Feb 1, 2019

Pragna std.2 Gujarati & Maths material Download

The teacher has been using various approaches to school education or classroom education for the overall development of the student .Sometimes teachers, children, children, classrooms or textbook centers are centered. Keeping all the children in the concentrated class in mind, considering their individual variation, education based on their capacities Teaching is always difficult to give Are in search of an approach in which all children of the class can be involved in the education process. Their educational faculties can be measured individually. When a child and a guardian arrive, in this process, when the child and guardian comes, give the parent a print out of a form in the commuter about the pragna approach, print out or zerox and give the parent an understanding of this program.
Determine the daily plan and perform activities in the class accordingly.

  • Keep TLs in the class sufficiently so that they can take more than one child when they are used.
  • Include clever, medium and slow learner children in the group.
  • Show your child's activities when the guardian comes to school.
  • Arrange the children to easily find the stationary they want.
  • There is no need to remember the pictures given on the card.
  • Express your child's work in front of the class.
pragna material std.2 Gujarati & Maths Download pdf file 
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