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Aug 3, 2019

The birth of a daughter in the family is a blessing

The birth of daughters has been hated in Indian society since the Racine period. But if we people of Indian society should think at once, is it possible to have a son in the world without a woman? Is it possible for human life to exist in this world without a woman? If we answer 'no', then why is the rise of women being killed in the society, abortion, women's houses, offices, schools and various public places etc increasing day by day? Why is acid attack on women as well as rape rate rising?

The birth of a daughter in the family is not a curse for the society but a blessing. Because we all know that human life on earth is possible through the birth of a daughter. People go to the temple to seek the blessings of different 'goddesses', according to their faith, but do not even think once in the house of a 'goddess' - insulting or cruel treatment of a woman. Indeed, women are the foundation of this society. In the future, a woman can play a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, and many other characters very beautifully.

One thing can be certain that without a daughter, there is no future for society. Indian Union Minister Mrs Maneka Gandhi once said, "In a society where the number of women is limited, the existence of that society is also limited and the people of such society are more aggressive as the proportion of love in the society is less as women are less." The main purpose of the 'Beti Bachao - Betti Padhava' campaign launched by the government is to prevent genital mutilation, educate the girl child, and eradicate female violence.

It is said, 'An educated daughter saves two families', that is, an educated daughter educates both her peer and father-in-law family, but sadly, people in the society consider the son to be rich and the daughter to prosper. As soon as a woman conceives a fetus, people in her family begin to expect her to have a baby and also perform a fetal test. The sex test revealed that the baby was a daughter, then the woman killed the baby in the womb or her mother was seen with fury at giving birth to the daughter.

Even if the daughter is born on earth, neglect from the elders, parents, and relatives of the family in the form of a 'pension' is only to be faced. Apart from this, malnutrition, illiteracy, sexual exploitation, poor lifestyle, dowry practices etc. have to be tolerated.

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