a difference in height and depth. Many men are shallow. Shall be covered in shallow, it cannot be immersed! Depth can maintain the same grace. Some men never change. It has no up-and-downs in life. Some people change with the air instead. Gets into the air. The air does not stay the same forever. Being in the air sometimes has to come down low.

Dec 19, 2019

There are times in life when life gets tired too

Every man has had an idea once in his life, what does all this confusion mean? Putting everything in place makes you feel like running away. There are times in life when life gets tired too. We cannot do what we want to do. Satisfying the expectations of others? Even when there is no response from anyone who does everything, it also happens that nobody appreciates. Running from dawn to dusk? All philosophy, including life, happiness, joy, relationships, friendship, seems worthless. Poor thoughts sometimes dominate us. Such ideas should be avoided as quickly as possible.

Depression is never an instant. It comes at a slow pace that we do not understand. A poor idea comes up. After that, the flow of weak thoughts begins. We go deep and deep in despair, and we don't even know when to get to the bottom. A person who understands thoughts can only be happy. Sometimes fun is an understandable situation, but if you constantly feel that there is no fun, nothing you like, no desire to talk to anyone, no mind to work, then you need to be careful. Our mind also gives us a signal to be aware of. Where we stop, where to go, where to stop, what to do, what not to do, our mind keeps on giving. We often do not count them.

Sometimes we have to be unhappy about something with whom we live and work with. Even the person closest to us sometimes feels worthless. He does not understand or does not understand anything, he has thoughts that I have no idea. Sometimes, even the mind can abandon it. It is, however, temperate. Without it we cannot walk. We have become accustomed to man. We have the attitude of our person. There is something that keeps us connected. It's a story of a young man. He had a lot of pressure in the job. I was tired of working all day. He once said to his wife, "It feels like giving up and running away." Hearing this, the wife said, "Where do you want to leave me? The husband said, "No, I feel like running away with you." Without you I would not go anywhere!