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Feb 5, 2019

Vande Gujarat Time table February 2019 Download | Std.7 -8

The state government has adopted the Pragalakshi Pragayagam under the dynamic Gujarat program and provides a major place in education, coaching, training, etc. to improve the life expectancy of the people of the state. The state government has resolved to reach home without any related programs. In the era of modern technology, digital knowledge has become part of every citizen's daily routine. And its knowledge is inevitable. For the last ten years, state government has broadcasted programs related to education, skill enhancement, women empowerment, computer training in police stations, health, agriculture and animal husbandry, departmental training and expansion using satellite based technology. To make the gap between rich and poor in education using this technology, all the students of the state have been arranged by the Government to get easily, sitting in a house, without any cost, good, easy, equal education on TV.
For which the government has examined all the necessary aspects
• Rural students get similar education and equal job opportunities
• increase the eligibility of students
• Improve testing results
 • Increase in people's eligibility for jobs
• Students benefit from free tuition
• Strengthening developmental development
• Women empowerment is done
• Open school / Open University will get education for the underprivants
• Skill development through industry participation
• The awareness about health will increase.
• People's participation in governance increases
• Increases in Digital Literacy
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