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Dec 30, 2018

Dainik Nondhpothi Maths Science 6 to 8 Points PDF

Some basic things need to be improved for the improvement of primary education .... Daily work notes: We know that before planning any work, planning is very important. Teaching any new thing in education or doing anything without purpose and planning, it is time to waste time for yourself and students. Many saw the classrooms. The teacher is seen writing notes in daily work notes. Most of the time, a teacher's writing will be written as a part of the fertilizer process written in two-three lines. Writing a new work the next day without understanding whether the work was done or not written ...... Completion of the curriculum? If a teacher takes two classes, he will write both the class and also the whole day. How can one teacher work in two categories at the same time? It is necessary to teach the importance of daily nongoos in the true sense of the daily. It is necessary to make an evaluation arrangement for writing and work as per the training notes.One-day meeting on Group Resource Center (CRC): Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is organizing one-day training at cluster level. In this training there is discussion on subjects like on air broadcast and state planning. Instead of training in this cluster, teachers are reviewed about their next month's micro planning (planning in depth) and earlier planning as well as the difficulties faced in them. Planning should be done by the teacher in the classroom as well as daily planning and work accordingly. Primary school is also used as a medium of publicity and dissemination of government schemes. Now each month's programs and celebrations are fixed. The planning and planning of these celebrations can also be done in a cluster level meeting and there will be less disturbing and successful work if the programs are to be done suddenly.  Mobile App: The use of Android mobile phones has become commonplace in small towns since the small villages. At such a time, it is necessary for the state government to create a mobile app for supplementary literature. (The project for this is not currently written separately.) Computer: Every school has a computer but it is found in most schools closed. In the meantime, the computer can be said to be incompatible with the future of the student. Every school requires at least one master computer with necessary audio-video clips, power point presentation and other information for each standard. Content training is required for the subject teacher: In schools, standard 6 to 8, teachers for language, mathematics, social science have been appointed. Language teacher has to teach Gujarati, English, Hindi and Sanskrit languages. Can a graduate teacher with Gujarati language teach effectively English or other languages? It is essential that the English language .... As expected, in standard 5 to 8 students learn to speak, speak, read and write English. It is necessary to accept that a teacher who has studied with a Sanskrit, Hindi or Gujarati language in English is experiencing difficulty learning English.

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