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Jan 9, 2019

मुख्य सेविका प्रोविजनल मेरिट लिस्ट

In the morning, the Chief Savvy Exam was conducted in which total 32537 were registered and 25676 female candidates passed the examination. In the deputy chitnis, there were 3,0085 candidates against 48841 candidates. A total of 25617 candidates were absent. There were 55761 candidates in the OMR seat examinations. All of them were brought to Karan Singh High School's Strongroom and all the scans were initially processed for uploading which would have been known to run late at 3 pm. Deputy District Development Officer D.V. Makwana said that the examination was peaceful at one go and there was no untoward incident. There are two more examinations on Saturdays and on Sunday, the number of candidates is less. The examiners told the paper that the paper was not too difficult and was not easy. The questions were asked by balances and therefore there was no money. The one who made the preparations said that she went to the paper.

Highlight Of Last Week

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