Jan 31, 2019

Std.7 Social Science Sem.2 All unit's Test

Social work is a practice-based business and academic discipline that provides social change and development, social engagement and empowerment and empowerment of people. Respect for social justice principles, human rights, collective responsibility and diversity is central to social work. Social work, social science, humanity and indigenous knowledge connect people and structures to address the challenges of life based on the principles of social work and to improve the wellbeing. The above definition can be extended to national and / or regional level. "This commentary works to unpack original concepts used in the definition, and social work is detailed in the context of the main commands, theories, knowledge and practices of business. Under the science project, the students of the selected school in the table can directly study the results of the online quiz. - 8 social science session- 1 and session-2 has all the quiz quiz. 
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