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Sep 29, 2019

Jaher Vahivat Questions PDF File

Public administration and Constitution of India Development of Indian Constitution Different Act by time to run systematically governing the system in India by the British. Passed. All the Acts used in the formation of the Constitution of India. 
1) What is an administration? 
Administration is about getting things done. The word "Administration" used in English for this is derived from the Latin words 'Ad' and 'Ministrare', meaning 'to serve' or 'to care for'.
 2) What is an administration? (
Administration is the term administration, the Latin words 'Ad' and 'Ministrare', which means 'serve' or 'care'.
Administration is about getting things done. And that is why the definition of administration presented by different thinkers has been concluded that there are two main features of the administration.

  1. A definite uniform objective
  2. Be cooperative.
  3. What is public administration?

The word public here refers to government in the form of an adjective. Administration is about working, serving. The joint administration is the functioning of the government as well as the public service provided by the government.
 4) "Administration is a buzzword, but it means a lot." Make it clear. 
In the age of the current bureaucratic government, due to the power and importance of the administrators, naturally the administration seems to have a voracious word. That is why e. N. Gladden went on to say the above.
But when we get the English word administration for the administration, the word 'Ad' in Latin and 'Ministrare' means 'to serve', it makes sense that in fact the word administration is very modest.
5) State the characteristics of a public administration. 
The following are the salient features of public administration.
૧. Monopoly - There is a monopoly of public administration in relation to the affairs of the states.
Anonymity - Public administrators act as representatives of the state, not acting in their personal capacity.

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