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Dec 28, 2018

Gujarat's Districts Info,.

New district with all information in this file.Gujarat's have 33 Districts.Gujarat is Good States for All People.Chief Minister Narendra Modi announced the formation of new district and taluka in the state before the announcement of the dates of assembly elections 2012 and during the Vivekanand Yatra, from January 26, 2013. The citizens of that area are waiting for 7 districts and 22 talukas. Now the establishment of Gujarat Day On May 1, 2013, the system has been employed to function in new talukas and districts.
New Taluka - After announcement of the districts, after the victory in the elections, new taluka- the district may not have asked any officer while announcing the fact that this system can be constituted under the rules for the formation of the district. So when it comes to the formation of new districts, in the government's file, there will be a lot of process to follow.
When the assembly session was to meet, the notification was issued because the BJP government had estimate that the opposition will bring this issue in the Legislative Assembly. Budget A provision of Rs.150 crores has also been made.
But there was a widespread objection about the declaration of the loss of benefits from the districts which were affected by the districts which are affected by the declaration of districts and talukas. Apart from the geographical situation, the villages were adversely placed in new talukas as well. After many objection applications, the number of reforms has been prepared after the success of government officials and the BJP's elected members and office-bearers.
The Chief Minister is looking for an ad for any advertisement. So dat On 1st May, Gujarat has given mandate to the new district and 22 talukas to be operational.

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