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Feb 15, 2019

NCERT New Maths std.6 to 8 Adhyayan nishpati Download

The State Examination Board, on July 29 last year, had taken the matriculation test for secondary teachers across the state. In which over 1.47 lakh candidates appeared for the examination. A few days after the completion of this examination, the State Examination Board had received a complaint of leakage of the paper and on which police investigation In which the paper was proved to be leaked and due to which the State Examination Board 1.90 lakh candidates were registered in the state for the Tata examination and in more than 16 subjects, more than 1.47 lakh candidates got their written examinations in major cities of the state between July 12, 2012, on July 29th, in more than 16 subjects with English, Hindi and Gujarati medium. The examination board was complained that the examination paper was a day of examination in Aravalli districtThe paper, which was leaked two and a half months after the examination, was actually leaked and the day on which the examination was to begin, the paper was leaked from 10.25 am in the morning at 10.25 am. According to the police investigation, the paper was rounded out of the mobile. Since it was caught from mobile morbi,

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