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Jan 8, 2019

New CRC Cluster GR 08.01.2019

It is noteworthy that the primary schools are actually evaluated by the CRC as to whether the students are taught according to their class. Those who bring the report prepared by the BRC to the District Primary Education Officer. But the biggest disadvantage is that in the Anand district out of the total 164 evaluations, 107 crores are being seen in the last several years. When one of the 8 BRCs has decreased.

In the last academic session, following the rule imposed by the state government, all CRC employees, who were also working in Anand district, canceled their nomination and sent them back to the school. This process was completed in two-three phases. However, more than 60 CRC deficiencies in Anand district have been seen since last three years. Anand G.P. 164 CRC is the establishment of the educational and teacher education system for the 1119 schools in the occupied area. In the beginning of the new session, the campaign was started by the Government to recruit the CRC for examination. Examinations were made to fill the vacant vacant CRC, BRC in Anand district. After this examination, 22 teachers of Anand district passed, afterwards, According to the circular dated 2-2-2017, 30% of the technical qualifications, experience and 70% of written examination with the marks of taluka wise merit list was prepared. BRC from this merit list U.C.C. Co 50% marks of written examination for the ordinator as cut-off marks as well as CRC Co The 35% marks of the written examination for the ordinator were determined by the cut-off marks and sent to the Taluka-wise district district level. The recruitment process was to be completed by March 4, 17th. According to the required marks, the required marks for passing the CRS post of most candidates (teachers) could not be brought. So the government passed the CRC as a result of a significant reduction in pass marks. So they were given the appointments. As part of which, the Appointments of 56 CRCs were made against the establishment of 164 in Anand district. A CRC is entrusted with the responsibility of appraisal of 5th grade schools. Due to not being evaluated by the District Education System in matters related to education in regular schools, many teachers are also advised not only to adopt a student-oriented approach but also to prefer only a job-oriented approach. The direct effect of which is that students of standard 4 or 7 are not able to understand Gujarati subdivision, subtraction, reading or mathematics. The matter was heard a while ago during the scrutiny of the Collector and DDO Rubber School.

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