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Dec 28, 2018

Computer Basic Knowledge PDF File

useful for All compititive exam.Computer basic knowlwdge.In this modern era, there will hardly be anyone who has not heard the names of computers and laptops. The name is far from the point of view, but in the village nowadays, the village knows all about the computer and its service. Every person is also aware of its use, whether it is a laptop or computer, it is known to all who turn it on and off. Now, when it comes to use, a laptop or computer, it does not have any work in it. Most of the time, a laptop or a computer is found in everyone's house and if it is not, then the TV is also similar to a computer. Despite all this access, many people do not have complete information about their key board. You may have heard from many places that the keys on this key board are not used in any way. Even those people are wrong here and due to the incomplete knowledge of the key board, they do not have any information about this importance. So let us know today that in this article, there is a computer or a laptop but its Function Keys have many shortcuts to sit and use it according to different companies.

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