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Dec 30, 2018

State Level Innovation Fair 2018 -Full Detail GR

What is Innovation?
The production of materials or the environment necessary for the teaching teaching process. The innovative experiment is a process that influences the study of children. We will identify any new activity or new method as a new experiment. Modern and teaching process, its understanding and interpretation, evaluation for testing We will accept the methodology as a novel experiment. No one can learn from such a way, incident or process Samudayani increases in participation and get the exact results will not accept it as a kilogram.
There are innovative works in many primary schools in the state of Gujarat. With the education system through education system, the learning outcomes will get a good result, such innovative works will be spread, teachers of state government primary school teachers will be encouraged to do innovative and innovative experiments, With this objective, the Gujarat Educational Innovation Commission (GEIC), Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) Ije maththai Center for Educational Innovation, Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (has undertaken an effort shared by RJMCEI-IIMA). With this we invite you to register new experiments done by you. Your name will also be added with a new experiment that you submit a new experiment. It is our plan that the new submissions submitted by you will be compiled and published in a book or other form. Teachers of such innovative experiments will be honored by organizing the workshops of teachers who have innovative experiments.

Highlight Of Last Week

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