Dec 26, 2018

Basic Maths Book

According to this study, the students of disadvantaged community studying in higher educational institutions often learn subjects like mathematics, science, and physics compared to students of higher classes. It has also been found in the survey that students coming from socially disadvantaged communities are far behind in the study during the first year of their studies, but in the third year they progress very much in the same way. Similarly, it was concluded that compared to the students coming from villages and urban areas. Students coming from villages, progress in education faster than students of urban areas There is very little information available about students coming from disadvantaged communities about the teaching and skill of the students coming from the community. The main purpose of this study is to identify the skills of the Dalits, Adivasis, other backward classes, the skills of students coming from the economically backward castes and villages, and the speed of progress in their education, and this will help in deciding the government to overcome the disparity in the society.
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