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Dec 28, 2018

Babubhai Panacha, the country's only One Gujarati player of the race,

Babubhai Panacha, the country's only Gujarati player of the race representing the country, has sought help from the government for preparations for the Olympics held in Japan. Kannadai Lakki Babubhai is currently preparing for his Olympic capacity to compete in Japan in 2020. But without the help of the system and without the help of the system Ashkay Kannidai Laki . Babubhai Akila Panocha is the only player of the race walking. When nobody knows about Race Walking, Babubhai started to represent the State and the country with Kannidai. At present, Babubhai is the Akila player of race walking in 20 kilometers. After 23 years of service in the Army, Kannidai Lakshya Passion is still in progress and it has a strong fortitude to give the country gold medal in Race Walking. Babubhai started the Race Walking in 2000 in Kanidai, and after successive work he succeeded in 2007. He performed excellent Kannidai Lakki in the 2007 Race Walking National Level Competition held at Hyderabad. Thereafter, he was found in Padiya Disease. However, he did not lose his courage and then continued his hard work in the 20-kilometer race. He won the silver medal at the national level at Kolkata in 2007. Babubhai did not stop there and he did join the Indian team keeping Kannidai standing for success, and in the senior athletic champion ship held at Bhopal, he scored a national record of 20 km. He got a big success after the last rites, and succeeded in the qualifying round of Olympic at Jamshedpur. Then he went for three months training in London. But there was no success. However, he is now doing a lot of preparations for the Olympics held in 2020. However, due to lack of facilities including ground and gymnastics, they are seen to be practicing by running on villages and roads. They also do not have the new ideas for this game as well. So the government is demanding that the facilities including coach be provided to them.

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