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Dec 25, 2018

Uparkot Junagadh, | historic upcott fort

The Junagadh Municipal Corporation has prepared for the construction of the historic upcott fort in the middle of Girinagar Junagadh.
Gujarat is the seventh largest city in the foothills of Girnar. The ancient poet Darram has mentioned this city as his "Jyurangad" in his poetry rituals. The common meaning of Junagadh is "old fortress".
Junagadh was incorporated in the Union of India on 9th November, 1947. Junagadh is an important district of Saurashtra. In the middle of Uparkot Junagadh, this fort was built in the third century by the Maurya Empire, which remained in its possession until around the eighth century. Later this fort was in the possession of Solanki and Mughal kings, respectively. In the upmarket fort, there are places to visit Adichadi, Navagun well, Buddhist caves, Rakkadevi's palace (Jama Masjid), Sapphire and canadle cannons, grain beds and a seven-lake water filtered plant.

This was resolved in a general meeting of the mind on Friday. It was proposed that Manpara is pleased and ready to handle the administration and administration of this fort, if the Collector and other related accounts agree and administrative proceedings occur.

Among the various accounts currently associated with the ancient fort of Upkot, archaeological accounts of the state and central government, upcote development committee and jungle account municipal corporation are included in the five accounts.

Now Junagadh Municipal Corporation, wants to handle the administration and management of the fort.

The castle, in the history of Junagadh, is a paradigm shift. It is necessary to develop and develop the heritage of history.

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