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Aug 11, 2019

Current Affairs : July 2019

Current Affairs is set for July. Knowledge of current trends is asked in every exam. Students are required to make special preparations as they ask questions of current affairs in every government job. The file you put here will be very useful in all the exams. We are sharing this file so that all friends can get the most out of it. This will be best for those who are not preparing for the exam but also for general knowledge. Students from elementary to college will find this work.
The prevalence of Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi and English languages ​​has now become digital and according to social trends, writers are trying their imagination to make writing art. Experts said at the symposium organized by.

Symposium 1 was organized by Kutch University's Department of English, with the aim of improving language based on research and its utility in the future. At the seminar held at the University Examiner, experts from other universities discussed
Current Affairs trends and English research and literature.

This one-day workshop, chaired by VC Dr. Chandrasingh Jadeja, revealed that the digital platform is now becoming a simple medium. Without any management, one can present ideas and ideas that come through this medium.
Current Affairs So everyday events like Current Affairs are also being created as a source for discussions arising from such digital media. Because of this a kind of literary material is becoming.

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