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May 18, 2019

Bharat ni Bhugol PDF File

India is geographically protected by natural boundaries. The Himalayas' inaccessible mountain ranges, the Indian Ocean on the south, the dense forest in the east, and the vast desert in the west separates it from the other soil. 

That is why it is called the Indian subcontinent. Since its shape is like diamond, it is also called zambudweep in Sanskrit. India's pre-earthquake will be guarded by water and it also gradually moves towards Asia, and it is believed by the modern science of the earthquake. Himachal or the Himalayan Mountains are located north of India. It prevents the cold winds flowing from the north. The Himalayan range extends from Myanmar or Burma to the east, extending far into Afghanistan in the west. It is a natural political frontier between China and India. Countries like Nepal, Bhutan are located in this mountain range. For more information, a file has been given here, in which all the information related to India's geography is expanded. This will be useful in all competitive exams.

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