Feb 13, 2019

CTET 2016 Paper 2 |Maths Science 60 Question

Subject matter is the behavior of human beings. Psychology is a science studying the external, internal, physical, and psychological behavior of humans. Human behavior is critical. Psychology studies human behavior, studies its scientific perspective. Psychology collects information about its contents through various learning methods and identifies its practical solutions by acquiring understanding of various problems of human life.Definition and Explanation of Psychology: Ancient philosophers and modern psychologists have given different definitions of psychology.The basic definition of psychology is based on the definitions of the above:"Psychology is a science that studies and experiences psychological processes in different contexts."
For the understanding of psychologist:1. What is the mental process? (What is Mantel Process?):The mental process can not be called physical activities despite the activities of the brain. These activities do not deal with ongoing activities in the brain, but have relationships with existing objects, events, and activities in the outer world. Thus, mental processes are subjective too. Psychological processes include internal mental activities. No other person can see this mental activity. Eg. We can not see anybody's 'consideration': but we can anticipate by examining how the person can solve the problem. The solution to the problem lies in the person's mental thinking process. The person's mental processes can be guessed based on the behavior of the person and the muscular and recreational gestures.

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