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Jan 23, 2019

Maths Teaching Method PDF File

If B-group student wants to get admission in B-Engineering, then only one subject can take admission in engineering by giving mathematical examination, but the students of B group have not shown any interest in this decision of the government. Only 200 students from more than 49,000 students passed B in the B group have shown interest in creating a career in engineering. Even if there are fewer marks in the B group, only 200 students have applied for the examination of the only math subject to be held at the end of this month.
The only reason for the weak response of this option is the inadequate time to prepare for the topic of mathematics. Students who have left the maths after standard 10, can not prepare for a 2-year subject course in less than 3 months. There are currently sections in standard 12 science streams. For students wishing to study engineering, 'A' group, 'B' group for students wishing to study medical-paramedical and 'AB' group is implemented for students wishing to get admission in both.
The students who have received fewer marks in the B group have no option except for BSc, and if they can not get a BSc, they will have to decide if they can get admission in the engineering, instead they can change the student stream by giving a math examination and the Gujarat Secondary Board has declared it. This is done by the end of this month, the process of taking applications for the math examination will be completed, but only 200 students have shown interest in it.

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