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Jan 8, 2019

26 January Useful Certificate | Sanmanpatra

Our Republic Day is celebrated on January 26th. We also recognize it as Republic Day. But do we know the true meaning of a republic or a republic? Before knowing this, let us discuss a little more interesting. As a national day, most countries celebrate their Independence Day or Republic Day. In some countries this day is celebrated even on the birthday of their king or a great saint. In most countries, there is a public holiday on this day; In some countries like Jamaica and Thailand, this day is celebrated on a day-to-day basis, not celebrating on a particular day. Countries that are celebrating Republic Day other than the Republic of India are Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Other countries include Guinea and Hungary in March in Pakistan, Iran in April, Armenia in May, Azerbaijan and Nepal, Italy in June and Greece in Greece, Ghana, Philippines, Iraq and Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago in September, Portugal, China, Kazakhstan, Germany and Turkey in October. Maldives in November, Brazil, in countries like Malte and Niger, in December. Celebrates the Day of Cultural Day. In many countries like South Africa, Yugoslavia and Rodashia, the Republic Day celebrations have been closed for several reasons after the routine for many years. India got freedom from the enslavement of the British on August 15, 1947 and thereafter the formation of the constitution of independent India began. This Constitution passed on November 26, 1949 in the Legislative Assembly. India started the implementation of this Constitution since January 26, 1950 and with the democratic government system, India truly became a republic. The main reason for choosing the day of 26th January was that on the 26th of January 1930, the Indian National Congress passed the independence of India for complete exemption from the British Raj on the 26th of January. On the occasion of the Republic Day celebrations in India, a grand parade is held near the Rajpath of the country's capital Delhi. The Rice Hill near Rashtrapati Bhavan is from the hill This parade is made by the infantry, air force and mechanized army organized troops by the Indian Army, Navy Force and air force jawans, including their decorated war materials, and salutes the President of the Indian military's party. The main guest of this parade is the head of any other nation That becomes a government officer. Groups of people who represent the Indian cultural heritage also get the parade And this attraction remains. The Parade of Traditional Indian Air Force's warlike planes in the sky, in particular, in the sky, flying colored smokestarsera concludes making Indian tricolor. This type of parade is held at every state level of India, where the state governors are saluted.

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