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Dec 21, 2018

Gujarat's River Detail in PDF

It is said that the world's civilizations have developed only on the banks of rivers. Aryas living on the banks of the Indus river developed Hindu culture. The Egyptian culture grew on the banks of the Nile. On the shores of Volga, Russian culture evolved. The Hebrew culture developed on the banks of Jordan. The Chinese culture stems from the coast of Yellow River. The major cities also have developed on the banks of rivers. Cities like Paris on the banks of the Thames, on the banks of the London and Sean rivers. The longest river in the world also flows in the Amazon forests. The Niagara River Falls, divided into two parts in the United States and Canada, is a tremendous natural attraction. India is the only country in the world which is known as a Lokmata. India is the only country in the world who worship rivers. The belief that sin is destroyed by dipping into the Ganges is also the only Hindu culture. Tirthstans have been developed on the banks of India's Ganges, Yamuna, Crew and Narmada rivers, but the shocking news is that Indian rivers are being extinct. Their water flow is declining. There will be a time when many Indian rivers will be dry. Some time ago Mahakumbh held at Prayagraj. All the leaders, actors and sadhus of the country performed a holy bath in Triveni Sansthan, but if you looked carefully, the waters of Trivenesam were not as clean as the western rivers. Western countries do not consider rivers as mothers, but do not pollute the river. In Europe and America, punishers are punished for violating the cigarette in the river, whereas in India, all kinds of dirt is released into the river. The bodies are flowing in the Ganges. Toxic chemical fluid is released in the Yamuna. Dangerous chemicals are released in the Sabarmati river of Ahmedabad. Such incidents of Lokmata are found only in the country of India alone.

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